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Rama Krsna Apr 2023
nothing can exist
in which you are not,
my blue lord!

deep within those expressive blue eyes,
is a floating peacock feather.
even in koln’s cold full moon now,
i see a tinge of blue.

in all her panoramic photos
which showcase a cerulean blue,
i only see you...
everything animate or inanimate
is you

you’re the Buddha
the science of the formless!

where there’s dharma, there’s Krsna
where there’s artha, there’s Krsna
where there’s kama, there’s Krsna
where there’s moksha, there’s Krsna

here, there and everywhere,
all i see is Krsna.
yet she says she doesn’t see you,
i wonder why?

© 2023
dharma: right action
artha: material prosperity
kama: spiritual and physical love
moksha: liberation and enlightenment
Megan Jun 2022
is the decision mine or yours? because i’m unsure
bound by your expectation whilst trying to honour my own, its harder than it sounds
i feel the weight in my bones
what do i do?
what do i do, now
Rama Krsna May 2022
with zen calm
he awaits,
the next chess move of whimsical time

li’l does ‘time’ know,
he’s way beyond it.
legacy etched in stone,
this warrior of awareness
marches to his impending destination
steeped in silence.

as his life flashes
in that rear view mirror,
his beatific smile says it all.

i’ve attained nirvana!

© 2022
for teachers who have paved the path to liberation with silence
Rama Krsna Apr 2022
why does this world with all its contents
seemingly disappear like sugar in milk,
each time i stand
in front of your sanctum of bliss?

seek Govind,
the one, the only
with all you’ve got.....
or else,
in his snare of illusion
you’re forever caught

© 2022
inspired by a triad of melodies from ancient yore
Rama Krsna Apr 2022
singularity is
when you hold me tight
on a sapphire night,
magic made
twisted under satin sheets
beneath the nonchalant moon
your intent gaze,
cuts through mist of illusion,
gently whispering “detachment”
from a banausic existence
love and pain
swell deep inside my fragile body,
as i sink
into the infinity of spacetime,
where the gravity of your love alone
bends my aching heart

© 2022
Rama Krsna Mar 2022
🌙 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙
at the confluence
where the rivers
of the past and future merge,
in that tranquil present,
time and i cease to exist.

dissolved like sugar in water,
to be one with
that crescent bearing jewel
who’s ever pure like white jasmine

© 2022
Rama Krsna Jan 2022
everywhere i look
your blood laced fingerprints.
everywhere i hear
those tintinnabulating anklets.
everywhere i smell,
the overpowering musky marigolds.

but where are you my black goddess?

when no one in the universe
can match your ravishing beauty,
have you chosen
this time
to hide inside pure dark matter?

© 2022
for the great goddess who is beyond time and space
Rama Krsna Nov 2021
nowhere to be seen,
just the occidental’s dream,
all there is, is the now,
my not so shy, oriental dove.

for the sage,
his day is your night.
your perceived reality, his dream,
this universe merely an illusion.

appearing to be real
outside of the mirror,
as though a reflection.

living this indeed
will be your second coming!

© 2021
imaginary conversation between a sage and a damsel
Rama Krsna Sep 2021
i’m now a dispatched letter
bearing no postmark to speak of
floating in the winds of ether,
under an autumnal harvest moon
no destination or sender’s address either.

and how?
i get to land, only you
and the sand glasses of time will know.

© 2021
inspired by a beautiful walk on a full moon night
Rama Krsna Aug 2021
is it me or did i not see
naughty cupid shamelessly flash
his flowery bow and love-dipped arrow
straight at me?

i see her falling eyelash,
  only witness
to that seductive gaze
which freezes amaranthine ‘time’
down to absolute zero.

seldom bound
by conventions or clocks,
i, the sage smile....
knowing her playful side
and the true nature of whimsical cupid.

© 2021
modern rendition of the  story of shiva and kama-cupid
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