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Aquinas Mar 22
the smokey memories of Summer
fan on high, combatting heat waves
hair glued to the forehead from sweaty laughter
on the phone for one, two, three many hours
always laughing

but now the sticky fire is gone
noses are runny and temples are cold
dry knuckles chafe against a keyboard wanting to smell the same laundry detergent from a Summer back in time
drying eyes redden as rivers flow into the scorching season
a wet upper lip trembles at time lost
hours on the phone, or lying in bed alone?
always trembling
Feb 2019 · 414
I'm So Disco
Aquinas Feb 2019
I'm so disco
shining ball
electric dance-floor
sweaty skin crawl

no one listens to the devil at the bar
dancing alone
making love to a cigar
"who let him in?"
  ask voices afar

I'm so disco
it's not hard!
sell your soul
give in to what's wrong

the songs are cruel
but the people are worse
they dub you disco
make you curse

when blue lights turn us dizzy
***** coats the throat
there's an evil deep inside
that brings me to my knees
every time

"help me! help me!"
I scream with sore lungs
crashing to the floor with a thud like a gun
"I'm so disco!"
but no one hears
they're so disco
the dance goes on
Feb 2019 · 164
Let Me Be Honest With You
Aquinas Feb 2019
I'm so sick.
Talking about him,
talking about you,
telling my friends about us
like your name is someone else's.
If you're listening
at this party,
I hope you
hear the times
I hold back
from cracking jokes
with you.
Or at least
notice when
my lines
because I catch
your eye
Dec 2018 · 141
In the End I Made it Out
Aquinas Dec 2018
Yo, I don't feel okay
is that okay with you?
I'll back off, *******, do what I have to do
to make sure this sleepy Sunday goes swell for you.
But your actions are like rug burns,
not hurting for long--but still hurting

  I twisted your arm?
  You're not mad about that!
  Are you?
  You are?
  Give me your skin so I can fold it!
  Feeling your wrinkles under my calloused hands,
  it won't hurt, I swear!
  A lesson for you is what I bear.

I let this happen for one hundred years
until my pale flesh turned purple,
and my eyes blackened into squares as I saw Nyarlathotep slip out of your three tongues.
You begged for an apology I couldn't muster,
and in turn chafed your own foolish forgiveness in place of mine.
Sep 2018 · 555
Aquinas Sep 2018
The lungs of who you are betray the bones of what you've become.
I could keep you in my hands for as long as I can hold my breath,
but that feels too long.

You're trapped around the grave of the person you wanted to find in me.
I can't be her for you.
Even for one night.
I can't be here for you.

You know it's true that your hands are tied between two more.
I'm not with you anymore.
I got the last laugh now you deal with what comes.

You miss talking,
and my ears don't miss being talked to.
You wish this was different,
and I do to.
You still don't want change,
but my bones are broken, and through them I feel my lungs.
May 2018 · 205
Construction Paper
Aquinas May 2018
Folded and torn, yet you still play with it.
There’s not much left in the hazy hue you haven’t crumpled to death.
Do you like the vibration of the grains under your fingertips?
I’m sure the overlapping lines must get in the way of that sensation,
but still you trace every ****** polygon as if you were the embodiment of the proverb “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Throw me out.
What use am I to you?
I’m the origami rock you can’t bring yourself to toss with the moldy leftovers you never cared for--even before they were leftovers.

“Ain’t that just the way?” you say to an audience of a mirror,
hoping a prophet will descend to correct you if you turn out to be wrong.
You’re so stuck in your ways, folding your papers and crumpling each piece until it’s unrecognizable from its original state.
For a progressive you’re quite a pessimist,
but at least you still have paper to fold with its woody grain you trace with your thumbs.
Apr 2018 · 176
It's All Good
Aquinas Apr 2018
I commit crimes against my body to test for happiness.
A feeling that
I'm not sure
I know
how to
there's something
I love
about the way
it feels to
feel nothingness cling to my insides like pure, restless butterflies.
Mar 2018 · 111
Aquinas Mar 2018
The human condition is a disease that has spread so far and wide that those once considered monsters have become afflicted
Feb 2018 · 195
With Time
Aquinas Feb 2018
The movement of your lips when you smile curses my dreams, and
I beg to forget the wrinkles that formed around your eyes from years of laughing too hard.
If only I could find the words for what you smell like other than fire and spice,
then maybe I could forget you someday like how I've forgotten others.

