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Anais Vionet Aug 6
Ok, gimme me your best day, take your best shot at perfection.
Our minds take experiences and press them grape-like,
into the intoxicating liquor of memory.
The vivid ones linger - unaltered - like youthful Internet mistakes forever posted.
Someday to beckon us back, teasingly - like bright, neon signage.
Peter’s off again to job interview (second round, in Geneva), he was only here two days but something of him remained behind. Oh, fingerprints for sure - but memories too - like scattered Christmas wrappings - or a poem.
ællæ Aug 2021
Fingers heartbound
Knotted up in air
Gaze darting lost
Watching dancing
Frozen in movement
Desire for desire
Masked by panic
Lost in descent
Bodies complement
Space absent touch
Concern ego lust
Parting hesitate
UV Dec 2020
I always put away the pen
Instead of painting you in
How can I win describing?
My love ever overflowing.
If I had my way, I’d immortalise
Your tasteful idiosyncrasies.
Wish my parchment would
Read like my heart, pity
My words fail me unlike your love.
Don’t get me wrong you’re no prince, fable or legend
You’re far rarer,
You’re real enough to contradict even yourself
In loving you I’m made kinder
To the world, myself and the rest.
Cause I see you in your infinite facets
Surreal, imperfect yet
So intoxicating it feels pagan.
To steal a quote from those who came before me
‘Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror’
And baby I’ve been scared since the day we kissed.

Quote mentioned is by Rainer Maria Rilke.
Traveler Dec 2020
It’s me
But it’s not me
The witness behind
It’s always watching
I pretend to hide

This is my life
So why would it care
What ever I think
It is aware

And when I give in
Nirvana take over
The laws of nature
Intoxicatingly sober!
Traveler Tim
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2020
I saw a girl who's winsome face was bright,
    Next to me a fleeting presence like smoke,
Her eyes were dreamy like a balmy night,
    She smiled and laughed, although there was no joke.
She was so beautiful, but did not know;
    I saw the empty sadness in her eyes,
Like a wind towards the stars she did blow,
    Forever high, like missing butterflies.
So sad, but still nothing could beat her charms,
    A silliness – from fear she was not fleeing –
She looked me in the eyes, opened her arms,
    And suddenly embraced my broken being.
Three seconds warm, and she let go – apart –
Yet it lasted much longer in my heart.
Meher Aug 2019
This chaos you surround yourself with
All these sleepless nights
You drown yourself in liquor
With smoke
Your blood is intoxicated
Mind is blurry with no certain thoughts
Between somewhere
Which is neither sane nor insane
Is this your peace?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Hopes and dreams
are soft and fragile
as the petals above.
Bathing and blossoming
in the radiating warmth,
love and happiness
of the sun.
But attached to these
fragrant petals
are thorny stems
the one needs to climb
to bathe and breathe
the intoxicating and enriching aura.
Christina S Jul 2019
I recall our sweet rendezvous
When love was so blind
Passions erupted under moonlight
With our bodies entwined

My flesh against yours
Adrenaline pumping like crazy
Your lips foreign but intoxicating
This pleasure was so new to me

Meetings would take place here and there
Mostly in places so exciting and new
Those times I'd wait for you were torture
I'd like to think it was torture for you too
I was trying to write a free verse and yet it rhymes!
Heather May 2019
I closed my eyes tight
Focused on the rhythm
Tried to be okay with it

But I missed you so much today
And all I could think about
Was how your lips made a home
Your tongue a lullaby
And your hands wrapped around me was the closest I’ve ever felt to beautiful

Without you
I’ve had to relearn what I look like without your eyes to see me
I’ve had to relearn what my body wants without you to guide it

It’s been 2 months since I watched you walk out
And leave me in this hell

2 months since I’ve been homeless in my own home.
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