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Marcella Faye Jan 23
You are the pulse
That's running in
And through my veins.
The only thing that is more intoxicating than her eyes is the sound of her voice.
OpenWorldView Dec 2018
An alternate universe
I created in my mind
to see reality in reverse.

Where ****** tyranny
is just a laughing matter
and serious chatter
only carefree pink irony.

Oh, what would I do
without this corrosive
intoxicating glue.
Meera Nov 2018
There are these two words
Is both of them
Danielle Oct 2018
This Rush,
Heady, intoxicating
Pounding against my white interior
Clawing through my skin.
Begging, fighting, screaming,
For a way out.
Dripping, oozing
Through every word
And every well timed ******.
Its fire and warmth gives me
A new sort of fragile
Hannah Oct 2018
Intoxicated by my thoughts.
Wishing I knew what is making it all swerve around like snake or worm. I don’t know what caused it? It might had been the tragic event that happened on Wednesday? Even maybe this might be my next mental state prospective; that is strange like all of them.
     I wish that everything was normal and that I could think straight. Too many things my brain can process, a tragic event or my brain trying to confused me with answers on a test cause I start thinking about my future. Wishing I could go back to the past and be in those comfort memories, that I day dream about and play in a movie in my brain on constant.
    Only if I could dissect brain. Though I’m in this real world; I’m supposedly in. I could dissect it; however, it would be hard cause I have Derealization and Dyslexia.
Written October 5, 2018 at 9:18 PM in my notes
Dani Oct 2018
Absolutely beautiful carcinogenic
Debating, echoing, fetching
Gathering handfuls, intoxicating
Jigsaw kindness lacking memory
Nothing operating properly!
Questioning reasons sincerely
Testing universal visions
Why x-ray yesterday's zeal?
26 letters, 26 words...
Marianne Cruz Oct 2018
I can still taste it
          the shot I've always loved;
          the espresso that gave a rush.
By the window, let's not beat around the bush,
          this is a never ending stash;
          hush, intoxicated, drawn into you.
In the end, its aftertaste killed me,
          in silence. I felt so high;
          light, afloat -- empty.
Over a coffee, eyes on me
          you left my heart beating into thin line;
          now I'll let it sleep
Until I'm ready for another shot.
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