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Poetictunes Dec 2015
Sometimes I feel like my wings have let me go.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots
2pac is my everything and he's a great poet.
Poetictunes Nov 2015
A chilly morning breeze
Crept though my curtains,
Forcing me to curl my toes
I tug for my blanket,
Instead I was caught by the chill
that crept its way up my spine

I stayed awake to see the rising of the sun,
Falling asleep in the arms of the chilly breeze,
Only to be awaken by the coldness of a sneeze.
Enjoy :)...
Poetictunes Dec 2015
My city is cold,
The people are cold.
The weather is cold too.
But, when the seasons change,
The city will no longer remain cold,
But, the people will.
Poetictunes Mar 2017
Have you ever loved someone whom
you thought was a delicate rose.
But, Instead they were a thorn to your heart.
A knife to your flesh ripping it apart.
I said have you ever loved someone whom you thought was as sweet as a rose.
But, instead they were deadly,
deadly like ***** to your health.
Not all roses are the same
You just have to find the ones that are worth the claim. -
Poetictunes Dec 2015
I don't  wanna have a connection through the phone lines.
But I want a connection between your spirit and mines.
A connection between my soul and yours.
I want a death due us part type relationship.
I want love that lasts forever.
Poetictunes Mar 2016
I bet you think all ****** don't read.
I bet you think all ****** smoke ****.

I bet you think all ****** are the same.
I bet you think all ****** are the blame.

I bet you think ****** don't know nothing about the law.
I bet you think all ****** don't know nothing at all.

I bet you think all ****** are not smart.
I bet you think all ****** don't even care about art.

I bet you think all ****** are from the streets.
I bet you think, oh ****, this poem is getting really deep.

I bet you think all ****** carry a heat.
I bet you think all ****** are dead beats.

I bet you think ****** are thugs.
I bet you think all ****** sell drugs.

I bet think all ****** are classless with statuses of madness
I bet you think all ****** are cashless.

I bet you think all ****** are in the penitentiary.
I bet you think all ****** are cemetery.

I bet you think all ****** rap or trap.
I bet you think all ****** sag their pants with two rags and a stockin' cap.

I bet  you think all ****** are guilty.
I bet you think all ****** are filthy.

I bet you think all ****** rob.
I bet you think all ****** don't have a job.

I bet you think all ****** don't go to college.
I bet you think all ****** are out here wylin.

I bet you think all ****** are like Christopher Wallace.
I bet you think all ****** will grab and ****** you up for your wallet.

Some say a prophet, nah
I just see it how they call it.
Every line is on hydraulics.
Every time I rhyme, every word becomes solid.
PoeticTunes is the name.
Poetictunes Jun 2016
Men are the seed to the earth,
And women are the fountain of water
that makes that very seed grow.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
If you were my angel,
Girl would you spread your wings.
Poetictunes May 2017
Beauty in all,
Her beauty in awe,
Angle with flaw.
Had me awe.
When words tend to stick right in my craw,
Failing to escape out of my jaw.
Glorious and raw,
Common law,
Lets get involved.
She got me hooked like a bra.
Lets run far
Get hitched,
Married by law.
She's a star.
So when we fall any wall, any stall, any crawl, any pause
Any scar, any flaw
You're my angle with flaw.
Poetictunes Feb 2017
I remember him loving on me.
I remember being touched.
I remember looking into his eyes .
I remember feeling like I was enough.

One sunny day
You took me in your arms
And whisked me away
To places where I want to be

