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Ruhee 5d
If I've got only 86400 seconds
For my breathe to hold
& For my heart to beat,

I'll go onto the graveyard
Dig a hole for my body to be buried,
Then I'll Go to the textile
Get a piece of white cloth With my own money,

Then I'll come back home
Have a wonderful bath
Purify my heart and soul,
Dress beautiful as I've never dressed before,

I'll go back to mom and dad
Lay on mom's lap
Hug dad tightly,

Then put my footstep forward
To my Siblings
Kiss their forehead
Spell out all the best memories we had,

When My last hour has come,
I'll have a bath again
Wrap myself with the white cloth I've brought,

Then get a paper and a pen
My fingertips write out;
"To whosoever Reading this
Don't worry I'm gone,
I've just traveled to the
Most beautiful paradise,
So that I could ask God
To fulfill all your desires
I could hear from the earth
To the heaven I've come,
My grave is dug already
Go bury me there,
I've left my breathe
and my heartbeat happily,
I'm proud that I left my soul
Not giving hard bearings
To people around me,
Love yo'll
Good Bye
Stay Blessed
Take care"

Then I'll leave it besides my bed
Go to sleep under the shades of paradise.

Fathima Ruhee
Ruhee 7d
Adorable Angelina
Accepted Anchoring
At Academia,

Acute Angelina
Achieved Anchoring
Award And
Amazed Abundantly,

Angel Angelina
Always Added
Active Authoritative,

Awesome Angelina
Achieved Anchoring
Ambitions Avidly.

Fathima Ruhee
Ruhee Jul 3
Little Magic tree
Within you comes Glamouring fairy,

Every time I see
Your Blissful leaves falling to me
I feel Very happy,

With you belongs the key
Of souls That is to be free,

Fabulous Magic tree
I fall to you on my knee
Please don't stop being so Adorable Pretty,

Little Magic Tree
Filled with angel fairy
I love you through my artery.

Fathima Ruhee
Ruhee Jun 24
Excuse Me
What would it be?

Heartless Confusion
Or else my Life's Conclusion?

Oh God I lament
For all pain I underwent,

This Confusion is killing me deeper
Like that Fast Growing creeper,

My heart is bleeding
With that confusion faster beating,

I know not Where's my destiny
Please stop disturbing me mentally.

Fathima Ruhee
Ruhee Jun 23
Princess Honey
You are my destiny,

I am ready to carry
My cute little fairy,

Sweet Angel baby
You are my only ectasy,

For you I guarantee
I'll give your life a meaningful melody,

Baby this is gonna be reality
I promise you from the bottom of world's gravity,

I am gonna love you endlessly
Through hugging & kissing you Mentally,

Darling You are my final story
Where ends my life's beautiful destiny.

Fathima Ruhee
I visit often, though
This isn’t my happy place.
A homemade solitary confinement;
I cradle myself in the arms of
An oak while ivy brushes
My cheeks. Golden rays,
Golden buds, and golden wings
Flutter around my vision
Like twinkling treasure chests.

Lonely whispers of the wind
Interrupt the mockingbird’s call
Like a siren screaming in
The night. It is chilling, yet
Comforting. Petrichor seeps
Into my pores and my
Melancholy blues fade to
A golden dream. I’m free to
Leave, but not before opening my eyes.
Arcassin B Jan 18
By Arcassin Burnham

Soul Searching, Earth lurking,
Just mind your business , we're over here,
Bird chirping, commenting,
Keep talking **** , we can not hear,
This house , ain't a home in my eyes, there's so much to
Be discussed.

Not taking too much from the fort,
I gotta hold it down,
I plan to place this little heart in a jar for my
safe keeping.

Losing my lil sanity and calcifying fear away,
Too much to bare in this pile of flesh that I
could not be in this place, turn day to night
with just a flick, there is no escape...

Take a picture,
Make it last,
Might be your last to be on this earth,
Don't a menace,
Don't be in your feelings,
Worrying too much , they put aside their dealings,
Way too much healing.

Because I'm Losing my lil sanity and calcifying fear away,
Too much to bare in this pile of flesh that I
could not be in this place, turn day to night
with just a flick, there is no escape.
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