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trixie444 Jan 5
...on this Mother's Day, I'd like to take the time to express my gratefulness and appreciation for no one other than my mom. Unfortunately, I was one of the many children out there who grew up without a father - he abandoned my mom and I, flew to California, and didn't look back. I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am to have someone so strong, so patient, and so supportive in my life - playing both parts is extremely impressive. You could've left when things got tough, but you decided to stay with me, raise me, and shower me with all the love in the world. As I get older, I look back and remember what it was like, how tough things were - you remember? We stuck it out like champions, as best friends - as a team. You've gone above and beyond, ma. I'm sorry I'm not the best writer anymore, but please know, I will always love you - eternally. Thank you for guiding me into the right direction - you shaped me into the man I am today.
Zywa Mar 2019
The grass, I do remember
the grass where you once lay
just smiling at my smile
now time is passing by
your flowers still convey
their smells throughout the day
Are you coming soon, coming soon?

.....It's easy here, you'll have your wish
.....and I'll prepare your favourite dish
.....Are you coming soon?
.....Tea this afternoon?

This peaceful it can be
a couple under a tree
the hopping and the caw
of a busy jackdaw
a pink balloon goes high
up through the orange sky
Are you coming soon, coming soon?

.....It's easy here, you'll have your wish
.....and I'll prepare your favourite dish
.....Are you coming soon?
.....Tea this afternoon?

The house cleaned-up, the papers read
I weigh the phone and go to bed
there is not much I have to tell
but I can listen very well
Are you coming soon
are you coming soon
are you coming soon?
Tea this afternoon?
Collection: "Moons"
Timur Shamatov Dec 2018
To Hades
I’d sell my soul
For pittance


For a chance
To recall
Your Smile
josh wilbanks Jan 2018
Like a baby walking,
Or a child biking,
I fell in love with you.
You always remember your first.
Poetictunes Sep 2016
I will always remember the first day each time I started school.
Stefan Smith Oct 2015
As you enter into those moments
when your trials oppress you
and you slowly feel the life
being drawn from your bones.
that even the trees are meant to enter into seasons
where they lose their leaves and stand defenseless
from the harsh winter winds.

But never forget
that there will always come a time
when they'll finally catch their breath,
as the still spring air hugs them,
and begin their journey of growing into
a taller, more confident kind of presence
with deepened roots and a flourishing canopy
that's ready to waltz with the wind.
there is intimacy in tribulation.
Day Oct 2015
“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it,
does it make a sound?” George Berkeley once asked.
Making me wonder,
"If I'm gone, but no one's around to remember me,
was I really ever here?"
Moving on peep Sep 2015
We started loving each other
I think it's last September?
I hope you still remember
When we start sharing our forever.

- SS
cynthia Feb 2015
you don't remember
all the things
I can't forget
Mark Steigerwald Dec 2014
Words cut like knives
that pierce our bones,
summers fade
and hearts collapse.

Years from now
we'll remember these days,
the tears we cried
and the songs we sang.

We'll walk
through the fields,
we'll talk in the woods,
sing a song of our journey
and pray,
we never go through those days again.

But for now
we walk this barren land
wasted of breath
drained of tears,
waiting for the coming
of those golden years.

When worlds collide
all fears shall hide,
all sorrow gone.
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