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Fate's harsh words led me to fall down a well into a body of hate. I feel ice that won't shake, for your sake, hope that I drown. You better not doubt. With the rage I feel, I could eat a heart out.
Timebomb without time, I will snap, like my mind. My grip on malice, my fury's a crime. Your pain, my pleasure; I am not fine.
I'm falling in hate with you. You could care less...
An incorrect choice to test me
This is a choice you'd regret.
The effort to love, a simple task.
To be played with is not something I asked.
Now It's time to collect your grave.
This hate I feel is something you paved.

:) SmILe when YOU want to FroWn :(

I once saw a winter tree
With shit skewered on each branch
Next to the road
In the front lawn
Of my elementary school crush.

I once melted a coil of her hair
On a lightbulb
In her attic
I still remember the smell.

I do not remember the smell of the tree
I imagine it smelled like shit.

I once watched return of the jedi

On a pulled out futon mattress
While my elementery school crush
And her two younger sisters
Explored each others bodies.

I ignored them.
I also ignored Carrie Fisher losing her entire planet.

Instead I watched their mother lose a game of majong on her dusty grey computer moniter.

She then sold some of the hoarder stash lining their walls on ebay.

This is where I learned to observe.
Being a fly in the tar pit is more honest then
Being a fly on the wall.

I do not remember the smell of starwars

I imagine it smells a lot like a woman
losing a game of majong.

I imagine it smells a lot
like sweat
and tears.

DAD... DAd... Dad... .... ... dad.
It's cold out here.
Please just let me in,
Even if it's for a second.
Dad, please... why is the door locked?
Why won't you let me in?
I know you're there, with her.
I don't want to be out here.... Please.

DAd... Dad... .... ...dad
It's dark out here
Please don't go to far,
Stay near me!
This started off as fun but not anymore
Please don't leave us out here,
The words are no place for children...
Now she's crying, please don't leave!?!

Dad... .... ...dad
You no longer come and get us,
I didn't want to go back anyway.
But no explanation, no reason why.
You hit us, swore, let him hurt us badly,
Why? That's all I ask.
I see you've got a new family now,
You treat that little girl so well...
What make sure her so special?

... .... ...dad
I'm eleven years old and you stood there like a coward,
I spoke my mind, the truth.
Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I shouldn't have a voice!
You and your dad told me I was worthless, a failure, a bitch
You crushed me that day, tore away my confidence...
A man who was supposed to love, never loved me at all...

Arcassin B Oct 26

By Arcassin Burnham

I haven't been in my right mind,
I have crush right now.
it's fine cause I'm digesting time,
the more that I neglect you the more I'm playing myself,
I wanna be there for you,
but you don't know me at all.
wanna be your beautiful virtue,
the more that I neglect you the more I'm playing myself.

There's no maze out there that can hold me just to get to you
In this lonely world believing that I could be the one
Just to hold you girl,
I need you more than you need me,
And that's a fact that I got across,
Don't recall me in your memories,
But you didn't tell me to get lost.

I haven't been in my right mind,
I have crush right now.
it's fine cause I'm digesting time,
the more that I neglect you the more I'm playing myself,
I wanna be there for you,
but you don't know me at all.
wanna be your beautiful virtue,
the more that I neglect you the more I'm playing myself.



You were never there
Nothing but pure neglect
A child was born
A moment that you seem to forget
Nothing but a dark cloud
Bitterness sadly rears its ugly head
Just take accountability
And be there for the child instead

Brent Kincaid Oct 24

I am trying, and have been for years
To live longer than my childhood fears.
I am told it is not reasonable to moan
After the decades have come and gone
Between a child’s burned skin
And the adult body I am living in.
It always confused me as to why
Adults think a hurt child mustn’t cry.

Maybe the abuse they got as kids
Told them all crying must be hid
Away in some secret closet of shame.
Well, this is real life; not the same.
The real world doesn’t play by rules
Written by a bunch of sadistic fools.
Honor thy mother and father doesn’t work
If your parents are homicidal jerks.

A woman I worked with once went wild,
Screamed, “No mother would hurt their child”.
It was a stupid thing for her to posit,
But, she never saw bodies in closets.
She never experienced middle class kids
That looked like third world children did
From having nothing to eat but dirt.
It’s impossible to excuse that kind of hurt.

Such childhood horror doesn’t just go away;
This lack of hope to expect a better day.
That child usually grows up with no trust.
Something strong inside of them went bust.
They live their lives grabbing what they can
As if they never grew to be an adult man
Or woman that believes people are kind.
Sometimes it's because their peers are blind.

They don’t see the support mustn’t stop
Because someone kind soul has called a cop
And busted evil evil people who hurt children.
The fear and distrust stays; they’re human.
These are people with something basic broken
And saying “poor kid” can be just a token,
When what is needed is for them to share
With people around, every day, that care.

caitlyn renee Sep 27

you choke
on your own tears,
smother your face
on the icy bathroom floor,
and freeze
because you do not
wish to be
a burden
to their ears too.

this is from a while ago. (but i guess so am i, since i haven't written in a long time.)
Brent Kincaid Sep 24

She wanted to have a lover
That society wouldn't allow
She wanted to be married
But maybe not just now.
She wanted to have a baby
But she didn’t know how.
She wanted to be a wife
But she felt she was a cow.

Star crossed lover
All in one twisted person.
Stuck being a mother
Unequipped to be a good one.
Primitive cave dweller
Abandoned in modern time.
What she felt life did to her
Was an unfair personal crime.

Each time one would see her
Steam was building up inside;
A Vesuvius about to blow
Fire never banked, never died.
Walk on eggshells, careful words
Often not know what went wrong;
Something so carelessly said
As the disastrous day went along.

Maybe the child just said no
Or failed at some assigned chore.
Maybe the kid broke something
Or perhaps just slammed a door.
Then the punishment starts in
With screaming and foul names
Leaving welts and bruises in
Her standard sadistic game.

It would be so much better
If this was all an exaggeration.
But no, this is the ugly truth
So please take a suggestion.
Before we force another
Generation just like the rest,
Let’s make intended parents
Take a psychological test.

Lori Sep 10

I'm selfish, I know, I let
death get away with it

Explosive, I know, I haven't
even caught up with my feelings

Two left me, I know, and another
one left a whole in my stomach

I can't do it, I know, I won't step
foot up there to get my laundry

I'm doused, I know, in self love
contradictions, I won't eat meat

this week, I know, I can't bear it-
I smell it on your scruffy beard

I'm guilty, I know, I shouldn't
have gotten death arrested.

Zan Balmore Sep 2

Everyone dies, yes I do know this.
Have you noticed?

I smoke cigarettes.
I inject my sugar.
I neglect myself.

Everyone dies, yes I do know this.

I know your pain,

I know your kind.
I know all too well.

I know your kind.
"Why don't I ask for help?"

You see,
help is
to find

You see,
I'm no

I'm fine with that,
it's just, I can't get no
get no
get no
get no

I can't get no, get no

Why would I want my fingers over the flame?
Why would I bother calling out your name,
when I'll burn either way?

Can't get no (insert noun)

fuck you.

you know who you are.

you know i seldom go for hurt,

but you're a fucking bitch.
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