Though you're not like others, I have hope the thought of you will drift away like the fading scent of summer.
While we had our winter fun, it's time for allergies and pollen to clear my sinuses of your scent.
I fear the day your memories will leave me, but inside I rejoice at the possibility of being free.
Jan 2018 · 547
Aquinas Jan 2018
Take out all the keys in my house and what do you get?
A home that's full of locks and closed doors that you cannot open
It's a body that won't recompense the movements you've been making
So you stop your trying and start crying, what did you expect?

I won't open up for you, even if you want me to
I'll keep my front door locked and the back one too
This house is not for you
Jun 2017 · 162
Aquinas Jun 2017
Global Positioning System
Can you prescribe my symptoms?
I'm tired, I'm wasted, I'm used

Global Positioning System
Will you help me find my reasons?
For why I keep driving down this road
Feb 2017 · 295
Florida Winters
Aquinas Feb 2017
Don't go
I need you here so I don't get cold
Or else I'll shiver and shake until the sun awakes
Even then I can still see my breath take shape

Don't leave
I've never felt bliss like this
Every moment, every squeeze, every kiss
Tastes like everything I've been begging for

Please stay
These blankets aren't warm enough
Sometimes I imagine your body heat, it helps me fall asleep
I'm no better than when you're alone, but you fill the empty presence in my home
Jan 2017 · 370
Aquinas Jan 2017
I've conjured a clone
More successful, more attractive, more lively than me.
Taking them into my home,
I feed and take care of them, I polish their bolts and bits.
How I wish my bones could shine silver like their aluminum ribs.
I dream of being as productive and managing,
As talented, daring
Motivated, driven.
I sometimes get the urge to peek under my skin to search for foil bones,
But I crave more than the cold sensation of chrome.
   Tell me,
   Why do I feel this way?
   If I'm machine,
   Where will I go when you die?
   Where will I stay?
My dear friend, I do not have answers, I only have more questions for us to ponder.
However, I believe when I lay down to sleep
Your engine turns off,
And your gears stop turning.
When this happens do you imagine a dream?
Or do you imagine you are living?
Aquinas Dec 2016
I hate the way I crave the wetness of your lips
I'm begging for your touch that I'll never be given
I see you and I want to dig under my skin
Make a new home in the cave between my blood and bones

I hate the way you gave me a perfect glimpse
Then told me it's unhealthy to see you again
When the only medicine I needed was your touch
Please hold me one more time I'm craving what I've lost
boys will really do a number on you, folks
Oct 2016 · 427
Aquinas Oct 2016
Bring it to me
The apple of my eye
Bring him to me
There are no clever disguises
My guise is neutral as it is wise
To keep everything hidden from the naked eye
But also good to be open like a book
Why didn't he want to take a look?
He skimmed through the pages and didn't stare me in the eye
He edited the sentences but didn't take credit for it
Bring it to me
Something I wouldn't mind
Someone to hold me and tell me
"Everything is fine"
Oct 2016 · 246
The Altar
Aquinas Oct 2016
is a paradise
a sleek, marble throne for two
more than twice I've envisioned myself there
with men
all of them are different
the fleeting stranger I'll never see again
a one night stand I'll never forget
and the one I foresaw wearing my crown, grasping a scepter
seated beside me on the adjacent ivory throne
there are traces of a king left but ultimately he's gone
sometimes I catch the shadow of his reflection
with the other men, all of them different,
in white stone beneath my feet
I'm left to wonder if I'll ever see them again outside the altar
"And to think you would get me to the altar, like I'd follow you around like a dog that needs water." - BANKS
Aug 2016 · 189
Aquinas Aug 2016
I'm not sure that I feel emotion
At other times, maybe, there will be a flow of thoughts, feelings
Tingles, nerves
I feel numb
Right now I'm feeling very numb
I'm not sure if numb is an emotion but I'm feeling it so it must be
Aug 2016 · 469
Serial Killer
Aquinas Aug 2016
I've done it again
Had homicidal intentions for the same thing
Telling myself to quit it just doesn't have the same fix as sinking my teeth into warm blood

