if you look for someone
who's willing to settle
I could tell you
she's never the one

as her heart beats
to explore places
she can't pronounce

if she finally chooses
to quit her journey
only for you
it means that you are
a road worth taken

should you consider yourself lucky
Hannah Apr 13

I have superstition
written on my bones.
It courses through my veins,
and consumes my gypsy heart.
It controls the tricks
of my stealing ways.
If the moon is full,
It's your lucky day.
I'll leave you free,
and be on my way.

Hannah Mar 30

I will love you,
beneath the gypsy moon,
but when the sun rises
I'll be gone.
Leaving you to wonder
why on Earth I chose you.

~ I'll be gone ~
Hannah Mar 28

I wonder
what it is like
to have a soul
that is tied to stone,
that is happy with
the littlest amount
of love shown.
I wonder
are those the souls
that can withstand
the strongest winds
in the worst storms?
I will never know.
I have a soul
that is lighter than dust.
In one gust of wind,
I am gone,
like a dandelion
dances in the wind,
after it is blown away
to make a fragile wish.

~ I wonder ~
kayleenCyr Mar 13

She was a piece of artwork
who's blood ran cold
radiant skin shining like the sun

a raging mess of a hurricane
with stormy grey eyes
there was no smooth sailing

and a beautiful flow of a waterfall
natural silver clear water
streaming through its calm journey

she is a free spirt you can not cage
under a gypsy spell
casted under a moonlit reality under dancing rain

work in progress

a gypsy wind
don't ever stay
a gypsy wind
roams his own way

to one scene
he won't be bound
cause his spirit yearns
for freedom's ground

the route to leave
loose of grail
the highway calls
liberty's trail

a drifter lives
in his soul's core
venturing every
tor and sandy shore

roads open
he'll always travel
seeking out
unlimited gravel

a gypsy wind
don't ever stay
a gypsy wind
roams his own way

Ma Cherie Feb 27

White and blue now move to orange,
in flames that lick the tempting air,
dancing round a burning fire,
lost in thought- without a care,

Gypsy hearts they move in rhythms,
as fire builds with stomping feet,
the wafting smell of soft patchouli,
hints of savory with the sweet,

Tousled locks they flow on shoulders,
as arms and hands are lifted high,
clapping, moving to the pulses,
hearts are upward to the sky,

Many nights with many dances,
to dance before Aurora's throne,
as magic colors still transforming,
in sky of midnight - moon of bone,

To dance with many or to dance alone,

It doesn't matter -
just dance.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk lol I'm not a "real" gypsy- but still! ❤
Ma Cherie Feb 23

Skies are covered,
in that dreary cloudfilled gray,
the sun he hides his lovely self today,
his light has gone-
for now away,
an now-
is gloomy in his place.

I know his light,
will come to me on another day,
again the birds in song will sing I pray,
when I will dance again,
as my sweet memories,
as they again replay,
as a smile comes to my face.

I wish to rest my heart.
so there has to be another way,

for my stupid gypsy heart,
it simply-
it just cannot stay,

And so-
the war between my older and wiser soul,
and my youthful spirit -

Apparently has begun.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Why do I never stay?
My gypsy feet - why me?
Hannah Feb 22

consumes her heart.
She longs for lands
she has never walked,
and for people
she has never met.
Her gypsy soul is free,
and so it follows,
the colors of the wind.

Hannah Feb 20

She will roam,
from coast to coast,
and she will love you,
but like a ghost,
she'll leave without a trace,
and you won't even
be left with a name.

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