Alas, despite our adventures
I can never truly know where I've been --
I was but a careless tourist.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
I'm just a girl who refuses to be forgotten.
I refuse to allow y'all to edit my story.
I must speak my truth,
And I must write my story.
Because being forgotten,
Is an untold story I refuse to allow happen.
This is one of my best poems I believe I've written .:) Enjoy
Poetictunes Nov 2015
I pour out my heart with these words that I type
Because I probably don't have the courage
To stand and do open mic
Frightened, that I might stumble over my words
And fall victim to stage fright
But one day I will recite
My poetry out loud
So everybody can know
That I am poet
A poet
That I am
I love writing poetry,especially on the web. But this poem is personal and sort of deep with emotion. I hope to one day stand and recite my poems during open mic. So enjoy and please comment.
Poetictunes Feb 2016
What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see a black girl who's confined by the long length of her weave and her lashes?
Or do you see a strong black intelligent girl who's sophisticated and classy?
When I walk its like smooth jazz but sassy.
I might roll my neck when I speak,
and put z's on the end of my words.
Truth is, I didn't grow up in the suburbs.
But, don't be fooled by my looks.
And, No I did not attend a private school
but, I can school all of you fools by the books.
Cause the color of my skin does not define the person I am within.
So I ask our black men,
What do you see when your looking at a sister like me?
Is it my lips or my hips?
My brown eyes or my thighs?
That attracts your eyes when you see me walking.
I am not to be categorize nor critized,
Cause I am, the coca carmel syrup
That's sweeter than orange pumpkin pies.
Strength lies within this temple,  you must not know.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Your beauty is the complexity of understanding the world's most softest language.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
He is beautiful and poetic.
Sensitive and creative.
I bet if he hugged me
I'd feel secure
So perfect that I'm afraid I'm not worth it.
I wish he knew.
It's about Drake. ❤ #ovo
Poetictunes Feb 2016
My voice is a sad sound that echoes  through a hollow tunnel.
Silenced by the fears faced.
Walking quietly through the depths of negative impact of others.
Poetictunes Aug 2016
I'm just waiting on the catastrophe of my personality to be seen as a beautiful mysterious masterpeice.
Poetictunes Jan 2016
Can you help your black brother push even when he's stuck.
Can you pick him up even when he's down.
Can you build him up after society has teared him down.
Can you love him even after the world has hated him from over four hundreds ago.
Can you love your brother?
Because our black men need our black women.
Poetictunes Mar 2016
I love the darkness about me, I just hate that it overpowers my light
Poetictunes Jan 2016
Brown maple sugar,
Cinnamon toast complexion.
Hershey chocolate chip.
Carmel Hazel brown eyes,
Red sugarcane lips.
Your curvy curvaceous thighs.
With enough melanin color blended so perfectly together, bronzing the brownish shade of your muscles.
Natural ethnic hair.
Thick, coarse or silky.
It is perfectly acceptable by me.
***** so big it needs to have its own legs to stand on.
Your blackness is ****.
And it **** sure is beatiful.
I'm black and beautiful.
Poetictunes Aug 2016
Black is the color of my true love.
Black is his voice.
Black is his face.
Black is his hair.

Black is the fullness of his lips.
Black is the roundness of his nose.
Black is the posture of his pose.

My true love is the color of black.
His strong back and arms.
His never give up or in attitude.

To him my soul belongs.
His love is mine.
And my love is his.

My true love is the color of black.
I was inspired to write this poem because of Rhiannon Giddens. She is one of my favorite singers of all time. This poem is a version of her song "Black is the Color".
Poetictunes Dec 2015
My skin is black.
Probably blacker than
The hole in my soul.
My hair is natural,
And resistant.
Like young black men
Being arrested by white cops.
My favorite color is black,
Probably because no one hardly
ever likes it.
My skin is black,
And I can't change that.
Not intended to offend or rub anyone  the wrong way. Remember poetry is an art form of expression of deep dark feelings . Please still free to comment. .
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Blue Eyes
Blue eyes look at me,
My dark skin is defined by the dirt and sweat of the cotton fields,
My skin has been beaten,bruised and burned
The darker I am the more I'm tortured,
The blue eyes are evil,
The blue eyes has seen darker skin,
The eyes has seen dark brown skin women and men,
The blue eyes,
They see where the rage and pain lies within me
They look down at me,
As if I were beneath them,
They see the 300 years of slave and fear captured in my eyes,
I an'it afraid , so don't try me
I hate you and your color,
What you all did to my people,
You ought'a be ashamed
Or maybe I should be
Poetictunes Jun 2016
She was like a broken flower.
Crushed, and trampled over and over.
By men who didn't have any intentions
To Love her.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
When the time together becomes a bore.

    When you start to figure your'e not the only girl he adores.

   As you realize the kisses aren't sweet how the used to be
          As you lie there in his arms perhaps your heart will feel like it doesn't belong.

         And when you remember the memories you shared from this song, you'll start to cry.
   When the fun nights out are no longer shared with you.

You'll be sitting alone asking,
"what did I do?".
     Nothing will be same, not even text messages.

      When you send the I love you text, just know he's texting his ex.

And he'll probably get to you in a sec.

      With a response like, you too.

