The sunset imbues its last glance
as molten lavas cool into exotic crimson
painting the colour of romance on the seabed.
What glance did you cast?
Stunned moon turns up a notch,
keeps looking over the ocean,
yet to drink a drop!
Ah, holy smoke,
what did you drop?

Here a mother nature stands in the trees, she sees dear animals and feeds them. She gives them tender and joy love.

Her name is unknown but she is someone who is head of this magical place.

She watches anyone and gives them her love and light holy care to them.

The people picture her as an angel or a beautiful goddess.

She tells them her name, her name is Luxshana.. goddess of love and nature. <3

Robin Carretti Dec 2016

Mean & smoked out the Divine joint
Darker then any smoke
What's the point??
Going to blow devil words 2 me
Do we have this planned out,
what do we see?
Cruel 2-B bloody life is dark
but damn good
Paint's it Graffiti hood
Careless sucked up 2 him
Reckless my lips played him hard
Smoked killed me off-guard
He sneaked around the fruit
Strawberry strange pursuit
My soul this is the last straw
Deadly strawberries left with black rose
All covered seductively posed
The song plays out strawberry Soprano
Intense smoking love incense cello
Strawberry sounds smothered
Good night dark strawberry moon
I grabbed him way 2 soon

madameber Nov 2016

you said i was exotic,
and i said ooo
what do you mean?, like
exotic like a fruit?, like
i don’t know what tropics
you think i came from, was
imported from, but you read
my skin like the label
on a flavour of coca-cola
you had never been
offered before and i
was refreshing, and
different. and you liked
the way my coke-bottle
curves felt beneath your
fingertips, said you’d never
tasted caramel
like me before,
you said i was exotic.
like i was a work
of west african art,
even though my mother’s
from the east, like
i was from a storybook like
1001 african nights, like,
you saw my cover and you were
hooked, never did think to
look beneath the jacket,
just wanted stories like the
ones scheherazade sold,
i was your sheba
and you my solomon.
we rode lions across
the sands, your kiss
was salt on my lips,
i needed to quench
my thirst and you offered
me the brand new flavour
of coca-cola.

you said i was exotic,
like a pretty foreign thing,
like just some thing,
some mail-order thing,
special delivery
just for you,
a flavour of coca-cola that you
had never tasted before.

it's not a compliment
Poetictunes Sep 2016

Can we start over again?
Can we be strangers again?
This time we'll start off as friends and not lovers.
Maybe we can see if there really is chemistry, and not just between the covers.
This time we can actually spend time talking?
We can laugh
And recreate memories
And give each other a second chance
Let me reintroduce myself

Haiku Hank Jun 2016

bird of paradise
magnificent creation
exotic beauty

Derek Leavitt Jun 2016

Thee Woman

There is always a woman every man will ever come into contact with that no women after or before will ever come to level with. This woman could be an assortment of types. But in this case.. in 'my' case... this woman was 'Thee Woman'. She stood tall, strong, elegant, classified, grounded, intelligent, beautiful beyond comprehension. She stared with such force. Eyes piercing directly into my soul.. But she did not mean to frighten me.. but instead show me a certain kindness I had long forgotten. She fully understood her own passion and chaos. When she was weak she would not show it. When she felt Joy she would remind he who poured that joyfulness over her. She was exotic in her passion. The sex was not something of this world. It was like 2 universes entering a black hole, into oblivion.... She would moan and roar and scream and cry and she would rock the stars in the long, dark, frightful night.. The sheets of our bed would soak, the windows in our room would fog, Our bodies doused in exotic bliss and sexual rum. We were drunk off one another... We held on tight to one another and made utter love.. Her juices oiling over my as if to loosen up my rusted body parts, to make me move again and have life... a new start. She was god like but demanded no worship. She is humble, she is creative. She is pure... Earnest. When she loves she gives it her all. She is so many things... so many good things... Completely and undoubtedly, the woman of my dreams.. in reality.

A broken heart is troubled.. and more difficult to repair by the crushing of the love of your life.

In the tiny smoke filled hall
large velvet tapestries
hang from the walls
blowing in the breeze

Large brightly colored satin pillows
scattered across the stone floor
the drums, haunting music and laughter
draw you in deeper

The smell of sweat lays heavy in the air
Candles flickering
almost in slow motion
casting shadows
upon the stone walls

You see her from a distance
All eyes upon her
She moves with a seductive grace

She is magnificent

A vision of pure dark beauty
Jet black waist length hair
swaying in unison
with her glorious hips

Her bronzed skin smooth
with the slightest hint of jasmine
Her bare feet painted with ancient symbols

Her dark eyes so inviting

There is something
in the way she moves
as her hips curve
and weave a story of seduction

Her delicious pouting lips
kissing the humid night air
sliding her snake like arms
across her ample breasts

She smiles and you are lost to her
as she takes you deeper into her night
Enticing you into her darkness

Her exotic desert love calling to you

Her feminine charm oozing
like a sinful drink upon your tongue
Her sensuality ignites you as
the silver bells on her waist
keep in time with her swaying hips

simply mesmerizing you

You feel the heat rising
your face becomes flushed
Her semi-veiled face
Her tantalizing jeweled belly button

She intoxicates your mind

Flowing gracefully across the floor

her step silent
                                 just the haunting music
                                                        a­nd the chiming of her bells

The multi colored silk across her body
clinging to her half-clad chest
the silver and gold
against her mocha skin

Each movement fluid and precise

Tossing her hair
arching her back

A primal seductress
dancing through the night

She casts her spell
prancing and playful
She is a pure fantasy
a true woman in all her glory

Her hidden face, her curves
enchant your imagination
as she breathes heat into your soul
with her womanly fire

The flaunting of her innocent flesh
and her sultry pelvic swirls
there is no escape
as you are
consumed in her earthly dance

Don Moore Apr 2016

You be my sailor' and I'll be be a boat for you.
We'll sail off to adventurous lands together
Buy silk, sweet smelling woods and magic fruit
We'll bob on the waves under the silvery moons light
And tell tales to each other of imaginary worlds
We can adopt animals and birds from strange islands
Buy exotic spices measured by Chinese pirates
Maybe I shall rescue you from their ship on the high seas
When they try to sell you as a bejewelled slave of love
There will be pools of turquoise to swim in under blue skies
Beaches of white glistening sands set with mother of pearl
Birds to watch and listen to as we swim and bats to fly overhead
Foods of many lands to enjoy savour and wonder over
You and I shall have so much fun throughout life together
Even though our lands are no more than the duvet
And our adventures are nothing more than dreams in our heads.
Then will come the day we must go our separate ways
Adventures of our own on our own but knowing
That we will be once again be reunited to explore each other
Our adventures no longer held by the duvet or imagination
To be allowed to stroll along beaches, to truly fly in the skies above.
To be together forever and held in each other's arms and free.

The Lonely Bard Jan 2016

Land of the mummies,
Not at all the mothers,
The fabled dead people,
Draped in crepe bandages,
Appearing creepy to kids,
Ranging from Aegyptus,
To high above the Andes.

My HP Poem #967
©Atul Kaushal
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