I know not how
many million stars.
But I know its
only one earth.

I know there are
billions of us human
out there on earth.
But all I want
is only one.
Just to count on
a permanent one!  

The big earth
is a bigger zero null.
Standing without
the perpetual one.
Steadfast on barefoot
No rope no roof
only rigid science!

Yanamari Sep 15

Bubbles rising to the surface
Echoing in the silent landscape
The body moving perpetually
Poison spreading through the body
The body tearing apart from its center

Images that come to mind...
Vexren4000 Feb 20

Two prisoners,
Trapped in a cage designed by them,
Built and established by them.
They made the locks.
Yet forever they remain,
Trapped inside a gilded cage.


In perpetual solitude I linger in the shadows.
Fragmented in which pieces to me are unbeknownst... unrecognisable.

Am I who I was or am I nothing but a memory of what I once were? Something other than me. A corrupted part of my insanity.

Maybe I am nothing more than lifeless flesh, rotting in perpetual solitude.

Chris Neilson Oct 2016

Watching way up high
'planes criss-crossing the sky
weaving geometric vapour trails
from multiple metallic tails

Watching from a hill
motorway traffic standing still
clogged up, bogged down and static
motorists somewhat short of ecstatic

Watching through my windscreen
at every unfolding scene
nose to tail, tail to nose
bumper to bumper, queue jumper

Watching through my glasses
the flow of the human masses
everyone in perpetual motion
c'mon baby do the locomotion!

just thought I'd toss that last line in :)
Cody Henatt Sep 2016

The world brought me to my knees so often that
I chained myself to a wall;
Though I am secured to its masonry,
From time to time I start to fall.

Wrists slide from their shackles, to the abyss below,
Where the quiet seems to stretch out like a warm embrace.
Where the trembling lips and shaking forms cease,
Where no longer exist the tears that roll down my face.

But perhaps I have too much resilience,
To break away from my bondage;
Though I often squirm against the metal,
Feeling as if I've been taken hostage.

Each morning I wake in peaceful silence,
Yawning, stretching, starting the day.
But a mournful agony screeches inside,
Manipulating my thoughts and the words I say.

The world brought me to my knees so often that
I chained myself to a wall;
Though I am secured to its masonry,
From time to time I start to fall.

Dawn of Lighten May 2016

Cradle upon the spooned arms,
And the sunken fetus lay at ease.

As the night sky yield a breeze,
And the illumination of dawn woken by the alarms.

Serendipitous actions peak with charms,
And all things calm to a breathless sieze.

The presence brought myself to a knelted knees,
For the shimmering fire showed no harm.

We can only glisten by the laughter it gimmer that all things are going to be okay!

Symbolically spring is beginning of life, and there are stories in every spring, also known as rebirth, or dawning of a day! The more you can let go of control of a moment, the moment will flow with the stream, and with it you can take a journey where it flows with the current.  Such is life willing to take a chance, and see the results unravel it's mystery.

Perpetual war
With my soul
I think its almost done
For now
I'll dial you when it comes back
Just make sure you're ready
For anything

Thomas Rex Mar 2016

All my days start out the same:
every single minute
is reflective of the
ever simple second
is there a silver to the lining of my linens?
The underground; they just don't know

There's wisdom in my patience
a poetic slander
to the ever passing hour
I'm afraid of singing in the shower
and touching bodies with the flowers
because I am frightened of bees

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