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This energy, blasphemy, how I feel sometimes/
This nightshade I eat, criples my fuccn mind/
They flood our minds, ears, eyes, all our senses ta ****/
Then question why we high, hollin **** a d!ck/
Society speaks, we weak, n always listenin/
Flashbacks a warm blood glistenin, while it’s tricklin/
In my free time, ski mask, that was my me time/
.40s lodged in brick walls, ricochetin off street signs/
I need that rewind/
Humanity, on a decline/
Skated by on project capers, dubs, nics n dimes.

Committed crooked crimes like drunk n!ggas on straight lines/
Crack behind the glovebox, speedin, duckin one-time/
You’ll never know real, slim, till real see you/
You might ****t ya pants, slim, seein real n!ggas bleed through/
Blood, Loc, Folk, we all strivin for hope/
LK, Azteca, Trece/
Que rollo to my folks/
I grew up slow
F_cked up fast as hell
Used to see my daddy
Tuck his nine inside his waist belt
At 13 its swell, running from 12
On this crazy road a life
I fell straight up out my seat belt
Drinking 40s and fifths, tryna dull the pain
And keep these ratchet *** thoughts from smacking my brain, Slim
Thought I was was a ****, you see
Misogynistic ego spree
A real hot head, Slim
My wife would hide the gun from me
Die on your feet
Or live on your knees, Nigg@
The only life we know a thousand degrees, my Nigg@
*** this stress up off my back/
I lost my Lac, in fact, to the repo man/
These drug sprees is killin me like kryptonite n Superman/
I duck dodge, Bobby weave, but Whitney push my wig back/
Apparently, I can’t see, life to me like cataracts/
Ain’t no stacks, ain’t no wealth, no reparations, only tax/
Child support, credit cards, student loans, all facts/
This .40 cal gittin light as hell/
Might smack the hammer, ring my bell/
Abundance she a fickle *****/
I catch her *** I’ma **** her quick/
Quick sand our life, slim/
Struggle we fall more in/
No hope for black men/
Bear traps on our leg, slim/
So bury me n more sin/
My conscious was absent/
You could tell by our accent/
We react by snap-in/
Who is you n her ta judge/
We born in sin, you never was/
You listen ta rap ta catch a buzz/
We catchin slugs, you showin love/
So miss me wit that *******/
Life hit me wit a full clip/
Do a jig, *** TikTok rich/
Own the rights or be a slave to it/
Tizzop Jul 10
ivories that are made of letters
grey skin, blackred hair, word babies
gigantic mirror, blackly glowing
psychedelic nature like 1968

apartment in the projects
hallways full of dust and spiders
uncle is smoking the daylight away
his walls covered with bulletholes

red and tired eyes, no smiling
uncle's wife killed in a car crash
dead goons are torturing him now
the memory of her dead body, stuck

past encounters like smoke in the air
red frost covers uncle's body, glaciers
a button to turn back time, fantasies
melting hours for god's sacrifices
Today is a sad day.
Fredy Sanchez Apr 19
I was on my way to the ground

Face first, pavement bound,

Felt like atlas with the sky on me,

Expectations made me try to flee

My shoulders buckled and my knees gave out

You had to chuckle while I had to shout,

"The world is unfair, I'm stuck on this maze".

Yet you remained completely unfazed.

You looked in my eyes and you told me the truth:

To be happy is to fight nail and tooth

What good is to wish, what good is to hope?

If nothing is done, except that bottle to cope?

Course snow hits my face enough to muddy my brain.

more lies just in case, they suspect you're insane.

There is no one to blame except the one with the pen

You were never alone I was your friend...

And As long as you promise my heart to mend.

I'll promise you:

If you carry the sky then I'll carry you"

the weight dropped to the floor,

The sky was falling, and I care no more.

For As long as you're right next to me,

I will forever be...

Mark Apr 8
So, our hero of tha day waz DJ Herc  
He b driven’ lil Mizz Dazze ‘round, in a pimped out Merc  
Queensbridge waz tha birthplace of Hip-Hop  
Red alert, it just won’t stop  
It will hurt uz a bit  
No more than a **** wid a hit  
Wee all thank Merc 4 puttin’ on dat show  
Smokin’ sum **** n angel dust, wid sum real blow  
A bro named, Coke LA Rock, waz also a financier friend of mine  
Handin’ out goodies 2 tha children in-line, all tha time  
Nickel bag half n ounce, quarter pound pow, now wee poppin’  
Az long az tha music izn’t stoppin’ and tha rocks r still droppin’  
If champagne waz still a flowin’, then tha freaks wood b steppin’ in line  
Hotel, Motel, u don’t tell, wee don’t tell, one-time root 9  
There’s notta man dat can’t b thrown, a horse dat can’t b rode  
A bull dat can’t b stopped, a disco dat can’t b rocked, can u decode  
Were u @ dat famous house party, thee dope  
Spinnin’ tha holy crates of hip-hop, wee hope  
A1 B-boy from every known neighborhood, wid a scent  
From JC, Tony D’, Sweet n Sour, 2 super DJ ‘Fcukin’ Clark Kent  
Sellin’ nickel bags of cannabis, 2 miss layD hoes to mi crew  
Made mi coin roll into notes, helping outta few dat I knew  
Hip-Hop waz made 4 peace, love, unity n fun  
Still b countin’ mi riches, retired n still layin’ in tha hot sun
Mark Apr 7
Cats strayin’ high on Canal Street
Gangsta Grillz feelin’ tha beat
Open air market on Sunday night
African Bootleggin’ sellin’ alright
Sweet dreamz were set on fire
Life’s on tha line, if dats wat ya desire
Coming back to life, from deep down inside
Jesus hung with me, he waz on mi side

Let’s all do tha Whoolywood Shuffle
Don’t get in tha way or you be in trouble
Humpty Dumpty is back together again
Delivery is nuts, no buts, Amen
Drop tha bass, like a hot sorta guy
While white lab boys, be makin’ ya buy
99 cents, where’s tha beef in mi vege burger wrapper
Rubber-banding out so loud, **** dat mad hatter

Mi baby mama could neva just sit
Let tha hood hear just a wee lil bit
Crack it on up, in tha main trap house
Blue magic for real, like Mickey tha Mouse
East coast flow, wid a Southern kinda drawl
Come in or move on, just don’t crawl
Queens n Bronx, echoed down on Canal Street
Dum Dum Dum it was such a bubblin’ beat
Mark Apr 5
Chop n ***** it to bits
Just mix a little, then taste all da blenz
Dolby two sided cassette re-mix
Plastic record kinds, always my frendz
Trippin' like now, da way dat we do
Ya ***** nor crew just can't explain
Absolute phenomenal my man, whoa!
Leanin' on da switch, gave us instant fame

Doin' it on a regular, everyday
Even city folk can relate, in sum strange way
Slab kings rising from the dead
No motor, no nothin', nothin' but crew
Yellowstone candy, if dats wat ya fancy
Or black, bolly boyz, colored candy
Black sheriff riding *******, along da Southside
Giddy up, Giddy up, never you mind

Drinkin' drank, scissor or lean
Know dat we really can be mean
We in da ***** house, not in **** lockup
Get ya cups, then take a seat, backup
3'N da mornin' we ****
Sippin' on da syrup, smokin' on ya dope
Yo *****, Candy, lick it all up
Wat it does, is it gives da hood hope
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