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On a summer day I saw a pretty dame
bathing in the warm waves of the beach's tub.
She tanned her skin to adorn her slim frame,
massaging its softness with each gentle rub.
From that distance, she exuded sweet fragrance
stemming from the refining of her radiance.
Sensual movements from lips, hips, curves, legs and hands
made me fantasize as I relished each moment.
My love-struck eyes gazed at the rhythmic movement
of this ******* clad model for all lands.
After a sunbath, she tied her pristine towel,
then with a fixed look, she gazed straight at me.
'Hello, the adventurous gentleman,' said she.
'You sure look gay, hale, hearty and swell.'
Shyly my fears of rejection loomed large,
whilst my love dreams turned out to be a mirage.
Elusive Love Dreams at the Beach
What's happiness?
Happiness is elemental
Neither sentimental
Nor detrimental
Beyond definition
Undefinable term of utmost importance
A feeling of a state of mind
You find other feelings, experiences closer to it
Subtle differences
For subtler minds
Joy, pleasure, ecstacy, ******, bliss, ananda
Close relatives to happiness
No nested sequence
Of concepts
Indicating comparative closeness
True mental state of happiness
Excludes all negativities
Feelings of thrill, excitement, enthusiasm, sensations etc.
May accompany it
Happiness may be alloyed with negative feelings, thoughts towards someone
Satanic happiness it would be
Happiness is there to experience
What's the use to define it
Never give importance
To whys and whats
Concentrate on how
To achieve it
Healthy body pre-requisite
To attain happiness
To proceed and follow methods
Religious or spiritual discourses often tell
Strive to achieve and experience happiness
The way it suits you
Happiness is there to experience
Elusive though it is!
Prompted by a one-liner question poem. Hope readers may find it useful.
NAL May 2020
They aren't interested in theater,
yet they put on a show.
They say innocent until proven guilty,
but I could never have known.
Nolan Willett May 2020
Truth is found when one can
Reconcile the irreconcilable
That’s why it’s so elusive
And Illusive
Because you can’t,not completely,
At least not humanity,
Paradoxes obscure, but also vindicate,
The all
And everything.
And creation is a scientist
And we are its Petri dish,
And creation is a mystic,
And we are its parish.
Science the soul
Nylee Nov 2019
Stop, step away.
I am not in narrative
Let's keep it that way.
John H Dillinger Sep 2019
The Faceless Man

He walks the world without one,
but could borrow any face.

I could guess the colour of His skin
but He doesn't belong to any race

As soon as He's within your grasp
He disappears without a trace

And you can only sense His smile
As He slips into your place.
The Faceless Man is a recurring poetic character of mine. Something always lurking in the shadows.
Ahnaf Jun 2019
Fall has crumbled with grace,
and it looks like the end of our chase
for the elusive statuette of love,
and the sparks lovers dream of

No longer do I see the imperfections in your face,
it looks quite shallow I must say,
but only because a stranger sits in its place,
and our world full of details lie in its grave
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