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Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
A little

Too reserved

Cooking her own world

Black and white

Her slate

Strayed away

Any admirer

Swayed her way

Too shy

Reciprocating claim

Of what love proclaim
Hollow Steve Dec 2019
Mispronounced chaos sways
With its ellipsis misplaced
And taking away
Its own verdict
That was left displayed
Its own hole
From displacement
Carrying concrete
Like broken shoulder blades
Deteriorating outcomes
Commonplace is then found
In its unity
Disuniting it all
laveni Mar 2019
I don't know well
Well enough to find you on your darkest hour
Not enough to find comfort in your writhing pain
The depths of all your chaos
But not the sword that cuts through their inane iron
In an envelope that casts a pile of gold
I go deep down
A curse to make me blind
Your garden was lush
   with poetic wildflowers
yet, darkness swayed its spirit
    'neath teeming salt tear hazes,
  tried to enrich the soil but
    ground cover was defensive,
hardened by winters' of
   contrary disconnectedness
For a good friend's special day...

— The End —