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Jul 2017 · 1.1k
Poetictunes Jul 2017
All of these emotions and none of them are mine.
May 2017 · 805
-Maya Angelou
Poetictunes May 2017
Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.
May 2017 · 552
Poetictunes May 2017
Some nights she will reminisce on the memories of you
And some nights she will wish she never met you.
May 2017 · 965
Angle with flaws
Poetictunes May 2017
Beauty in all,
Her beauty in awe,
Angle with flaw.
Had me awe.
When words tend to stick right in my craw,
Failing to escape out of my jaw.
Glorious and raw,
Common law,
Lets get involved.
She got me hooked like a bra.
Lets run far
Get hitched,
Married by law.
She's a star.
So when we fall any wall, any stall, any crawl, any pause
Any scar, any flaw
You're my angle with flaw.
Apr 2017 · 4.4k
She is art
Poetictunes Apr 2017
She is art.
Every design, curve and line is perfectly perfected with God's paint brush.
Every drop of color is perfectly mixed.
Adding spice and hue to her personality.
Bright and bold.
Dim and quite.
She is a work of art.
Apr 2017 · 415
Poetictunes Apr 2017
The rhythm of beauty walks behind her footsteps
Apr 2017 · 938
Musical Poet
Poetictunes Apr 2017
Straightforward when I speak
But when I begin to write these words
They curve as they lie out on this sheet.
Making every word flow to the rhythm of this beat.
My words become a taboo.
In a Haiku these words excite you.
I give poetry color.
And add words to music.
Some poets just don't understand how I do it.
Apr 2017 · 763
Love clouds
Poetictunes Apr 2017
She's in the clouds waiting to fall like rain.
Mar 2017 · 726
Wandering in the night
Poetictunes Mar 2017
I hate the empty nights where my mind wanders to the unknown.
Mar 2017 · 645
Hallow nights
Poetictunes Mar 2017
I hate the empty nights where I feel so hallow inside.
Mar 2017 · 734
A Deadly Rose
Poetictunes Mar 2017
Have you ever loved someone whom
you thought was a delicate rose.
But, Instead they were a thorn to your heart.
A knife to your flesh ripping it apart.
I said have you ever loved someone whom you thought was as sweet as a rose.
But, instead they were deadly,
deadly like ***** to your health.
Not all roses are the same
You just have to find the ones that are worth the claim. -
Feb 2017 · 1.1k
open windows
Poetictunes Feb 2017
I remember the nights
when I used to climb
into your window
To jump into your bed
Feb 2017 · 258
Poetictunes Feb 2017
One morning you will wake up
Beside the love of your life
sleeping peacefully next to you
Feb 2017 · 239
Poetictunes Feb 2017
I want to undress her soul
and feel the energy of her aura
I'd like to know the depths
of her soul
And explore the secret
universe inside of her being
Feb 2017 · 550
Poetictunes Feb 2017
There are days
where happiness
lives deep within
these sad walls of loneliness.
Feb 2017 · 280
Poetictunes Feb 2017
Before we meet can our hearts talk first
Feb 2017 · 213
Poetictunes Feb 2017
I wish i felt nothing at all
Feb 2017 · 247
Poetictunes Feb 2017
Rest in the morning

*Sleep at night
Poetictunes Feb 2017
Undress your heart and let me in
I want to love you deeper than the blue sea
I want you to feel vulnerable and free
I want to hold you deep in my heart
I want to become one flesh in the spirit with you
I want to show you how deep love goes
So undress your heart and I will cover like clothes.
I want to swim deep in your heart, then rest on the shore of your soul.
Take me deeper.
Feb 2017 · 688
Poetictunes Feb 2017
Its okay not to be okay, okay.
Feb 2017 · 647
Poetictunes Feb 2017
Love will always leave you,
Feb 2017 · 1.2k
Feb 2017 · 846
A Nostalgic love memory
Poetictunes Feb 2017
I remember him loving on me.
I remember being touched.
I remember looking into his eyes .
I remember feeling like I was enough.

One sunny day
You took me in your arms
And whisked me away
To places where I want to be

Alas, despite our adventures
I can never truly know where I've been --
I was but a careless tourist.
Feb 2017 · 859
Poetictunes Feb 2017
I wish I had never smiled back at you when you smiled at me.
Now my heart is disturb
My mind is a whirlwind that keeps on spinning.

There's a inner turbulence within me.
That fights to keep calm when you're around me.
I should have never invited you to my future.
Nov 2016 · 339
Poetictunes Nov 2016
There's a story behind my skin
There's a story deeply within.
There's a story behind my eyes,
There's a story that deeply lies.
Nov 2016 · 21.5k
Poetictunes Nov 2016
I am dripping Melanin and honey.
I am black without apology.
Oct 2016 · 536
Poetictunes Oct 2016
Your eyes were too innocent
for me to see the pit of fire burning through them
Your hug was too warm for me to feel the coldness in your heart,
I wasn't prepared for the destruction you planned for me
For I was an easy fragile child in your hand

