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Nathalie Mar 31
There is beauty in her eyes
A reflection of the
World she holds inside
Nothing escapes her
She has danced with
The embers of curiosity
She has embraced
The inklings of guidance
She has surrendered
To adventures of mad love
She knows how precious
Life is…
It’s an abundance of gifts
And she chooses to
Unwrap all of its surprises
consistently and gratefully

Mary Shanti Oct 2018
Flames thrown
Like dragon tales
And tongues touch
Like pink fluorescent badgers in the night
We may have left crumbs
Of kisses
For the world to see
Stained on ink
For this memory
And ice in my brain
Like cold freeze to me
Creatively enticing,
   profoundly sensual
  boundlessly experienced,
cryptically presumptive
inordinately exclusive
 effusively lavished,
anesthetized or blatant
allusive beyond ethereal,
metaphorically inferred
criminal insanity

disquiet midst agitation,
peaceably surrendered
illustriously polished
or indubitably raw
    fruitful to a fault - -
in reciprocity's glory be

   quenches thirst,
     satiates a hunger
flourished midst ink's
designed grandeur,
poetry never fails to thrive,
   tripping the light fantastic  
    in its exuberant offering*

Seize the power

— The End —