Aug 2015 · 1.6k
Written words decay

Rose petals devoured

   of inky promises

blush off garden passages

  of amaranthine radiance,

written words decayed

  on  bruised vines

   of intertwining madness,

as poetry climbed the

    walls of befallen sunlight

Aug 2015 · 2.6k
Shadowed Wildflower

Wildflower 'neath a
     giant weeping willow,
         comforted by the shade
  her fragrance wafting darkly
      whispered into the wind ~
   she'd been 'betrayed by the sun',
frail tendrils blistered
     of indiscretion below
            burning discrimination,
   fallen neath the cracks
        suffocating a delicate essence,
she could no longer bear the
   deep-rooted superficiality  
         of seeds buried within dirty
                    little implanted secrets

She was gooey like maple syrup

     & marshmallow s'mores,

stronger than  a mountain lion

    protecting her cubs,

wore prescription rose-tinted

     sunglasses with GPS,

she'd been around long enough

   to see through most of the

         flimflam and negativity,

was agile enough to laugh at

      her own cheeky caricature,

wouldn't put up with the travesty

   'neath debauchery's cunning

still, she wondered as most do,

  what was to become of a world

so engrossed in the overthrow

    & disparaging mockery of others

she bade her time waiting to grow

    older and wiser in hopes

she'd be around long enough

      to experience a sunrise view

            in universal accordance

      before her own last sunset

                  ultimately bit the dust,  

         burning in all-inclusive ashes

Aug 2015 · 1.4k
Labyrinths of Baggage

Baggage within
      trappings of illusions,
love packed away
  in neat little compartments
gathering cobwebs at
     makeshift improvisations,
dusting intermittently
      if by chance a light
           should shine,
never wholly untangling
    the snare
mid a labyrinth of
      transparent entrapment,  
as violin strings continue
      to unlatch the same old key

Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Love's final chapter

Still hunger for your skin,
  thirsting the lips that
   once melded into mine
one last blissful night together
  flowing of wine and passion,
never suspecting you were
   letting me down easy,
our hearts were in sync -
      or so I was led to believe
   veiled in ecstasy,
    a cruelty worse than death
      in the least, dying has a final chapter

Aug 2015 · 4.1k
Voracious Thirst

Devoured by the intensity,
  words that quench the soul
an enchanting intoxication - -
    like a spirited orgasm
      whetting a voracious thirst,  
plunging in for another swallow
   of adoration's satiated climax

Aug 2015 · 1.0k
Feasting on Poetry

The  poesy of chef's soup du jour,
   peppered in a skillfully
            pauperized simmer
       or sublimely enriched dish of
          ultimate truffle butter grandeur,
   tastefully rendered in the
        aromatic broken bread of
           delectable poetry's bouquet

Written after a conversation in a tasty morsel of a review.
Aug 2015 · 828
Blood Divisions

Secrets drowning in blood
         steeped depictions,
cunningly smothered
  of familial tied executions,
heredity oft an unkind
     sacramental entanglement,
deeply rooted in
   disparaging divisions,
disintegrated 'neath ashes
      of unresolved deliverance

Jul 2015 · 2.0k
Clandestine Stargazing

A spirited moon
   'neath furtive glances,
      anguished of despair
looked upon hushed
  entangled constellations
      and heeded a warning,
for he knew well of lavishing
    recherché intricacies,
mattered naught how exquisite
  nothing lasting could come
    of liaisons's effusive grandeur,
       'tween clandestine stargazers

Jul 2015 · 941
Hell-no Hello Poetry [10W]

How many more pissing matches
    'til drowning in waste matter

What happened to good old-fashioned reading & writing poetry?
Jul 2015 · 3.2k
Realm of illusioned seas

Elusive moon beckons dark currents,
     sand's sparkling pageantry  
             drifts out midst frothing tide,
submerging lover's imprints 'neath
     the realm of alluring seascape illusions

Jul 2015 · 1.5k
You have to love Leonard

I have an illustrious dream,
     want to be Leonard
          Cohen's gypsy wife,
he's kissing my lips on
    Boogie Street,
impetuously we dance
    to the end of love
       'til closing time
       midst his secret life,
he serenades me with
     I'm your man
         when we take Manhattan,
bewildered by his poetic beauty there
     waiting for the miracle to happen,
a sip of wine, a cigarette
         in love we disappear,
   here it is, you got me singing
        be that dog in heat,
I'll take this waltz and
   another please, cause
             everybody knows
     I hunger for your touch,
  his famous blue raincoat
         and the dew on my thigh
goes a thousand kisses deep
   in the cave at the tip of the lily
  with its very own breath of brandy,
slipping into the masterpiece
             where Lenny is eternal

