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Ylzm May 30
Life's a garden, and we're its bondservants:
Disciplined within by beauty, and
Compelled without by fear -
The wilderness, ever encroaching -
We strive; And seek, more and more:
Life's for living, even every moment,
For the wilderness overwhelms, inevitably.
Pallavi Jan 23
"Acceptance is a key word for happy
and successful life.
Everything will fall at place
you need not to strive"
Ammar Oct 2018
Like living with a monkey,
monkey see monkey do,
Being distracted with everything,
Even when there's nothing.

Like having a hidden malicious hand,
Loves playing hide and seek,
Items seem to dissappear,
As if they were warped to another world,
By a magical hand in your head.

Like having thousands of voices pleading for your attention,
Yet you hear none,
Just unintelligible sentences.

Like you're always on a pill of joy,
Yet feel so hollow,
It can be a double edged sword,
As your awareness of others' emotions,
Is comparable to an infant's knowledge of the Lorem Ipsum.

Like having your psyche torn apart,
A battlefield,
When you're fighting for control,
You lay waste to your own mind,
Even if you won,
The exhaustion and lack of motivation,
is a sign of a pyrrhic victory.
Adhd is ******* exhausting, especially with a comorbid.
c Oct 2018
Find your passion
hold it tight
and never stop to rest
until what you hold
inside your hands
is finally at its best
nihiliti Sep 2018
i am a moth drawn to the flame of despair
flutter through the air
no care
for body
just the burning of my soul
the yearning to know
what it feels like
to throw
everything away
in hopes
that dawn is close
closer then is possible
that time flows faster
when you're giving your all
for the promise of tomorrow
where tomorrow is
worlds away
from today
and its sorrows
and that sorrow will someday
be a sweet memory to borrow
from when the joy becomes
too much to bear

i am a moth in a world aflame
it looks like hell
but apparently
hell other people
and i'm sick of feeling
sinful for feeling
the sorrow of my fellow
tortured torturers

they tell me i'm too hollow
that riding the updraft is no good
and being tossed about the firestorm
is for fools
and i'm as flighty as a feather
in weather unsuitable
to be out in
yet i'm part of this world
and to lock away my soul sounds
so a throw to the wind
to see where it goes
it might singe
but it's worth it: the sorrow

i am a moth telling myself i'm not
and blaming it on outside sources
but being honest shows
my woes are my woes
and everybody knows
their own

and i just speculate and spectate; trying to know my fellow moths
you're not nearly as sorry as you wish to be, and it's awful
Am I having one of those days,
where I want to leave everything
and everyone?
Where I want to go into a daze,
and watch my dreams all come?

No, it's not 'Just one of those days'
It's not even a phase.
I am extremely unsatisfied and bored,
and my life feels more like a chore.

So i cry, and i sigh,
and get out my frustration.
While claiming I'm okay,
I lie,
because no one has time
for that curruption.

So i try to let these three years go by, as quickly as I can:
while I'm still being controlled
and watched,
as independent as I am?

I long for those three years to fly,
so my life can be ran by only I.
I'll have my own lovely home,
with a cosy fire,
all made by stone.

There won't be much company in need,
Not with all of my books,
candles and reckless sprees.
My house will be filled with glowing golden lights,
and expensive furnishings,
of all shades of white.

I'll be looking out of my balcony,
with my blankets wrapped around me,
as I listen to the rain pour and slide,
with a pen and paper at my side.

With my dog at my feet,
my eyes on the sky,
and my music playing lightly,
I'll always be on a high.

I know that's what my future holds,
as I won't settle for anything less,
I won't have lived until I live that image,
and until then I'll try my best.
This is truly where I hope to be, and these are only a pinch of ideas, out of a whole jar full of them.
Desmond the poet Jul 2018
I've been ignored and sidelined.
Denied freedom of expression.
Due to poverty, I was laughed at.
I was hurt, broken, and fought against.
Like a bicycle, I kept my balance to keep moving.
Then I won.


Passion didn’t come without suffering.
I strived not to be noticed.
I strived for my absence to be felt.
My intention wasn’t waiting for the storm to pass.
The intention was to dance in the rain.
Kneeling before God gave him ability to stand before anyone.

I’M THE STONE THE BUILDER REFUSED whom against all odds:

Forge without questioning.
Loved without condition.
Cared for people without expectations.
Gave without any sparing.
Shared without pretending.

I'm the same stone that turned to be the corner stone.
It's a personal poem about how I was treated by my family when I grew up and today I'm successful.
Poetic T Jun 2018
The uneatable is a mirage
        to those thirsty for an oases
of dream like delusions.

For nothing is waiting,
       Its only now that we
                 see idyllic reflections.

There aren't steps but a mirage
               of what our lives were.

Every step is our creation
                       to others dreams.
That we help with, our every
           reflection is there's to strive for...
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
Did the bright lights and broken skies blind you?
Did the shining gold of the fading distract you?
Did the glass and cement jungles  blocked your view?
Did the shuffling of your green trump cards please you?
Did the black mirrors of today keep you as captives in their cages of self-praise and deceitful truths?
Did the burst of anger between one and another, and the absence of peace remind you of this life?
Did another life lost, remind you, that time, is lost?  
Did the Cross on a Church in your neighborhood remind you of the cost?
The cost that HE paid for, just so that he could have you in his arms,
That he can save you from the swallowing sands of this life,
to remind you to strive.
To strive for the reward waiting for you in heaven.
To have your spirit awakened.
To know that this is not it.
That this is not life.
That the golden statues of today and the virtual praises from virtual faces is not it.
That this life is so much more than this.
That finally, you could see,
there is so much more.......than these...
Thank you God!
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