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So you're happy now
with another man
at home with our son
I will always be his dad
you told me
and I thank you

Just so you know
I never stopped loving you
I never stopped being ****
but I never stopped loving you
when your skin is liquid
and your teeth rattle in your skull
I will still love you

When the earthworms
use your eye sockets as tunnels
and when all men have either forgotten
or are too scared to speak your name
I will still love you
you deserve to be happy
and you are right to move on
if you feel as though your dreams with me
are truly dead and gone
just know that I still love you
love the father of your son
Romano Sabastian Sep 2020
I wish I could have—
(Whispers to myself)
On days like this when light feels absent.
When even the grey begins to fade.
How easily the mind slips into descent—
(Deaf & Dumb these screams are silence)

Fickle imaginations and unkept dreams,
The empty spaces where sunlight gleams.
Forgotten places where darkness looms.
How often is there such clarity—
When self awareness is acknowledging the chaos.
Questioning sanity.
(The Quiet is Echoing)

Lost but still somehow following—
A break in thought that seems so endless.
How, suddenly, the mind can bend.
Taut and out of shape—bent toward reality,
The darkest shades of anxiety.
Absent of color and stuck in perpetuity—
How infinite a moment could be.
With every sound.
(Repeating silence)
Each touch that’s felt and every taste.
This pain that remembers—
This soul that has witnessed how seamlessly time is replaced.
(Still, I wish I could have...)
A wish away from where we all want to be.
Felicia Atanasio Sep 2020
perpetually cold
always need a sweater
and the windows closed
but when i’m around you
I’m like a fire

I burn
struggle to breathe
slurring my words
sparring with my own tongue

unable to retain
functions of the body

we are perpetually cold
but sometimes when we talk
for once we are not
Noura Abdelrazec Jun 2020
the essence of my being is residing
                                                        ­                       somewhere in between
in which i would simultaneously like to be left alone
and hugged tightly as though i were taking my last breath
i want to be held closely and told that i am special
and that i matter
whilst being afraid of ever loving again
                                                           ­                    somewhere in between
a friend and a stranger
dressed in confusion
black cloak
top hat
(you look quite ridiculous)
i am neither happy nor sad
does it even matter?
maybe deadened is the word
dead end
most of the time
i am merely in my perpetual state of
                                                              ­                 somewhere in between
Sumairupoetry Nov 2019
The aerodynamics of your words slices through the atmosphere effortlessly.
Its succession is perpetual, reaching each listener that your voice can touch.
Your words are like the steady hands of a surgeon, operating; opening old wounds or closing new ones.
Your words are unbiased, unable to detect any and all human nuances; its only desire is to be heard.
Newton's law: An object in motion stays in motion.
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
hate spawns violence
violence begets more hate
round and round we go
EmperorMoth May 2019
Incognito was my game,
until no one could remember my name.

Drama free all of the time,
until lacking attention became a crime.

Crushing on a star in my eyes,
until it came and broke my skies.

Wishing everything was well,
but left alone in a forgotten hell.

Shedding petals pretty in color,
defined in their detail,
make art as they hover..

No tie to each other,
although they're connected,
one moves, all move,
cause they all get affected.

A part of the tree living life as a family.

But some fall and go shedding the tree,
what a tragedy.
To time cometh their woe and to woe comes great wisdom.

Some petals great,
others harsh,
but all are a part of the kingdom.

I held on to the foreshadowed results of a life without fun,
but all it took to change my mind was the warm light kiss that came from the sun.

Sometimes I focus on perpetually inevitable doom,
but often the time that's stolen by the trees,
and life around me that may bloom.

So if my woes are petals,
then so are my joys,
which some may shift and change,
and sometimes appear coy.

Because life is a place plentiful of joys and woes,
like petals,
what comes will and eventually goes.
Chrissy C Mar 2019
sunlight peeks through the curtains
stealing me from slumber.
my eyes open
dazed by the rays of a new day.
his body beside mine
near though oceans apart.
we swim away from the sun
through treacherous waters back to dawn.
where we are everything and anything except still.
still is the morning,
our rapid current at rest
my mind slips away
thoughts of a perpetual dawn
where the morning never comes.
lovelywildflower Dec 2018
it *****, doesn't it? feeling like you're not good enough, no matter how are you try.
lovelywildflower Dec 2018
i've spent my whole life making other people happy when all they did was leave.
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