If you don't love Leonard Cohen's poetry and music, it probably won't make much sense.
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
A garish smile

He's that guy that slays you,
    always charming, ready &
       eager to lend a helping hand,
  a garish smile tucked in his hip pocket  --
    he's your friendly next door neighbor,
         the quintessential serial killer

Jul 2015 · 929
Bubbly of Reality

Paused on the veranda
  for a poetic tête-à-tête,
we sipped vintage wine
  and spoke of days gone hither
      when we were much greener,
  tripping the nimbly light
   and guzzling cheap beer into
      the wee hours of night's obscurity,
wiser and older, yet still imagining
        one day we'll conquer the world,
resigned to this present moment
     we comfortably reminisce,
               midst the effervescent
                                bubbly of reality

Jul 2015 · 502
Blinded of Reality

Eyes went blank
     in humanity's stare,
  blinded by the stark
        reality of blood
seeping from every
         pore of mankind

The universe is immeasurable,
  we are merely infinitesimal
    machinery keeping pace,
as churning cogs tick wildly
  transmitting within allotted time,
attempting heartbeats' cohesion
  clocking our own honed destinations,
accumulating illusions 'tween mass
   waiting to return as a speck of dust
      in the never-ending saga of
           inexhaustible collectives amidst
         systematically creative contrivances

Jul 2015 · 781
Wistful sunset surrender

Violaceous twilights,
      clandestinely sated
lavished 'til morn's early blush
   midst honey suckled euphoria,
 poems hidden 'neath
         satin pillowcases,
written 'tween the dew
    of rendezvous'
       blissed arousal
forevermore eagerly breathless,
      reawakening intentions
  aloft the vast obscurity of
        a wistful sunset's surrender

Jul 2015 · 835
Tissue paper cuts

Obscurity's trenchant
     sorrows blotting
        tissue paper cuts,
tears aptly smeared
    in hidden fears of
        first dashed allusions,
darkly flippant metaphors
       sans passionate accolades
          left to gingerly decay,
    grandiloquently speaking,
       'Happily Ever After' is
           hardly a verbose nuance
             throughout a quinine
                         poet's collection

Jul 2015 · 930
Musky scrapbooks

They met on rainy days
  when the air was thick,
laden with the
   scent of old musky
     scrapbook memoirs
           & salt tears' reminisces

Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Shrouded Bluffs

Herein, laying dormant,
    veils of reposed
      secrecy 'neath
       foamy seascapes'
              frenetic passages,
languishing below
   sunken treasures'
     false facades of
        reticently rolling
            shrouded bluffs,
 shaded of darkly impetuous
        hued blood in
             bound convolutions,
a million ancient
     undisclosed shadows hidden,
     notwithstanding combative
        rumblings of death's
         unwelcome sycophancy,
depths of centuries'
         old unparalleled stories,
 whence hush-hush
       undulatory influx
          of defiant upsurges
            and turbulence reside,
     that of which only the
          winds of indiscretion,
                 clandestine spirits
                      & gods could surmise  privileged moons watch over amaranthine skeletons

Jul 2015 · 599
Blood Kissed Lips

Blood kissed her lips
  'pon the bane of madness,
wary of world's
         sans conscience,
she conjured her own destiny    
   as silently admonished winds
      withered the existence
        of dawning creations,
    in the name of the father and
       turbulent humility,
          beyond reproached deliverance

Jul 2015 · 25.4k
Flirty Sun

Sun flickered 'pon your eyes
    scintillating as the seas,
dappled with the chemistry
   of a thousand swooning moons

Poetry is a
     well-oiled function,
      processing sentiments
                for posterity

Poetry is an extension
     of our core elements,
           royally regurgitated

Jul 2015 · 608
Eternal Breath

Wouldn't it be lovely to write
     the way Monet
         painted masterpieces,
or Beethoven composed
       simpatico symphonies,
graciously scripting sentiments as
      utterly stunning as Neruda's
             elixirs of profound poetry ~

I'd sell my soul for an eternity of
      infinite breaths midst
                   such indubitable creations

Ink staining blank pages,
sentiments caught fire

blurb in the moment,
a notion for the ages

simple inspiration's  nectar,
provocation's bedevilment

mockingbird of emotions
all that is sacred and trivial

tempting a blind ear to hear
invoking silent eyes to see

tainted lips to sing for eternity
asunder notes of parchment

one's own big blast of creation
poetry in the making

Jul 2015 · 1.5k
Scent of Betrayal

Her perfume smelled of cheap Musk,
      tobacco and passion flowers,
the scent of betrayal lingered
         long after she had retreated