Eat  Live  Starve  Repeat
That's the rhythm to the vampire beat
Is it a yearning or a needing?
A wanting or necessity?
I'm afraid to confront the ghosts of those I've murdered in my head
But for peace of mind I have to remain haunted
May 2016 · 685
Something You Said Long Ago
Aquinas May 2016
You know not of what you do
It's a play in my thoughts that I act out where you love me and I love you
We have a bond irreplaceable and akin to the spark of a fire
Taller and taller the tips of the orange skyscrapers spread until they burn the sky with the lies in my head
I'm used to the feel of your fingers through mine though we've never held hands
The sensation of arms wrapped around me that aren't necessarily there
And when you said "I'm not that kind of guy," I couldn't help but cry
In my mind I've embraced you so many times, I kept asking myself how could this be my fourth crime?
All I can do is bite my lip and suppress the roaring in my chest of anger and distress
Because our relationship was a dream I had during a night where I never fell to rest
Aquinas Mar 2016
All my days start out the same:
every single minute
is reflective of the
ever simple second
is there a silver to the lining of my linens?
The underground; they just don't know

There's wisdom in my patience
a poetic slander
to the ever passing hour
I'm afraid of singing in the shower
and touching bodies with the flowers
because I am frightened of bees
Jan 2016 · 920
Sleepy Head
Aquinas Jan 2016
Lay your head down, sleepy head
Maybe one day you'll wake up dead
Like you always wanted to
The future is so loose when you can't sleep
But I know I slumbered once because I know you from a dream

Sweet dreams and melodies are what make me feel so sad
I close my eyes to hear your songs even though I know they're bad
Last night's memories are what make me feel so mad
I closed my heart then we had our laughs and I went back home to bed
I like the you in my dreams more than I like the you in my reality
Aquinas Nov 2015
Where are you from?
We don't get along

Be the dagger
You placed in my heart yet you

Me to a different
Point of peace

Pleasure I can't find
When down on my knees

In your eyes
I now realize

Mixed up my lies
For the truth this time

Thought to think
About what you wanted

Signs but didn't
Care to know, was just being honest

I make my depart
I must say, "I'm sorry I broke your heart."
Nov 2015 · 697
Do you wish to go back?
Aquinas Nov 2015
"Do you wish to go back?"

'Back where?' I find myself asking. The voice seems to echo throughout this blackness where there is no ground nor air.

"Do you wish to go back?"

The question booms ferociously like the lion's roar above the mountaintops, making those in the quiet valley below pause and shake.

"Do you wish to go back?"

'Oh, you're still here? I thought that if I stayed quiet you would go away.'

"Do you wish to go back?"

'Back where?' I find myself asking. 'Back to the times that I wished the letters that spilled out of my lips tumbled into different words than what they came out to be?'

"Do you wish to go back?"

'Back to the times where I felt quarantined when in a group of friends? Back to the times where I felt the grass wrap around my ankles to root me in place? Back to the times where I heard the leaves gossip my name?'

"Do you wish to go back?"

'Further you ask? I assure you that's not a time that I would enjoy going back to.'

"Do you wish to go back?"

'I do not know.'

"Do you wish to go back?"

'Will the words I said make sense? Will I not feel so trapped in my groups of friends? Will the blades of grass release my feet and the whispering cease from the abundance of leaves? Will I find love, happiness, or defeat? Will I find something that makes sense to me?'

"Do you wish to go back?"

There is a pause, a stillness in the dark. I wish to speak but I feel that I have no words left. I am the letter in an envelope of shade, swallowed by the surrounding shadows. Then it comes, I feel the ground beneath my feet and air above my head. It slowly churns from my stomach up to my mouth where I then said,

"I wish to go back."
Oct 2015 · 343
Scribbles From a Notebook
Aquinas Oct 2015
I can't hear his voice without my forehead burning up in a fiery cold sweat of both lust and fear at the same time.
His existence is something I can never be a part of anymore yet my body is so used to the acquaintance of his being that I can't hold myself back from trying to be in his life.
I shouldn't exist in his existence: it feels like bad religion, a sin I can never forgive myself for, but the euphoria I experience when I commit this sin is a stunning sort of infatuation, I never want to leave his side, though I don't believe I was ever there.
He used to care,
he used to notice,
he used to be able to tell when my feelings were bare.
Now I am here,
two seats away from him.
I try to joke, to communicate, and he smiles lightly, but
the glow from his eyes is not as bright for me, anymore, as it is for everyone else.
I ****** up.
English class is boring, let's write about boys instead
Sep 2015 · 933
Aquinas Sep 2015
I went biking at sunset
And the yellow and blue clouds reminded me of you
I felt your presence as if you were there too
And if you were I'd be whispering soon
"I want to be in love with you like the sky loves the moon"
But you're more like the sun
And I am just Venus
It might not seem like a lot but there is great space in between us
I need to stop falling for boys that are nice to me
Aug 2015 · 413
Dreams Are A Danger
Aquinas Aug 2015
There's a bubble in my chest I can't suppress
An eerie feeling of being watched when no one's around
The quivering under my sheets that screams "unrest"
So under the covers to faraway dreams I'm bound

