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TheWitheredSoul May 2019
To a greater grandeur thats left to achieve every next day this is not the day or the way how my story ends.
Poetic T Feb 2019
My veins like glass shards
   itch beneath a memory
of aging brackish memories.

I couldn't lift my arms for they
fell like a breathless moment
                                 in a forest of regrets.  
                     No one heard them descend,
they just bled sap slowly, till all was hollow.

And all that was left was a time that fell,
                                      and the cuts where silent.

I was a moment standing in grandeur,
        but beneath it didn't really matter
                         was a hollow moment,
crumbling beneath life's weight.
Orion T Jan 2019
Is a terrible reason
Not To

In Something

In Someone

In a God

In Others

In Yourself

Fear is a grandeur adversary to many

But Courage

To Go On and Stand
In the face of Fear

Is the grandest Ally

So many fail to choose
A simple note to others and more so to myself.
ANu dei dawns..  
                         .      '      .
                  .                           .
                .                               .
His name is Antoine
Careful don't read out loud more than once....its a spell.  Delusions of grandeur!!!!
Johan Nel Jul 2018
Creating a vibrant and beautiful life, from a seed, is simply
The lush woman in a medium meant for growth.
Light, air and water weave her into being at a phenomenal speed.
It moves me, in a profound way.
I could never capture in words the miracle of its existence.
Splendid code embedded in the grandeur of nature.
Ah, magnificent life, you have so much to offer
when one dares to look.
© Johan Nel 2018.07.23
Äŧül May 2018
For the first time in my life,
I now live in a home of my own,
Regardless of the financial constraints,
Sweet parents built this dwelling,
Then I also pumped some capital.

Of late, we sold our previous property,
Well, I planned & cracked the deal,
Now we have this new bigger home.

Regards to my parents are never going to be enough,
Especially when we went through my accident saga,
Salty moist memories do not follow me now,
Indian, this Anugraha looks so graceful,
Darkness of night fails to take away the sheen,
Enjoying my time here in the life,
Not forgetting who made this house a home,
Call them I do my sweet and kind parents,
Even the darkest memories seem to fade away.
Our new home is called Anugraha, a word that means grace.

I am very happy that we are now living in a home that is our own.

Before this, I lived in the NDRI Karnal campus in a rented accommodation.

The close-to-nature Government-funded National Dairy Research Institute campus I will dearly miss but I am really satisfied with this new place that I now call home and even my best friend and future wife Pooja Shah will have a leisurely home in future. I am very happy that I finally live in a home that I can call my own.

My HP Poem #1708
©Atul Kaushal
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Let us write our stories  
Reckon all moments
A passage to self-reflection  
With a display box of grandeur,  
Fingers on a key pressed,  
Levitates a search in no time,
Way out of the crowd  
Quiting a reality to roam and wander  
Nothing is outside, all within  
A big circle of virtual connections,  
Without months of eye contacts  
No face to face,  
Sending empathy through e-thoughts

Having a common ground,  
Hope to run faster than Terabyte,  
We love seconds more than a minute  
WiFi made all worth living  
Sending signals to the soul  
We will feel it, anyway.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Bored on the internet, so see what I find.
I'm taken back to that moment in the past
When I met the droop-eyed star and starlet.
Look what Twitter has. Their pale face framed
and recreated, pixel perfect, inundated.
Talking in circles.
Talking highly of
Your self --
Like you're above the tower seat of power,
In the clouds. You're a mental case. How
you gonna love yourself so much?
All of my former lovers are the messes they left back when.
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