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Poetictunes Jul 2017
All of these emotions and none of them are mine.
  Jun 2017 Poetictunes
Colette Williams
I crawl into bed, naked,
Leaving no excuse to leave.
My body melts into the sheets,
Every limb relaxing,
Every part of me letting go,
Except for my mind.
It races and demands my attention,
Like a child incessantly tugging at my sleeve.
I turn over and pull the blanket up.
Warmth envelopes my fears,
Engulfes my cares.
Still, my stubborn brain carries on.
I fight back with vivid fantasies of closing my heavy eyes.
A fight that I win, at least for tonight.
Goodnight body, goodnight mind.
Tomorrow is another day.
Poetictunes May 2017
Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.
Poetictunes May 2017
Some nights she will reminisce on the memories of you
And some nights she will wish she never met you.
Poetictunes May 2017
Beauty in all,
Her beauty in awe,
Angle with flaw.
Had me awe.
When words tend to stick right in my craw,
Failing to escape out of my jaw.
Glorious and raw,
Common law,
Lets get involved.
She got me hooked like a bra.
Lets run far
Get hitched,
Married by law.
She's a star.
So when we fall any wall, any stall, any crawl, any pause
Any scar, any flaw
You're my angle with flaw.
Poetictunes Apr 2017
She is art.
Every design, curve and line is perfectly perfected with God's paint brush.
Every drop of color is perfectly mixed.
Adding spice and hue to her personality.
Bright and bold.
Dim and quite.
She is a work of art.
Poetictunes Apr 2017
The rhythm of beauty walks behind her footsteps
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