It feels so real
So lovely and ethereal
The warmth of his hand in mine, my heart beating faster as he smiles so sublime
The overcast above sounding like love
And the grass is really greener and the water much clearer
The sky so bright with the wind just right
We lay on the ground, my legs tired from running around
He looks at me I look at him
I feel complete, and for once not so dim

Then I wake up
Feeling the warmth of his hand slip away, still seeing his smile as if he stayed
The horizon is grey with that somber blue hue
And the grass isn't as green, and the water not so clean
The sky is dim with a subtle, chilling wind
I lay on my bed, my mind tired from running around
I look at my hands and try to understand where I am
I feel incomplete, and once again still dim
Jul 2015 · 701
Aquinas Jul 2015
I am the moon and he is the sun and when we get together we have bundles of fun

He doesn't read the newspaper or drink caffeine 'till he dies while I cook breakfast and fix his tie
I don't clean the house and ignore his lies while he's upstairs in bed with someone else's wife
He does however like to go on long drives, surf through the desert with wide amber eyes

I do conclude that I enjoy this as well, being in the passenger seat as the radio tells:
  Of the news you can't read in the newspapers
  The health hazards of drinking too much caffeine
  And the scandals that go on beneath politician's sheets

We like to feel free for a moment
Away from the commotion and buzzing omens
The people that say "It will never happen, you're over and done"
But I am the moon and he is the sun, and when we get together we have more than just fun
Aquinas Jun 2015
Depression is the teddy bear you get as a little kid that you still seem to keep around as a bed decoration no matter how old you are
You sleep on it
Cry on it
Squeeze it
You're never able to let it go
It clings to you like an old memory that you never want to forget
You feel sick for loving it because you feel you've moved on
But you haven't and you think about it every day and you can't sleep because it stares at you in the eyes every time you try and whispers "no one cares" and you eat it up like your favorite left overs

Anxiety is the spine you carry in your back that bends and twists in ways you never thought
You feel agile and alive but other times it's a burden that weighs you down and you feel you could snap at any second
People try to help you but you bend over backwards trying to fix yourself but it just never ******* works so you blame yourself thinking you cannot be saved

Paranoia is the constant fear I have that all my friends aren't my friends
It's the feeling that all the right people hate me and all the wrong ones praise me
That looking at him and his friends makes me so jealous, I believe that he never wants to talk to me again that I'm just a problem, a text that he rolls his eyes at whenever he sees it's me messaging him

And the worst part is that it feels like home
When I'm engulfed in the thoughts I have when I'm alone I can't help but smile because my problems are all I know
May 2015 · 1.2k
Aquinas May 2015
Sometimes                                           I            ­                      feel like an oreo
Always caught in                       the middle                    of two great forces
I'm haunted by                            decisions                  that I regret so much
But I know that                          the choices                    I could have made
Would still make                              me                                     feel the same
May 2015 · 524
Time (Not) Well Spent
Aquinas May 2015
I ****** up big time
The clock won't give me the right change in dimes
I'm trying to find
A way out of this life

I'm running out of lines
To write my rhymes
One day I'll make you pay for your crimes

I'm no slave to you or the things that you do
I hate the way that you make it seem fine
But no matter what I do I can't escape you
My clock's running out of dimes
I ****** up big time
Apr 2015 · 2.0k
American Beauty
Aquinas Apr 2015
White picket fences
Four family houses
Checker pattern apron
Pie left to cool on the windowsill
Watching Andy Griffith
Paying some old television bills and hoping the kids will notice
Anything but the coldness that lies outside the front porch
The one with the swing

This is the American dream
Not really knowing what "minority" means
Fighting for a penny to put in a candy machine
"Oh, where did it go?" Some people ask
As if corruption was a thing of the past
Apr 2015 · 537
I Want
Aquinas Apr 2015
I want to be in a happy place, I want to be where I feel sane
I want to sleep and I want to dream
I want to love and I want to leap
I'm afraid of everything but I am courageous and strong
I am me, all day long

There is no one quite like me
I think that's why I'm scared of me
No one to compare to, no advice to digest
My brain is full of wires: it's congested and depressed

Yet the day goes by and a few say "Hello!"
But they feel empty, cold, and frankly shallow
I know people care but I don't feel it inside
I just go back to my room
I go back to where I hide
Is it bad to be this upset all of the time?
Mar 2015 · 746
Sunset on the Island Waters
Aquinas Mar 2015
The world is a dangerous place to live in
Full of monsters and misbehaving
There's a boat on the shore so we better take it
Because summer's coming soon and the sun is fading

