Poetria Dec 2018
without my secrets I am *****
the exposition would feel strange
but I am not my secrets

they are a fragile sheath
I prefer to keep tucked underneath
but they are not me

every piece of art
is defined differently
to each living being
a multitude of meanings

just like the eye
is our all-telling piece
in this gallery it speaks
a multitude of stories
I haven't written a single poem in ten months, so this is me trying to remember how to write again.
The street is silent, as she walks down,
Starlight surrounds her, all around.
She wants to be alone, she wants to go,
But all she wants to do is be at home.

She can't face the life there though,
The reactive circumstances,
Facing everyone else face up to stuff,
The things that she just wants to quieten down.

Pacing the empty streets, she sighs,
"Goodnight to the world, I'll never say goodbye."
She knows she can't walk this path forever,
People will wonder 'what that crazy girl is making holes in her shoes for?'
Never good at saying goodbye,
She goes back to her warm house,
Submitting herself to trying to understand everyone else,
But according to most, she picks the wrong people to understand.

Whilst she stumbles up the stairs,
Because she's not very well,
And she still needs more rest,
She's feeling upset with the reason of her silence,
For this only makes the noise in her mind more violent.
She wants to be heard, and also she doesn't,
Because she knows the importance of the needs of others,
Even when they conflict her own,
So to make herself feel better,
For some of the cold thoughts inside her head,
She attempts to tell herself, it's because she's trying to be a good person first, instead;
Or else she'll think she's being selfish, for wanting to be able to confide in someone.
Maybe a sympathetic person outside the situation,
Could understand how she feels and why she views things as she's starting to.

She just doesn't understand,
Why it's so easy,
For everyone else to cut people out.
This is her come down,
When she thinks that perhaps, she too, would be better off with out.

'Can you get rid of everyone who splits off from others?' She wonders.
'Not really', she answers, 'because there would always be someone else,
There will always be someone to leave someone else.'
'It's okay', she tells herself, 'because eventually they'll all have left me too,'
Because surely after the amount of people that leave her,
There should be a time when she really is completely on her own.
two leaders once met in Helsinki
for talks that looked somewhat *****
as it turns out
                still nobody knows
what they were talking about
and that indeed smells rather stinky
Apropos D. J. Trumps frequently confessed love for Putin and their kind of mysterious talks in Helsinki in July 2018.
Marianna Aug 2018
                      and misery
a pure soul shrouded in secrecy mystery
more unexplored than vast cosmic voids
half a lover
                     half a paranoid
Stephanie May 2018
tell me you love her
tell me you need her
while I bear those pain
while you poured me rain
as long as I'm holding you tight
I am the who will fight
for you, like how she didn't
as I do things that she wouldn't
you are safe in my arm
I will let no harm
even if it does to me
even if it kills me
to see you in love but not with me
I will comfort you til the end
Because I am your best friend
It hurts me so much to see you cry for her. Why can't you see that I'm the one who truly loves you? :'(
connor Mar 2018
They mustn't hear the
Pleasurable sounds your
Partner is making.

They surely would lose
Their appetite.

Though why, you know not.
Big mood
Brianna Duffin Dec 2017
Though this day may never be touched by the light
And though no love come to hold us this night
And though I am years from your touch and you are worlds from mine
Hold the sliver of grace that someday I’ll see your eyes shine
Even if it feels like you’ve held me for the last time
The uphill battle of love is worth the hard climb.

After all the hardships we fight through for love
We will soon be reunited, free to love
There has come a time now when we must hide our love
But there will come a time soon when we’ll return home
And when you’re safe in my arms where you belong,
Nothing will be able to tear us apart.

Don’t you love me?
Don’t I love you?
Because with a love so true, so deep, so strong
We’ve created a love that can’t be broken
And that is worth it, isn’t it, my darling
We aren’t touched by light but soon we’ll be shining.
I wrote this last October off of a stanza that came to me while I was out for a run. I thought it was so beautiful that I kept it on repeat in my mind until I got home and by then I had two stanzas. The ones here are pretty close to those original words, so maybe you'll get why this quickly became special to me. This is the story of a forbidden love that is real and true despite its troubles and forced secrecy; the basic gist of it is that they know they'll eventually be free to love each other out in the open.
mslu Nov 2017
i have no problems with your light.
truely, my problems stay away from your light.
more-so to dodge your sight
your attention to detail
that has you judging them,
befriending them
and inviting them to every conversation you have with me.

they'd much rather give into the darkness
its where they
glow and stick
out from the rest of the particles hidden hostage in the darkness.
there's intimacy here.
testifying to walls with unconditional secrecy
there's validation here.
with shame and awkward locked outside by security
there's freedom here,
a conversation unlike yours,
for confessions to undress lies and opinions
peeling them away to address the truth . . .
Conversations with myself over conversations with you
Keerti Nov 2017
It stung like a bee
A hand crushing my heart
She was the beautiful red rose
With a thorn beneath the bud

Secrets I had shared
Words I never told anyone else
Believed in her for months
Only to be stabbed in the back,
With a blade, it burns

She was the last person
I thought, who would ever do this
I don't believe in revenge, but
Satisfying it will be
To stab her right back where
It will burn like ****'s cavern

And I will forsake you
Who has forsaken me
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