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hiba Sep 20
born a sinner,
under crescent moons
and among chants of "talaq, talaq, talaq"
forced to hide behind a star studded veil to be preserved against blood thirsty eyes
glass bangles and silverware replaced the dolls in her hands and the fairyland of her dreams
led on a rose colored path, and into a gold painted cage marked marriage
greedy scars crafted by her lover marred the canvas of her body
only punctured fairy blue wings and dying embers of an electric soul remain
but she rises from the ashes,
sits on her velvet throne
and adorns the bejeweled crown
she reclaims the legacy of her goddess mothers,
durga and cleopatra
this time you don't get to see our strained faces,
this time you don't get to mock the dying fire of our eyes
because now,
we know our rights.
now we're armed with spears of knowledge.
we're the queens of our own kingdoms, unique in our reigns.
we were supposed to be treated like flowers, right?
but you threw us into the mud of your crimes
and we bloomed like lotuses,
reckless and vivacious.
we earned it all.              
                    - standing beside, not against
i wrote this when there was a lot of controversy regarding the triple talaq bill in india. amidst that socio-political turmoil, i wanted people to pause and think about women as human beings first, standing in solidarity ♥️
Anastasia Aug 7
So I want you?
Do you want me?
Thinking of you
Thinking of me
Drives me absolutely wild
Watching you
Watching me
Makes me wonder
What do you want?
It's kind of dark
When you think about it
How lonely it is
Inside me head
But when you're there
It's like
The world
Gets brighter
I don't know how
Cameron Alix Mar 7
Faith is a golden coil
That fits so greatly in the binding
Of texts that
Dictate a non-universal
Faith is a silver coil
That wraps around you nicely
When times are hard and
Faith is a copper coil,
Cheap, commonly used and
Slithers, a bronze snaking cloud
Seeping quickly into
Permeable minds
Faith is an aluminum coil,
The easy way out.
Steals from your conscious
What can be found in
Faith is essential
Needed to man
And to man armies
Unable to feel soft,
Cotton-ball faith

Cameron Bell, Copyright © 2019
Feedback, please! I'm trying to develop my own style and eventually want to independently publish my own book. I think that humans have an innate need for a sense of deity; it's a neural pattern that has circulated throughout civilizations and we all still grapple with it individually.
Madison Feb 28
Ban me!

Burn me!

I, literature, can speak to you.

Love me!

Hate me!

I, art, can scream it, too.

Buy me!

Don't play me!

I, music, hide my meaning in shadows.

I'm not a martyr!

Don't hurt me!

...He, the artist, is sent to the gallows.
gleck Feb 5
In the world of man
any woman could be it
and though it was you who was enchanted
blame it on her;
her wits, her charm, her garment.
Make a bonfire, we're branching out  
truth hidden by the sound of chants
joined in a primal dance, inner circle only
she’ll be the one burned alive.
A bit of controversy never hurt anybody.
Witch trials seem to be a kept up tradition.
Jack P Jun 2018
the department's lack of transparency under secretary [redacted]'s leadership is ruining our reputation. wounds still fresh, still raw from the steaming hot poker of [redacted], his insistence on [redacted] with all the [redacted] has left the cabinet muddied and in a state of disrepair; the dismantling taking place under scrutiny of the public eye, whose line-of-sight is unwavering upon the heart of the issue. being as he is in a position of influence, of power, [redacted]'s behaviour is deplorable and inexcusable, and the liberal use of [redacted] resources to stretch his spidery fingers into the forbidden *** of [redacted] is unprecedented, even as we as a people grow used to controversies in a similar vein. thick skin is now a prerequisite of living in our political climate. representatives from [redacted]'s leadership group are yet to make any statements on the issue, though it is -- from a partisan standpoint -- abundantly clear that if an apology or explanation is not issued soon, the young republicrat's reputation will combust in a display of unglory; splintered shards of a once-polished and spotless reputation flying in different directions across the [redacted]. [redacted] has landed himself in hot water. we'll soon know how severe the burns are.
all political controversies follow the same template
Amanda May 2018
Everyone I am surrounded by believes
There is someone up above
I cannot and will not believe
In a god that has shown no love

Where was he when I needed a friend to hug?
I have spent countless hours in prayer
Not once have I heard or seen
A sign to signal he was there

I have wailed out to him in agony
Pain reflected in loud cry
Waited for an answer
Silence was my only reply

I have thanked him for the good things
Worshipped him singing songs
Asked to cleanse me of my sins
Forgive me for my wrongs

What have I got in return
Nothing that i have seen so far
So how come i am the only one
Who sees you, what you truly are?

False figment of imagination
You were invented by a book
Sold to humans who were too foolish
To bother with a second glance or look

They say God loves each one of his children
Its clear he only loves a portion
He despises all homosexuals
And every girl who has had an abortion

It seems every Christian I meet
Forces conservative agenda on me
Shove beliefs down my throat
I hate Christianity!

Answers I seek cannot be found there
Not in search of some holier light
Moral compass I stand behind is sound
Hesitation is what I am hoping to incite

The word of god is abused as a weapon
A tool to inflict suffering, pain
It is an excuse to use, torment and wound
When they do it for personal gain

Religion filled with hypocrites
Sinners playing the part of saints
This short list I have compiled
The start of many complaints

Bible's presence found in hotel rooms and court hearings
The "good" books appearance is why my arguement rages
Old testament, new testamant, it doesn't really matter
It's all simply words on ancient pages
Yes I am an athiest
Jack P Apr 2018
here, take this
you're well-dressed, well-groomed
not quite well-adjusted
but you'll get there soon, one must hope...
apron goes in one hole, loop around, across
here, let me help -
now you're ready for
trip flat palm shaking
ceramic plates
make great crashing sounds
and even better prison shanks
i apologise as profusely
as a butchered animal bleeds...

"ah, it's alright mate
**** happens"

indeed, it does...

...looks like he swerved
into the wrong lane
one white line up the nose
and Sir Tired Trucker
forgets about the white lines
adorning the road...
everything begins as debris
he was just returning things
back to their natural order
like me, the other day
when i gave the library back its books
see? one and the same...
authoritative man
steps out of the car with the flashing lights
assesses the damage
assesses such a sudden loss of life
and treats it with a shrug...

"ah, shame really but
**** happens"

indeed, it does...

...boys will be boys
they say
hot-headed, cold-blooded
a warm bed and a
home ground advantage...
he took something from her
the only thing
standing up for her safety
be the hairs on her neck
now wrapped around a little finger...

"ah well, i made a mistake
but **** happens, doesn't it?"

no, it doesn't, you ******* pig.
"burn this entire scene to the ground"
melanie Mar 2018
Divided we stand
when together we should be.
Our purpose should be the same:
To protect, to love, to care for our children.
But darkness & evil have infiltrated our hearts,
Stupidity & ignorance have led us askew, &
Judgment & fear have made us all hate each other.

So no one wants to listen to the teenage girl
who understands true fear.
No one wants to hear the young man
who sees why the world is burning.
Instead it's a liberal-conservative war.
It's a we are older and know better war.
It's a "these are my rights..." war.

And still,  no one listens.

Yet no one is listening.
No is addressing the fear.
And the hate grows larger.
Mixing itself in with the fear,
Causing monsters that we have
only dreamed of in nightmares.

So now, no one sleeps at night.
Afraid of all the monsters
that have been created by hate & fear
Because no one would listen or love.
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