Yet something is wrong with the way I smile
It stays pristine but after awhile
My crooked frown explains my poor crown
Because you have to say "I'm in love,"
When I know there's doubt

Here's our last chance are we going to take it?
Sail off this land with our hearts cold, closed in
Not letting anyone in is this the way you want this?
I'm sorry I don't think I can make this journey
If you don't love me, dear God, just say it
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
From Under the Candy Sky
Aquinas Mar 2015
The world is a beautiful place to be
Sitting quietly under the candy sky
The grass against my toes carries the whispers of the wind
Where the birds and bees fly so swiftly without sin

As the clouds become dark so does the sky
Changing from bubblegum to liqourice with the sun's dying wish
But I hold onto those last few hues
The spectacular purples and blues
What a wonderful day to lie under the candy sky

There's so much gloom I see lately
In my body and all around me
A plane flies overhead, its humming says "I'm alive"
Sometimes the sun can shade the bruises when the light needs a place to hide

But it's over now, it's the end of the day
The flowers hug my arms as I hear the wind say
"It's time to go now, no longer shall  you cry,
There's a better place for you than under the candy sky"
Beauty is decieving
Aquinas Feb 2015
I'm tired of you invading my sleep, perusing my sheets, directing my dreams
It's the pain in my stomach I can't suppress, holy ****
I'm depressed

Honestly it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the voices, the pins and the needles
The diversions in my speeches just to make me seem okay
The silly face I put on to play pretend, to stay sane
If only I could make you feel the empty hole inside
The one I feel every night every night every night

But in this hole there are knives and spears
At my veins but not splicing them just yet, oh no not yet
It's torment and torture that's all in my head
I can't stop thinking of the same things in dread
No one loves me no one loves me no one cares
Oh God, I'm so lonely

It's manic
I panic
Oh God, I'm not sane
But no one I've found ever feels the same

Oh God, I want out of my body I want out of this dream
It's so hazy and lucid but this is reality

I want to go back to sleep
Oh God, please let me sleep
if only you knew what anxiety means
Feb 2015 · 2.4k
Cotton Candy Chaos
Aquinas Feb 2015
The sky looks like cotton candy
Pink and blue are its pastel hues
"When do I ever tire of you?"
Is what came out of your liquor lips
That smelled of cherry gum drops and old wine

Something only old money can buy
You treated me like a queen and
"Now what are we?"
Is what comes out of your liquor lips
That smells of smoke and gunpowder
"Even I don't know." I retort
But let's live life like I'm not your last resort
I'm on a sugar high but I'm afraid of crashing
Jan 2015 · 537
Chloroform Cloud
Aquinas Jan 2015
Do you get that itch under your skin
That makes you twist and twitch?
In the bedroom the fairies play tricks on our
Heads and then we become bewitched

Did it take you long enough
To rip off the tissue,
The skin over bone,
The body I call home?

Does it take your breath away
The way I write about you to this day,
The frame I made to cover your play,
The way you said "I'll stimulate your brain"?
Dec 2014 · 572
Frankenstein's Monster
Aquinas Dec 2014
I have these parts that are missing
They are things I can't replace
I've been stripped of all my being and thrown into a world of waste

Reprogrammed to think my world is you
That the earth I walk on is blessed by you
The bonds I break are all for you
Loving you is all I do

I close my metallic eyes
Set in place by your hands
Laying on the carpet
With my back made of rubber bands
I cry too long and start to rust
Because I love you, you have my trust
It's why I became your killing machine
You don't love me, so it seems
Aquinas Dec 2014
Do you remember
What we talked about then?
Lit by the thin moon and under the stars
They praised us like pedestrians praise oncoming cars
And we were inside, solving crimes
When we dug our graves that night

And I miss your touch like tomorrow's sun
Misses the moon and the horizon
It's a shame that it's the truth
A hundred bottles down are you still the sleuth
You were back then? With your tongue made of poison
Not everything lasts like the aftertaste of a bad relationship
Nov 2014 · 997
Chain Smoker
Aquinas Nov 2014
These lungs are stones lying heavy in my chest
Breathing in the nicotine toys you smoke so slyly from your chapped lips
While under your arm in the church parking lot
You pray to who you call God
As the skeletons fall from your cigarette
Begging that we stay bound until the hour's death

  Is it the scars you hide under your stubble that attracts me to your sin?
  Or the ghosts in your pores that smell of tobacco and mint?
They loved you so much, am I one of them now?
You could have done better but I'm afraid that I can't
     You're the only type I believe keeps my sane
     You're the only type that breaks my brittle brain
How many more cracks do I dare sustain?

