I slumber

I flip and flop
Not so much a linger

Never a time I try
to get closer

I run
I slip

I walk
I trip

I stand
I tip

No more the nearer
It’s best I wait here

Yet even then
when I stop

I drop
‘Quite’ close...

Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
You've heard it before
When you say something
It makes it a little more real.
Is probably why
I havent said it before.
So here goes.
Do you even care?
Its like you're not even there
But there you are
Laughing at your phone
While all around
Dog shit and garbage
Like the sparkly clean floors
And lush carpets of
Any home I've seen.
You stare at your phone
As i fall apart at the seams
My shoulders couldnt take it
Needed a break
Unfortunately they took the wrong kind of break
And they broke.
My anxiety and adhd
On top of every single chore (minus a job)
On top of a year younger sibling to annoy me
On top of two dogs to bark too much
On top of the colony of mice
On top of the fact all i ate was ramen noodles from a cup and pizza
To worsen my anxiety
On top of the teasing i started receiving
Because my outfit was always the same
Because i always wore the same jacket
Because i never did my work
Because i kept falling asleep
Because i never spoke
And when i did it was barely audible.
On top of the fact you alienated me from my mother
On top of my shoulders
The gravity was too much
My serotonin level dropped
I was depressed
Self harmed every day
Day dreamed suicide
Like a little kid day dreamed their crush
But all you seemed to care about
Was what you wanted
And what you wanted to do.
Thank you for less than nothing.
I have some lemons but you cant make lemonade out of lemons XD. Please please no pity. I just wrote this because i had to say it eventually. This is the safest place to say something so here it is.
Marguerite Jul 11
I think
When he leaves
My self-care will make me un.stoppable.

I think
When he leaves
I will fill my OWN needs.
I am here for me.

I think
When he leaves
I don’t want to hear anymore
For a while.
I don’t want to hear
Of montreal
Of literally anything anyone says /ever/
Compared to ~new orleans~
‘One of [his] friends’
Who has the sweetest gig

I think when he leaves
I will still love him
The way I love beautiful people
Even if his ignorance..
Makes his language
T o x i c  to  me.

I put so much
Into my contentedness
With life
My life
And i need to be recognized for these efforts
I need to be SEEN
To be respected for the depth of my being and not my #skillz on a skateboard
Or my patience for bike #factz and stories.

Fucking respect me with tenderness or I am

No matter how perfect I thought you were.
I wish he was capable... Of loving me with the same respect I pour into him. But he is DENSE. Because he says he cares, but he cannot see himself. Or me. How did I end up with a man so self-involved and blind.
Gale L Mccoy Jul 10
i know the taste of rot
the cloying smell
growth of the wrong kind
simple shape turned

this isnt the kind of fruit
that can be throw out
i eat what i neglect
day 10 of 31 days of poetry
The problem is not world
But the people who  live in it.
ElEschew Jun 25
Can i have a cookie?

7 years old
7 weeks no shower
7 months no real meal
7 minutes of a memory to last a lifetime
6 days since shed eaten
6 months since shed brushed her teeth
6 weeks since she'd seen her father
6 years to learn to be quiet
5 times she asked for help
5 people said no
5 a.m when she'd go to sleep
5 parties a week
4th grade they moved
4 hundred miles away
4 new places
4 new friends
3 years to watch her mom fade
3 months to adjust
3 people to care for her
3 days to learn to care for her mom
2 tests failed
2 hours of sleep
2 grades pass
2 surgeries
1 memorial service
1 girl to be hidden away
1 mom who's gone
1 life forsaken in the rush of loss
Faith Jun 24
i scream until my throat hurts
until it feels scratched
by your jagged fingernails

i scream until the pain numbs
and dulls a bit

i scream until i cry

tears uncontrollably streaming down my face
Elliot Munro Jun 17
Because of her you neglected yourself. Subjected yourself to neglected all else, and now all you have are apologies. She’s gone and you were left with the sorries that need to be told. Worries of being left alone while their tone on the phone is stone cold. Your depression is an excuse they say, unsold. So like a piece of origami you fold in and around yourself till the paper is thin and time turns you old.
Constellations of broken hearts fill the sky in my head,
Twisting my words, and shaking my morals like an imploding star.
The only place my heart is healed is in the memories of you dressed in red.
Once, you remove me from your life you open up my scars
The scars you left from that constant neglect, and in darkness I was led.
Then you move away leaving my soul wanting you from afar.
What happens when the good girl goes bad
like the spoiled milk she left out?
Because I couldn't seem to get up.
I think it was something about acknowledging that I'm alive, I'm here.
Wouldn't it all be easier if I wasn't?

When the good girl goes bad
because she worked her ass off on that paper and only got a C.

When the good girl goes bad
because the world doesn't treat her right,
but I guess it must because that's
how come I'm the good girl.
Not my depressed sister sitting in her room;
not my other sister running around, destroying everything I had to work for;
most definitely
not my other sister who always seemed to be your favorite but is now smashing plates in our backyard,
'cause I guess that's what happens if you get too close to you.

When the good girl goes bad,
you get angry because
I'm supposed to be your perfect child
not supposed to be
your screw up child
your lonely child
your lazy child
your anxious child
not supposed to be
your good for nothing child
your dysfunctional child
your doesn't give a fuck about anything anymore child.
why don't I fucking give a fuck about anything anymore?

When the good girl goes bad
your life falls apart,
because clearly
you had enough to deal with already,
because clearly
this is all my fault,
because clearly
you don't have the time to face your good girl
because clearly
that's all on me.

When the good girl goes bad
because you left her out on the counter all those years, sitting there to rot.
And though I know that you can't waste your time putting it away, 'cause you never cared for it anyway,
maybe you shouldn't have bought the milk if you didn't want to drink it.
And I know the milk should take care of itself
but I tried and that only works for a couple of years
before the good girl gone bad falls far off the counter, spills across the floor,
and the only thing left is to throw that nasty old milk away
because your bread, eggs, oil, etc. need your attention
and it's just too late for the good girl.

When the good girl goes bad
because she never asked to be the good girl
or maybe I did, I don't really remember,
but not like this.
I just wanted to be loved
but little did I know that
the good girl just sits there
keeping herself afloat,
but the boat can't guide itself if it wasn't given eyes.
The boat can't patch itself if you keep telling it its still brand new
when its really old, broken, and covered in holes.
You shouldn't put a boat in the water if you know its going to sink,
but I guess you only really need a couple good boats
so you can just toss the good girl.

When mama's little good girl goes bad,
she feels guilty
because she was told she'd always be
the good girl.
Though, its hard being the good girl when you don't have any windshield wipers for your tears at night.
But the tears at night aren't supposed to exist
I'm still mama's mother fuckin' good girl,
please pretend I haven't gone bad.
I added to what was originally posted. I was having some technical issues and decided to just post what I had before, but this is the full poem (5/16/18)
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