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My eyes are,
Up in the air,
Where your eyes should be too.
Strive to be your own person.
Living life with no regrets,
Isnt about not regretting what you do
Its about striving not to do anything regretful
But that doesnt mean being perfect either
Ayesha Naeema Jun 2020
"why are we always trying so hard?" my eyes shift towards my mother, and i say "when we are going to die anyways."  
"beti," says my mother as she walks up to me and sits next to me holding me in her arms, she continues "it's because most of the time we're striving so hard isn't for ourselves, it's for the people we love."
i miss my mum so much <3
Jennifer Kyle Apr 2020
I dont think I've been here before
And it frightens me,
The amount of anguish that resides in me
Since childhood, I've learned to numb the pain,
However, this one pierced through to my lungs and stole my breath,
As I smile at you cheerfully and full of glee, there beneath the facade, lies a dejected me,
Somehow, my numbing agents wore off, and this dismantled me.
xavier thomas Apr 2020
Work on you brand God intended for you.
Focus building a team with the same goals as you.

Become an asset with your spouse who believes in your creativity.
Don't come around if you're only a liability.

Key to success is faith, focus, & being fierce.
Not a "9-5" job that includes a 4-year degree.

At the end of the day,
It really is what you know & who you know that becomes important.
Pay attention to all signs & don't forget this message in the morning.
You are way to valuable. Change your life the way you want it to be by any means necessary
All eyes on you
bethwords Apr 2020
I was stronger than I thought
earlier today,
Not my strongest anyway
for tomorrow,
I strive to grow.
Dez Apr 2020
New at trying to be a poet?
Well so am I and terrible I know it
But I love to write
And one day I just might
Compose a master piece
So until then I will never cease
And I encourage you to do the same
Even though others my think us lame
Write away new poets
For one day you’ll be great, I just know it!
To all knew poets who are growing!
When I began two weeks ago I never knew I would write this many poems.
I wrote this after reading a comment by Sammy Fowler who is also a new poet.
xavier thomas Mar 2020
Mentally, i'm uncomfortable

Physically, i'm uncomfortable

Financially, i'm uncomfortable

I am an uncomfortable black man!
So yeah, i want to give up.

Until i remembered my sticky note on the mirror... "Have faith".
                                            So I keep walking
Hard times being a middle class young adult
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