  But all of you leave scars under my stubble
  And the ghosts in my pores smell like tobacco and mint
I'm three packs in and I'm more alone than ever
Maybe tomorrow will bring a better "forever."
We go through people like cheap dollar store cigarettes
Oct 2014 · 768
Bubblegum Fever Dream
Aquinas Oct 2014
The wrappers fall to the ground
"Pop!" goes the sound of the bright pink bubbles
And it gets cold in this tomb
Thinking about our licorice loops
And the memories we made
On this cold bed until we became warheads

But it'll be over soon

I'm crashing from
Your sugary
Aquinas Oct 2014
The sky is a fading blue
As the ground turns grey I lay here with you
Our heads start to spin as the ceiling fans dim
Filled with pink thoughts of a greater tomorrow

But our color is draining; we're no longer rainbows
The door swings open and here comes the fables
That we have to speak to save our skin
From being stripped of our colorful sin

Does this seem right? Does it seem fair?
This planet is dull and filled with despair
"Be who you are, unless you are you!"
Is what the old men are telling our youth
Aquinas Oct 2014
Your eyes are white
And so are mine
Reflecting light down the shopping isle
The colors are dim but we are too
Trekking this store as skeletons do
Intoxicated by the fumes you smoke
Forced down my lungs I hardly hoped
Today would be better
We'd find something to buy
But we put our cart back and pretend we tried
Oct 2014 · 588
Superior Disfunction
Aquinas Oct 2014
I'm forgetting how to speak
So all my words are bleeding out my eyes
Oct 2014 · 3.2k
Happy Birthday
Aquinas Oct 2014
I'm safe in my room
This glorious tomb
Afraid to leave and scared to be
Faced with all the possibilities
That the cards show
In sick, steady flows
The future that won't happen
The future in my head

So happy birthday to me
You annoying ****
I hope your day is filled with happiness and luck
And that you're not lusting after that guy
That rejected you every time you tried
Because you've come to accept that
The future is in your head
I turned sixteen today and it was pretty sweet (pun intended)
Oct 2014 · 2.9k
Lackluster Paranoia
Aquinas Oct 2014
The arms of the clock are reaching high to God
As I lay on my floor thinking in contradicting circles
Contemplating the words I need to say
To save the friendships I've just made
They're all so precious to me
But I see them slowly

Becoming less, and less
And less, and less
Interested in
Sep 2014 · 1.6k
Artificial Entertainment
Aquinas Sep 2014
Where are my thoughts?
And where is my head?
I'm filled with static channels instead

I feel no heartbeat next to my ribs
As if cold metal replaced my limbs

How do I get off this drug?
And give up lackadaisical hugs?
When I'm a television set
Repeating reruns until death
Sep 2014 · 4.5k
Heroine Heartache
Aquinas Sep 2014
I inject you into my arm
You run laps in my blood
Swimming for days in a lustful craze
Inside my brain you have your stay
Sleeping silently in the day
But at night come out to play
Invading my memories
Making it a thicket
Now you know everything that makes me wicked
Playing drums on my rib cage you sail to my heart
Leaving me aching, weary, and sickened
"Are you mine?" You whisper and beckon
"Forever and ever!" I answer
Sep 2014 · 1.0k
Close Proximity
Aquinas Sep 2014
Porcelain bodies
Breaking at the carefullest touch
Shatter silently
In a room filled with loud thoughts

We fall
Into each other
Our cracks
Getting wider
My sleep
Is in disorder
My eyes
Are heavier
My sentences
Sep 2014 · 473
A Drive Home
Aquinas Sep 2014
A silent blue engulfs the metallic body that I lay in
I'm slumped against the side of the door, gazing at the minuscule droplets microscopically reflecting my stare
Rumbles and mumbles tumble through the clouds like badly kept secrets fan faring with a flash of purple lightning

My body is filled with nostalgia as my father cranks up the Yankee game on the century old automobile radio
My mother conks out, snoring louder than a booming stereo at a high school football game

These are the rides I like to remember
When no one is yelling
Or crying
Plastering smiles across their faces when hidden discomfort is making their nerves shake violently
Everything is quiet
But the white noise speaks more words than I ever will
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