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dadens Dec 2018
she wears yellow when she’s sad in hopes that she’ll start to view herself the way the world sees her, happy
Endless Horizon Jan 2018
Please don't leave me.

All I want is to talk to you once more

All I want is to have one more day

With you

Excuses are all I can make to persuade you

To make you think otherwise


All I want is to have one more hour

With you

I will do anything to stop you from leaving




All I want is to have one more minute

With you

I will remind you of the good times we had

As well as the bad.

But who wants to dwell on the past

When you have

The future.

Do you see it now?

Do you see us?

The ones holding hands by the bay

The ones watching the movie together

The ones with their heads leaning against each other

And their hands in each others


They look inseparable


I thought we were inseparable


I thought we had forever

But forever is about to leave



Don't leave me


All I want

Is to have




With you.
hello again.
Steve Page Oct 2017
Step up to the mic and strike first with a smile of one liners, with observations or tales that begile them.
For a smile will disable them while your lines slide in behind them, almost whispering, selecting the sharp-soft phrases that will best ******* those guarded places. Looking with innocence into their faces, turning minds stage by stages, persuading with insights, with stories of real life, with familiar tales of familiar strife. Then when you follow through and strike with the punch line they have no defence and have no time to decline the good sense found in this food for thought, laughing to a sudden realised stop, looking again at their lives, with a fertive smile of dawning delight at the shed light on shared lives found in your soft amplified lines.
- Do it right when you step up to the mic and you will change lives.
With thanks to Poetical Word, Hounslow London for open mic nights.
Myemail Dec 2016
As the wandering eye did catch.
A glimpse of girl that she might fetch.

Charmed and wiled her way now,
And at her beauty willingly bowed.

Tempt her o'er a bottle of wine,
To see a flicker of wilder eye.

Reflected back across candlelight,
Then saw a shining gaze that night.

So now as I look back at you,
With sultry shaded eyes of dew.

Release yourself for our delight;
We could just forget this night.

Or remember wetly all the time,
Of caress and pleasure following ryhme.
DEW Apr 2016
The wind did try to bend the tree.
The tree did not comply with glee.
“If you do bend you will not break…”
“But if I bend my back will ache!”
The wind blew soft, “It’ll only tickle.”
The tree just coughed, “If it remains a trickle.”
The wind blew hard: a threatening gale.
“I will stand firm; I know this tale!”
Without patience, like a wave,
the wind’s full force said, “Tree, behave!”
To this, the tree did move to bow.
The wind blew on, “You’ll listen now.”
Enjoy! :)

Cam Godfrey Mar 2016
Portrayed as the girl next door, she'll rip your heart out and manipulate the way your mind works.
Just forget how she looks, it's an illusion...
She's as ruthless as the best of them.

You'll always love her in the end X2

Darkness falls before you realise all your skeletons have come alive.
These are the thoughts that haunt you, just another mistake you've made on your own.

It doesn't matter the advice you hear, she's already ****** you in.
You're a victim to her persuasive skills.
It's an art-form of suggestion.

When I set out to write this song (Skeletons), the core idea was about a girl I'd just met and was crushing on deeply, but the more I wrote, the more I focused inward on how I was viewing the relationship. Now when I read it back, and listen to the song I recorded with these words, it's more an insight of my ocd, and how it affects my interactions with other people.

Link to stream of Skeletons -
Destiny C Mar 2016
Goosebumps rise upon my thin exhausted arms.
The wind , harsh against the little warmth radiating from inside.
It's hard to see through the murky fog of the world.
A cold , dark  world.
There's no rhyme nor reason to continue to exist.
It wanted me out and now it has nearly succeeded.
The only thing keeping me here is the sound inside my head.
The persuasion of reason.
Hungered for a taste
  of your elixir's essence,
drunken inhalations
   of your poetry
a splendiferous whirl
 of time & space 'tween
darkly scented moons
    and sun's adoration,
blithe starry nights
amidst meditative new
dawn's effervesce,
 spirited of the heart,
gleaned in the soul,
yearnings of another
  chapter's paradise
universal experiences
etched of hourglass sand,
 written upon endlessly
    chimerical verses
wildflower gardens drenched
    of dandelion's plum wine
swooning under a
hypnotic scripted spell,
intoxicating power
of unchained symphonies
dancing amongst skies'
released euphoria
 resonating in a song's
   reprised melodies,
breathlessness of delirium's
  celestial pauses
  in vaporous breezes'
  unfurling undulation,
captivated by rhythmic
  destiny reverberating in
     *****' pleasurable calling
  quenched of sacred
     offering's quell
transcending earthly
   persuasions' rhyme,
let me lick the nectar from
   your  poesy's  insatiable  lips,
sweet mercy's healing
   captured in rapturous
   surrender's reawakening ~

Je veux que vous tous,

tu me manques*

Ce que vous manquez de moi?
Je te veux - I want you
tu me manques - I miss you

— The End —