She is essence of la bella donna,
    herein lies the paradigm mid
       lusty pearls & nightshade's poison,
exhales echoes of dark crescent moons &
        sandalwood's perfumed incense
burning sentience of duality's seasonings
   'tween contradiction 'neath her own breath,
  born to gypsy souls 'twixt a solar eclipse
    she worried naught what society thought,
her poetry was incalculably beyond measure
     neither less than or more than incurable,
   rendered nuances as a badge of significant honor
      gaily whirling beyond distinctive contrasts,
            'neath importance of individuality's calling
      amidst her own unique indulgent nature,
                  dazzling sensuality's intrinsic whimsy

La Bella Donna is 'the beautiful woman' in Italian. Belladonna is also
a drug prepared from the leaves and root of deadly nightshade plants.
Jul 2015 · 561
Blood Horizons

The universe shifted,
barely anyone heeded
    reality's harsh course,
  'til the earth purged
every plastic contradiction
   bent upon shores' conflicts,
a tsunami of relevant citations
    and replenishing proportions
  clashed upon discordance of
    newly christened blood horizons

Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Spirit of Lady Lazarus

She was a fiery seashell,
  lost 'neath convoluted oceans
     amongst opuses of pure poetry,
artistically outspoken
   'tween invertebrate reality
secretly devouring mankind,
  beware Herr Lucifer,  
she rose from the gaseous chamber
   to live amidst ashes of immortality
         & renowned marital infamy,
      the eternal burning spirit of Lady Lazarus

Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair  
And I eat men like air.

                 - Sylvia Plath

Ode to the one and only illustrious Sylvia
Jul 2015 · 495
Starry-eye skyfall

She was all starry-eye blitzed
  which was one helluva party
'til a lit moon crashed her high,
    hungover indifferent
             clouded sky falling -
      tripping earth's cruel stratosphere

What can I say, it was Friday night. :)
Jul 2015 · 713
She dances, still ~

At one moment in time
  she was poetry in motion,
'til she pirouetted herself
  unto dusty shelves
midst old clouded rhymes
   & recollected love notes
yet, there were echoes
  glistening 'tween strands
   of web's interlacing design,
meshing her finessed
  past within gossamer's
complex entanglements
  amid labyrinths of
    ancient symphonies
she dances, still ~
  silently in her head
flirting with destiny
       albeit, not as grand

Jul 2015 · 2.4k
Slumber's passion

I loved you 'tween the rushes of love
          and downpours of ecstasy,
    midst windswept rapture for the ages,
'til the storm ravaged our destiny
    left behind crumpled passages in its wake
still, I hold those love letters to my breast
  whence those dreams of passion
       wake amid dormant slumber

Jul 2015 · 864
Salty seas' tumult

Sapphire currents
          engulf consciousness  
      'neath waves of
   ancient sunken treasure,
delving neath oceans
       cobalt manifests,
   lost riches of bygone eras
   destined to respectfully
        resurface its significance,
     midst new horizons' creations
           as clarity's power deeply inhales
                the depths of salty sea's tumult

Jul 2015 · 2.0k
Captivating demeanor

Like the alarming abandon
          & disarray of Jackson Pollack,
    equally beguiling disciplined
       skills in the classical baroque
         airs of Antonio Vivaldi,
   midst the wonderment and
          wanderlust of a child,
      I'm awe inspired, unfurled betwixt
          your captivating demeanor

You know who you are...
Jul 2015 · 2.1k
Contrary Disconnect

Your garden was lush
   with poetic wildflowers
yet, darkness swayed its spirit
    'neath teeming salt tear hazes,
  tried to enrich the soil but
    ground cover was defensive,
hardened by winters' of
   contrary disconnectedness

For a good friend's special day...
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
Poet (10W)

Poets were created
       to emulate grandeur,
            whilst suffering the blues

Jul 2015 · 567
Kind of a fairy tale

White Knight galloped swiftly 'pon
     his black steed to save the day,
  perky princess was awe stricken
     with the well endowed stallion
they trotted briskly into the future,
   and the knight retired to the dark side

Jul 2015 · 571
Meaningful essence

The most meaningful flower
      I ever received was from
   a blind homeless fella who said
             it matched my essence

true story, he was a Vietnam vet down on his luck but his spirit never wavered,  i used to bring him coffee-and whenever i could - he disappeared one day, i never did find out what happened to him. this one's for you JC.
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Artistic Rapture

