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NL Kelly Sep 15
Devoted the time to
Become versed in my
study the pages filled
With ink as I stand,  
vulnerable and naked before you
In all my melanin.
Sneha Thakur Aug 13
At the end of the day , it's just you curled within you , within you ,
with your thoughts floating ,
even with all this gravity.

You are a woman ,
With muscles that
stretch and curl ,
With skin ,
Which glows.
Hlengiwe Jul 31
In Africa is where you built your  home.
Giving life to everything you touch
Making every African a proud offspring of the soil
Your beautiful is so spellbinding no one can turn a blind eye to
Perfection is what you deal with you know no mistake
Everyone wants to have you, everyone wants to own you.
You're so precious not even money can buy you

Envying you they took you abroad
Forced you to settle in an unknown place
Ripping away the confidence you've engraved in the hearts of your children.
They tried to make you surrender
They taught your children to hate and destroy you in order for them to use your tears to build their empire

Yet you still remain calm and majestic
You claim your throne and rule with passion
You don't hate nor do you discriminate
You make sure your presence is known and respected by the world
My dear melanin.
The beauty of melanin is embraced
Chase Pamplin Jul 22
She was blessed and born with melanin in her skin. Her lips are natural and full. Annoying questions like “are they real” She replies; there’s no need for injections. What she sees is love in the mirror, a queen is her reflection. She prays to her angels above she never leaves the house without blessings or protection. She’s independent, close with her family, she keeps her circle small, she only has a few friends. Very little interest in men but that depends! Are they true? Have they dealt with their past traumas? Because what effects you won’t effect me! I protect my auric field, I put all my energy into me! My peace won’t be disturbed from indecisive individuals what I look for is quality. And quality she will get! Only time will tell; she’s seen heaven, she’s seen hell, what’s meant for you isn’t meant for me, she has a path, she knows her purpose, she believes in destiny. She’s at her higher self.

stay growing to become a better you.
little African girl, you belong with the sun
little African girl you grow with the soil, the trees, the earth.
Your melanin glows whenever light shines upon it.
Your beauty aligns with the galaxy that surrounds it.
When you see the way your hair defies gravity, the way it curls and is a beautiful bundle a top of your head, what do you think?
I hope you don't think of perming it so it could be completely straight, so it could lose it's fun, because it should stun anyone who walks by it
You should never have to think that your hair is not beautiful with it's tight curls because I 4c you glowing radiantly as your hair surrounds you, I see you loving yourself every way imaginable to man, I see a girl who was taught that your hair is too hard to handle, I see a girl who wished she had straight hair so she would look pretty all the time
I see a fighter who fought to stop the hurt she brings to herself.
Little African girl you are beautiful the way you are.
From where you came from your, beauty stuns them all.
I made this poem while thinking of myself, not only is this for me, but it is also for the African girls who think that their hair isn't beautiful the way it is
Moni Apr 16
look what you do to me honeydew
one glance into your eyes and my heart melts like liquid goo
you've got me so enamored over you
i really just don't know what to do
the blue light bounces across your chocolate skin
as my love for you continues to grow within
oh look what you're doing to me honeydew
why won't you take me home with you
we can just kick it
it doesn't have to be ******
smoke a blunt and talk like intellectuals
we can be the modern day bonnie and clyde
changing the culture side by side
oh look what you've done to me honeydew
my soul rose from its darkness anew
my skin is producing a cyanosis;

blue brushstrokes swirl across my melanin canvas  

because your strong hands and this toxic love is breaking me  

and I am drowning in the oblivion of this hue

                                                                                            by griff
Oh black negus. Why do you hate me so much?
Noticed I called you by your rightful title.
King, Ruler, Emperor
Not ***** or ******
The derogatory term originating from the crackers, or *****, the mild disparagement softened by society made to think that it's acceptable.
But anyway let's get back to it.
Why do you hate me?
Is it because of my full lips or my round hips?
My low tolerance for *******?
The way that my stretch marks are engraved in my skin?
Or how the roots of my hair aren't so thin.
Is it my naturally sun kissed skin? Even toned complexion?
It just can't be my uncanny resemblance to Isis the Egyptian Goddess!
So why not praise me for my natural features
Why go on one knee for their paid for enhancements
Should I react like Angela Basset in Waiting to Exhale?
Screaming and shouting while my face is growing pale.
But pardon my melanin
I was perplexed by this darkness that stared at me in the mirror
That stared at me looking in my lovers eyes and taunted me
Smiles behind hidden hate they constantly berate my beauty
But pardon my melanin
My superiority is in my melanin
Encased in my skeleton
Our ancestors wouldn't like this
They would not be proud of that colorism that exist
They slander us for our features yet they list after it
This systematic thinking has our men slandering us but they won't admit
You continue to beat me down yet I am your mother.
I am the fruit of this nation.
But pardon my melanin
So I'll ask again
Why do you hate me?
We are carved in the same beauty and without each other we can't exist
I still remember the first day that we kissed but a few months later you left me for hailey in an unfortunate bliss
Melanin filled girls I am here to say
You are a queen never be afraid to be seen
The brother that disrespect and degrade are absolutely absurd!
You are not ratchet bitter or mean
Youre a stunning melanin queen
So pardon my melanin?
Naw enlightened by me melanin.
There's history in my hair please don't touch, handle with care.
It's the same as this perfect pigment,
this melanin I wear
Richly rooted in my blood
Whether dark or fair

Sun kissed and kinked in bliss
More love for my 'rough n tough Afro puff'
She shines like the Sahara sun
She smells like the salt of the Gold coast sea.
Theres a hint of the bittersweet seed of the cocoa tree.
Feels like the pillow that holds all your dreams with the dry Harmattan wind brushing against your cheek
She'll whisper secrets of the motherland.... If you get close enough

She holds like Mina
Curls with pride
Falls with grace and integrity.
Stubborn like the struggle of the ones before me.
Gravity defying masterpiece that's just a single piece of me, a reminder of my ancestry.
It's my glory, my covering

Don't take it lightly, don't misunderstand, I'm a work of art so please peep but just don't touch.

© Raphaela Israel Öbeñg
aiMaureen Jan 3
Being different is not something that can be taught
The discomfort i feel when i walk into a room where no one looks like me
The stares coming from humans who look at me as "someone" from a different planet
The confidence they emit when they ask if my hair is real

Everyday is a struggle for me, i fight everyday to include myself in places, things that they say are "made for all"
The moment a brother leaves the house we hold our hearts in our hands and the moment they get home we heave a sigh of relief
They might not know it but it is the truth

Everything about me and my people tell a story
From the crown of our head to the sole of our feet
Our hair styles, features, languages, accents, clothings, traditions
I can't teach you how to be black
You want the fun parts not the ones that will make you question why you are being mistreated

Being black is not a subject that can be taught
Even if i add it to the school curriculum
You will never understand it or be it
Enhance yourself all you want but being black is more than that
The beauty of being alive is you have the chance to be you

You have the opportunity to celebrate the ones who are different
To celebrate the differences together with them
Squash your thirst to be something you're not and something you will never be
And hold our hands so we can create a world where we all can be
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