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Unpolished Ink Dec 2022
True persuasion
I think that you will find
is the gentle invasion
and the subsequent erasion
of a thought in someone's mind
David Plantinga Dec 2021
The Wit is nimble, and can skip
The longest distances with ease.  
It flits on an extended trip,
One day, and back from overseas.  
The Wisdom hasn’t cleared the dock, 
A wide, and long, and sluggish ship,
Her cargo a tremendous stock,
And filled as if by faucet drip.  
But such a huge displacement packs,
What takes a flimsy, skimming skiff
More than a hundred there’s and back’s,
A bounty to save Tenerife.
My Dear Poet Jun 2021
you should not push an opinion
nor force it into a small mind
it may explode at the ears
and lose the hearing the next time
when opportunity may arise
where those words may be recieved
into small parts, in smaller bits
and pushed in with ease
Mose Nov 2020
We live in days where truth prevails second.
You no longer have to be right.
Just need to be the most convincing.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2020
Several times today, I stepped into stories
being presented as appeals for
belief because the teller says

this is what one of us knows, you must believe,
then know…

eh? I lift both brows, wrinkle my face,

and I recall knowing that in the universal truth,
there are bubbles of truths about stories,
told with idle words that fail to spark
the swallow reflex, too sweet…

ah, the family time at a theme park,
what is the theme

Apollo here, Isis there, Jesus, look, it is a ghost,
the Ghost of America as we wish it were,
we wish it were
we wish it
we wisht

This is it. 2020. The real future.
All day every day, live, no jive... just me and those lizards at the casino.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2020

Lips glossed by coyness
Love and lust on her tongue's tip
Tempt flesh to flower

New day, new haiku! (Repost as HP was acting up for some reason)
This one is for Peitho, Goddess/Spirit of Persuasion and Seduction.
It's no accident that she is also handmaiden/servant to the one and only, Aphrodite.
I wanted to play around with these facts in mind.
Tbh, I'm still so and so about this haiku. As I said I try to be very careful with the words I choose for each Woman of Myth.
Anyway, thank you all for 373 followers! I'm humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
BEK Oct 2019
Rid me of this burdensome curse
A power envied by many
Yet I have no desire for such

Let your eyes twinkle
Illuminating all that is beautiful and kind

With no influence from
The fright inducing hypnosis
Inside these piercing black eyes
Sam Faisal Aug 2019
Glass after glass,

It's ****,
When you undress
My sanity.
Rick Warr May 2019
curiosity ...

involves a will
to question
a facility not needed
when you have blind faith
in shock jocks who compellingly
save you the trouble
there is power in persuasion
a voice with sonorous conviction
that corrals you into what to think
burrows into a small mind
like a god-voiced ear wig
quelling the notion
you are not so sure?
Pauline has the courage
to say what
you are thinking
or the audacity
to fill an empty vessel
that had nothing
but a nascent fear
that blissful ignorance
was under attack
so gather with the herd
know you are not alone
the mediocrity shepherds
will reassure you
that you are all together
it’s them that are different
it’s them who are hatefully wrong
wrote on election day, Australia, while thinking of the diverse value of votes, and how they are influenced
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