Cure me within the seize
     of artistic rapture
capturing human spirit in
      boundless creativity,
lay 'pon my breasts a sonata
    written of affection's simpatico,
whisper me a sonnet
        scripted 'neath my skin,
  soar me to limitless grandeur
     elevated beyond cloud vapors,
beckoning rhythmical renditions of
    abstract layers in love, splendor & art,
amidst the harmony and lavish
            poetry of a soulful heart

Jul 2015 · 433

       jagged diamonds
  a fugazi sans brilliance,
  shiner midst vague skies
           in the eye of
       practical indifference

Jul 2015 · 897
Doves Faltered

When doves faltered

   and babies cried,

hence blood was shed

   in the name of the Father,

as every mother's breast

  was purged of her child

grown to a man, only to die

  defending his brother's religion,

and no human was spared

   the wrath of wartime communion

in contradictions of holy water's delusions

Jul 2015 · 819
Frozen sunrise passages

there were endless baubled
      babbles in her head,
yet, she spoke nary a word,
scribbled 'pon careful avenues
    neath cautious sky cover,
her notions were
   silver lined intended
      amidst dandelion wishes,
but the waylaid winds
  always whisked them away
    as insignificant gray clouds
         unquestionably appeared
     beyond shadow's fair conditions,
   whilst torrents smeared
       a reigning scrawled disarray,
  deluging what was left of
          her frozen sunrise passages

Trapped 'tween
  adjectives' objections
succumbed to
snared 'neath an
  expanse of circumlocution,
paraphrasing periphrases
   buried under layers
       of technicalities,
all in a day's multiformity
   working midst the madness
           of poetry's sublimity

Jul 2015 · 604
Promised a poesy garden

In the shadows of a
    darkly relinquished night,
 an unrelenting musing beast struck
       presenting a proposition,
         as he pranced about
           viscous vision's intentions,
promised a copious poesy garden
        'tween early morn's
            buttercup metaphors
              & dusk's poppy delusions,
danced 'til lavishly penned spirits
    were indubitably unleashed
        exploding 'neath elliptical eclipses;
whence the sun it did bounteously appear
    midst all its magnificent splendor,
        whilst Delphic inky nectar dripped
           deliberately ascending beyond
                   hellbent scripted passages,
    midst vaporous voids of creation
                'pon paradisaical prolific poetry

Jul 2015 · 655
Innuendo (10W)

I stroked your little ego
    'til your head literally exploded

Jul 2015 · 2.0k
Bitter indigestion

A lecherous
demeanor burnt
the tongue,
like cheesy solicitations in
antagonistic ruminations of
ventured conjecture, churning
sputtered calculations,
a tactile exercise
    in the biting tang  of
eviscerating maceration
regurgitating bitter sediment,
unctuous residue
   slid down the throat,
the aftertaste remained
   long after it was digested


poetic fractured retractions
   gnashing night prayers,
scribbling braille,
     written sideways
 dipped amid holy water's retention,
compromising statements
     of disbelief's proclamation
spinning music the color
     of nakedly sick psycho, yet
burnished souls keep on ticking
   half past total trade-offs
   in a spoonful of smoky reflections
         sans sugar's acid trip,
anointed of rose red
        bloody false pretenses
dancing off center
       in disillusioned
   pirouettes of pseudo redemption,
whirling out of control on
         staged tapestry's loftiness
surrendered ballet slippers
        in blistered half promises,
as twisted metaphors sprightly
       tuned out spun anomalies
below birds on a rusty wire tweeting
     admissions of blue's cobalt execution,
rendered inky alterations' inquisitions
        'pon pedaled pink fluff profundity,
exhaling paroxysms of engaged poetry
    in vehemently enraged deliverance,
naught one is ever as they seem
  through pigmented film 'neath
    figment's imagined looking glass
           of ingratiated grand delusions

Jul 2015 · 2.0k
Swallowed the Sun

Swallowed the sun
  in attempts to
       feel the fire,
dimly lit universe
   eclipsed neath
    inescapable moons,
horizons were hued of
  brackish tea's
   indifferent sympathy,
as solar systems' fate
      lost in darkly orbits,
  relinquished their balance

Jul 2015 · 400
Baggage [10W]

Lugging overstuffed baggage,
          packed away midst
       unwritten poetry's carry on

inspired by Soulsuvivor's frozen rose
Jul 2015 · 4.5k
Tranquility's Awed Hush

stars silently
     turbulent seas,
gingerly dappling
   each current,
whence the tides
   were stilled
'til they ebbed
    'tween streams
        of serene
            spring waters,
      rushing its
          banks in
             cascades of
                     awed hushes

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