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Anais Vionet Jun 30
Dear careless whisperer,
Some sharings are dagger-edged
and there is no escape when they’re turned on you
no countermagic for the soul crushing embarrassment
dropped as if from a great height.
Did you hear the gun-shot thunderclap of confidence
leaving the room?
I am a careless whisperer
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
Hot Chocolate and Sweets.
A Tigers Eye and candles.
A sweet memory
Of heartbreak.

The last goodbye,
Brought no urges to end.
Not to I at least.
Not to you I hope.

I slithered around your neck like a serpent.
I adored it as if it was prey.
A vampires next meal.
My final taste of you.

Your lips are forbidden fruit.
But i climbed the tree.
I teased the apple.
But the forbidden fruit stayed untouched.

For a second i touched the apple.
For a second you almost fell.
I love your strength.
But I hate that I appreciate it.

Ill never forget that Eve.
The Eve of the Ghost.
The Ghost that could have been us.
But who am I?

A thief?
A madman?
A lost cause?
An embarrassment?
Laokos Sep 2019
these words
powerful as an enemy
as loving as
no woman
no woman
no woman
no woman
no explanation
no arms
no legs
no lips
no hands
no one
now just
one beer and a hit
is all i need
to forget about my
to forget about my
blundering , blubbering past self
weak and desperate for
embarrassment shadow
The uniVerse Oct 2016
A girl stood before me at the supermarket
a few random items littered her basket
pink socks poked out from her sneakers
they were covered with little creatures
an inch of flesh stood between
those ankle high socks and her jeans.

Nice socks I exclaimed!
she turned around inflamed
looked at me and said
I have a boyfriend
her face now red.

Are they his I asked?
her face broke into a laugh
sorry I got so defensive
guys make me apprehensive
I don't really have a boyfriend
sometimes I just like to pretend.

*I know how you feel I replied
in embarrassment I've often lied
and whenever I'm struck by beauty
of someone new I meet
I can't look directly at them
I look towards their feet.
There once was a girl from Augusta,
Whose adolescent days will disgust ya.
She claimed she was emo,
But loved Finding Nemo.
Those days were a whole lot of blustah.
vinci Apr 2019
Geek's Journal

I embarrassed myself
By making that odd move
In front of that beautiful girl
While her eyes were on me

Now I sit here by myself
Under the moon
Away from the world
My pain will never be seen
Bridget Kellum Mar 2019
I'm embarrassed that
All my poems are
About how I struggle
Over you
Over the past
Over you

How dare you?
All I can do and all I can say
is I’m sorry for making you feel this way.
Angry, annoyed, “Will she ever get the hint?
There’s no chance I’ll love her, not even a glint.”

Best I can tell you is I know I’m the beast
who embarrassed herself until she finally ceased.
Battling emotions said there might be a chance,
while the other side knew this was only a trance.

Conversations commenced, started by just one side
and I bet you couldn’t wait until all of them died.
Calling myself out is all I can do
because now I’m too ashamed to apologize to you.

Don’t even worry, I know I did wrong.
Somehow I managed to string myself along.
Denial was in me, thanks to all of your smiles.
Now my dignity’s laying in tatters and piles.

Every time I think about how I once was,
I start to feel an uncomfortable buzz.
Endlessly tormented by my very own actions,
I’ve no one else to blame for my dissatisfactions.

“**** me,” I say. “**** my dumb, stupid brain.”
I am the source of my sorrow and pain.
For all that I’ve said and for all that I’ve done,
I wish there was one time I actually won.

Going, going, gone. I got out of some’s life.
Now I’m not here to cause you more strife.
Grateful, I am, that some still call me friend,
that you still care enough not to let it all end.

Happy, you are, that my flirting disappeared,
thankful this uncomfortable fog has now cleared.
Hoping if you read this you won’t be upset,
but for me it’s so hard to just stop and forget.

I want you to know that I bear no ill will,
for it’s me that I’m angry with. Always. Still.
I look at the night sky and see that it’s starry
and I just want to tell you that I am so sorry.
Because I'm the poster child for unrequited love.
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