   Sweetie, cheaters will be cheaters.
And there always be him and two of you.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
The energy is strong between us,
I can feel it.
I like physics.
Cause' the chemistry between us,
No chemist could comprehend.
I can feel the energy  we share as we stand and hold hands.
My heart dance to every melody you speak,
My flesh reacts making my heart skips a beat.
You're my chemistry and
I'm into you.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Cold chills,
Holiday thrills.
Family gatherings,
Love ones depart.
Cold hearts,
And warm bellies.
Death may visit,
But, love is here to stay.
This month of December
May end in dismay.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Dust we're born.
Ashes we die.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Looking for love in a world so cold.
Poetictunes May 2016
There's beauty in the dark.
There's beauty in the light.
There's beauty in music,
And in art.
Everything has beauty.
Poetictunes Sep 2016
Knowing you will never be there to catch me
I still fell hard.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
You suffocated my voice,
And hid me from the beauty of nature.
Paralyzing my belief.
Adding more pain and grief.
I can breathe, I can breathe.
What a relief.
Fear, you can no longer take control of ME.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
In her eyes I could see the sun setting.
And every time her brow rises, so does the sun.
She was like another galaxy,
From her lips the stars hung.
Something beautiful and fanatical.
She was a star in my eyes.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
God is perfect,
But how can love somebody like me.
Imperfect and flawed.
But God is love.
So he loves all.
Thank You Lord.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
The boy of my dreams is like a danger to my health.
Poetictunes Mar 2017
I hate the empty nights where I feel so hallow inside.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Have you ever felt like you were going to have a heart attack,
But then you realize you were just experiencing Love.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Poetry is for the heart,
And music is for the Soul.
Poetictunes Aug 2016
Love means to fall.
But I'm too afraid of heights.
Poetictunes Jun 2016
His beauty was breathtaking.
Which left my body craving for his love and affection.
His hands were big, rough and hard something like his third leg.
I imagined how deep he could swim into my ocean.
My body craved for  his chocolate silky skin.
Like deep lows, his voice was a musical sensation.
That had me waving into my emotion.
Every word spoken from his lips,
Sent the pulses of my flesh dancing.
Dancing in sync with the rhythm of his tongue.
His was body was a turn on, and it was my temptation.
Gazing into his deep brown eyes,
I could see his very soul smiling.
For his beauty was overwhelming.
I was kind of afraid to publish this poem. But I'm interested in the feedback. And sexuality is nothing to be afraid of so here u have it.
Poetictunes Nov 2016
I am dripping Melanin and honey.
I am black without apology.
Poetictunes Sep 2016
You know that feeling when you're face to face with the love of your life.
Your palms become sweaty.
Your voice starts to tremble.
Your legs become hard to stand on.
All while You run your fingers through your hair.
The love of your life is standing there laughing at how nervous you are.
How sweet.
Poetictunes Aug 2016
Happy moments don't last long enough.
And sad moments are always around the corner.
Struggles are too unbearable at times.
Because life will never be easy.

Love comes with a sacrifice of pain.
Strength is found through weakness.
As the struggle gets rougher.
The fighters keep fighting.
Because resilience lies in the heart of a champion.
resilience is in the heart of the fighter.
Poetictunes Oct 2016
I kissed you longer,
And held you tighter
I made love to you
and nobody else
I did things for you
that you couldn't do for yourself
I told everyone else
I'm yours and nobody elses
Baby it's yours, and that's for sure
It's yours
Poetictunes Dec 2015
I deleted your number like a minute ago,
But I'm still in it cause it's hard for me to let you go.
I calculated the hours,
And approximately, it takes a day to stop relishing on the moments we shared.
It takes just about a hour to calm my thoughts of you.
And just a second to have a urge to call on you.

I can't lie I missing kissing on you.
I guess I'm addicted to your love.
A drug;
You gave me chills,
what a thrill.

Im tripping off more than drugs,
I gotta be real,
I miss the good morning hugs.
And the after feel,
I miss the feeling we get when we used to hold hands.
I tried texting,
I tried tried calling.
Maybe I should stop because I feel myself falling.
I promise this is my last call.

Leave a message at the tone.......
Poetictunes Dec 2015
I swear every day I face a new challenge,
The devil and his tactics try throwing me off my balance.
Poetictunes Mar 2016
pimping the poor.
starving the young.
killing the old.
robbing the Lord.
Praising the devil.
Denying the truth.
Living a lie.
Dreams destroyed.
Reality is a struggle.
Life is hard.
Death must be easy
Past haunts our future.
Wonder is there a future for the youth.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
I am the flower that everyone
picked over.
 No, I am the flower that you stepped on.
I am like the flower blowing in the early hour, Quicken
To be blown away by the pearly showers.
I am the one who sits alone.
Hoping for someone to join.
I am a flower with broken petals
Unsettled and fragile like a broken vessel
Or like a flower
Nestled beneath a trestle.
I love this poem.
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