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tianna Jan 22
I feel the Lavender Haze creepin' up on me
I'm ****** if I do give a **** what people say
No deal
The 1950s **** they want from me
I just wanna stay in that Lavender Haze


This song has been really relatable to me because I've been in a relationship for the past 9 months
And I just want to stay in this mindset forever
song by Taylor Swift
thoughts to dump Aug 2022
there are some nights
when you can’t be asleep
you’re out there partying with your friends
sipping every glass of champagne
jiving to the echoing soundboxes
owning the floor, like a dancing queen
and then, there are also nights
when you should be asleep but you aren’t
you’re there on the cold **** floor
thinking all of the crazy stuff you did last summer
sipping the bottle of beer from the fridge
listening to the cringey music
from the old record player
occasionally tiptoeing,
as if waltzing with an imaginary partner
and finally, there are nights
when no matter how hard you try to sleep
for no reason your eyelids won't heed
you stare through the dark night, across the ceiling
maybe, somehow, you’re awake in someone else's dream
he kept saying your name, whispers in the thin air
and then you sigh, “oh please, let me sleep.”
in the middle of the night
fray narte Jul 2019
my nights have stopped becoming all about you.

they have stopped becoming about
voids that smell a little
like your perfume;
they have stopped becoming about
your eyes, and how they show clips
of you,
they have stopped becoming about
broken clocks forever set to 11:11
for your return.

they have become about
a sea of black out poetries
and classic movies
my younger self
never dreamed of watching.
they have become about
songs I have never heard before.

1 ams have stopped becoming about
getting hit by
and chasing storms
named after you.
2 ams have stopped becoming
all about poems
written about you;
it’s about time
i write
about myself.
3 ams have stopped becoming
all about
shaking in pain
at the thought of
daylights worse than
and waking up as an empty shell.

they have become about
changing the color
of the sunsets and the rains,
and hugging silk pillows
and praying for strangers
a thousand miles away.

who can ever say
i’ll know what praying is like again?

my nights have stopped becoming all about you.

now, they’re all about
and my growth,
and my happiness,
and my existential crises
if they insist on coming along.

so, leave, you’re long
leave, you don’t belong here anymore.

my nights don’t belong
to you

i don’t
to you
Poetictunes Mar 2017
I hate the empty nights where my mind wanders to the unknown.

— The End —