Oct 2016 · 696
Its yours, for sure
Poetictunes Oct 2016
I kissed you longer,
And held you tighter
I made love to you
and nobody else
I did things for you
that you couldn't do for yourself
I told everyone else
I'm yours and nobody elses
Baby it's yours, and that's for sure
It's yours
Sep 2016 · 280
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
Poetictunes Sep 2016
Can we start over again?
Can we be strangers again?
This time we'll start off as friends and not lovers.
Maybe we can see if there really is chemistry, and not just between the covers.
This time we can actually spend time talking?
We can laugh
And recreate memories
And give each other a second chance
Let me reintroduce myself
Sep 2016 · 711
the girl IN your Dreams
Poetictunes Sep 2016
She could never be me nor could she ever beat me.
I am what you hope she could be.
I am the fantasy you dream.
The girl of your dreams.
I am not her, I am me.
I am unique and exotic.
My physique is peculiar and ******.
I am ME.
Sep 2016 · 418
Falling 4 U
Poetictunes Sep 2016
Knowing you will never be there to catch me
I still fell hard.
Sep 2016 · 384
.. How sweet..
Poetictunes Sep 2016
You know that feeling when you're face to face with the love of your life.
Your palms become sweaty.
Your voice starts to tremble.
Your legs become hard to stand on.
All while You run your fingers through your hair.
The love of your life is standing there laughing at how nervous you are.
How sweet.
Sep 2016 · 354
Poetictunes Sep 2016
I will always remember the first day each time I started school.
Sep 2016 · 394
Sep 2016 · 3.4k
..Too deep
Poetictunes Sep 2016
Falling too deep
and too fast
I'm just explaining love in just a few words.
Sep 2016 · 758
..You and you only
Poetictunes Sep 2016
And, out of them all
I only seen you.
Aug 2016 · 383
Poetictunes Aug 2016

I have spent many hours on contemplating the right words
I should say to you
but no combination of letters
could ever join together so perfectly
to explain my feelings
that I once had for you.
Aug 2016 · 719
Beatiful Disaster
Poetictunes Aug 2016
I'm just waiting on the catastrophe of my personality to be seen as a beautiful mysterious masterpeice.
Aug 2016 · 896
Poetictunes Aug 2016
Love means to fall.
But I'm too afraid of heights.
Aug 2016 · 662
Its Called "Life"
Poetictunes Aug 2016
Happy moments don't last long enough.
And sad moments are always around the corner.
Struggles are too unbearable at times.
Because life will never be easy.

Love comes with a sacrifice of pain.
Strength is found through weakness.
As the struggle gets rougher.
The fighters keep fighting.
Because resilience lies in the heart of a champion.
resilience is in the heart of the fighter.
Aug 2016 · 393
Morning rise
Poetictunes Aug 2016
Every morning there's a new journey to start on.
Sometimes I lie in bed thinking &  awaiting the next journey I will have to start on.
Aug 2016 · 1.8k
Poetictunes Aug 2016
Black is the color of my true love.
Black is his voice.
Black is his face.
Black is his hair.

Black is the fullness of his lips.
Black is the roundness of his nose.
Black is the posture of his pose.

My true love is the color of black.
His strong back and arms.
His never give up or in attitude.

To him my soul belongs.
His love is mine.
And my love is his.

My true love is the color of black.
I was inspired to write this poem because of Rhiannon Giddens. She is one of my favorite singers of all time. This poem is a version of her song "Black is the Color".
Jun 2016 · 228
Poetictunes Jun 2016
She was like a broken flower.
Crushed, and trampled over and over.
By men who didn't have any intentions
To Love her.
Jun 2016 · 1000
No place in Society
Poetictunes Jun 2016
I know that I'll probably spend a life time,
Trying to a earn a college degree.
Trying so very hard to turn these black dreams into a white reality.

Searching for an identity
In a society that  worships the slim figures, intelligent minds of blondes, and blue eyes.
Truth is, I realized, I have no place in this society.
I confront my fears, and my anxiety quietly.
While my heart and mind wrestle for control over my body's entirety
Jun 2016 · 2.6k
His Beauty, Breathtaking.
Poetictunes Jun 2016
His beauty was breathtaking.
Which left my body craving for his love and affection.
His hands were big, rough and hard something like his third leg.
I imagined how deep he could swim into my ocean.
My body craved for  his chocolate silky skin.
Like deep lows, his voice was a musical sensation.
That had me waving into my emotion.
Every word spoken from his lips,
Sent the pulses of my flesh dancing.
Dancing in sync with the rhythm of his tongue.
His was body was a turn on, and it was my temptation.
Gazing into his deep brown eyes,
I could see his very soul smiling.
For his beauty was overwhelming.
I was kind of afraid to publish this poem. But I'm interested in the feedback. And sexuality is nothing to be afraid of so here u have it.
Jun 2016 · 3.0k
A Man's Seed
Poetictunes Jun 2016
Men are the seed to the earth,
And women are the fountain of water
that makes that very seed grow.
May 2016 · 1.2k
Poetictunes May 2016
Black men were stripped of their power and might.
Surviving in the streets
taught them how to strive and fight.
I turn the TV on, not a black man in sight.
Unless he dribble or he fiddle  mics.
Every black boy wants to grow up and be like Nas or Mike.
Blacks are not televised unless they are brocasted to fight.
I ride through the city's bright night lights, thinking one day how ɰє mıɢһţ live better.
May 2016 · 5.1k
Everything Has Beauty
Poetictunes May 2016
There's beauty in the dark.
There's beauty in the light.
There's beauty in music,
And in art.
Everything has beauty.
Mar 2016 · 208
Sunny kisses
Poetictunes Mar 2016
I wish that the sun would kiss you,
and the clouds carry you over onto the moon.
So that you won't fall like those rain drops.
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