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Nov 2020 · 577
Charlotte Ahern Nov 2020
friends and lovers
have the power to surprise you
with an unexpected blow,
but enemies
are predictable
& sometimes more trustworthy
than our bedmates
If it resonates with you, you're welcome to view see more of my work at my website and on Instagram @charlotteahern
Nov 2020 · 616
*The Hidden*
Charlotte Ahern Nov 2020
In the art of eye contact,
I wrote you letters
filled with all the words
I wish I’d said
sometimes it's too hard to say it with your tongue
Oct 2020 · 296
*Looking glass*
Charlotte Ahern Oct 2020
if i see myself in you
do you have that same streak
that leads me astray
or is my paranoia only punishment
for my back door deeds
hmm which is it?
Oct 2020 · 238
*Be mine*
Charlotte Ahern Oct 2020
Good and bad are always housed
Under the same roof
It all depends
On who you make your bedmate
Oct 2020 · 430
*Talking Clouds*
Charlotte Ahern Oct 2020
the mystery of you and I

haunts me,

on city nights

when the mist shrouds

the towers
do you ever get that sinister wondering when the clouds are eerie?
Sep 2020 · 403
*Settling Downstream*
Charlotte Ahern Sep 2020
those who choose to lay in the river
eventually drift
into someone they know
and call it fate
Can you tell I prefer to make things happen than leave things to fate? lol
Sep 2020 · 1.4k
Charlotte Ahern Sep 2020
every man looks bigger than they are in the shadows
it takes courage to step in the light
and really be seen
Do you agree?
Sep 2020 · 684
Charlotte Ahern Sep 2020
as i sat in the decadence

of that New York moment

i knew i was in trouble

for the depth of my love

was darker than the red i sipped
realisation can be a hard pill to swallow at times
Jul 2020 · 195
Circus Circus
Charlotte Ahern Jul 2020
will you entertain
or will you observe
in the circus of life
which type of person are you?
Jul 2020 · 525
Hollywood Perishables
Charlotte Ahern Jul 2020
there’s only one place

where you can walk on the stars

just be sure

to keep your face forward

so not to step on any corpses
no notes, I think I get my point across lol
Jul 2020 · 518
Charlotte Ahern Jul 2020
as we sat there in the theatre
i watched him build so many walls
to stop me from entering
in the dark
funny what we notice when we observe a little
Jun 2020 · 583
*Kinda Funny*
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
our love was always the pink elephant in the room
everyone saw it
except us
once we realised, it was already over and done
Jun 2020 · 480
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
within the blurred lines
of our wild nights
we found a clarity
connections we find in others that can't be defied
Jun 2020 · 458
*premature awakening*
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
as i began to open doors
only few could see
i became fearful
of my power
So i procrastinated, but now I am ready
Jun 2020 · 357
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
You know you've fallen for a narcissist
when you **** in the mirror
and he's looking at himself
Jun 2020 · 556
*when you’re in love*
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
their scent becomes the sweetest
their skin the softest
& their eyes the most compelling
do you agree?
Jun 2020 · 835
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
there was no going back
from the spark between us
for a love of such power
never strikes twice
have you ever felt a love of such power?
Jun 2020 · 279
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
to feel alone when in ones arms
should make you question
who it is thats’s holding you
torn to know if this person is the one you should be with
Jun 2020 · 411
Light Hearted
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
i never agreed with it

but i loved him

my mind couldn't over throw

the wishes of my heart
Do you agree with the thought that it's hard to defy the heart?
May 2020 · 819
*The Inner Critic*
Charlotte Ahern May 2020
Don't offer the fuel it needs
to set you on fire
it's true though don't you think?
May 2020 · 571
Over & Done
Charlotte Ahern May 2020
Don't long for the wilted flower
To stand tall again
It's time is spent
Turn your attentions to another bloom
stay in the present
May 2020 · 501
Afternoon Delight
Charlotte Ahern May 2020
Open yourself to me like a flower
let me enjoy the sweet nectar
of divine irresistibility
May 2020 · 416
Charlotte Ahern May 2020
You pierced and devoured me like a delicacy
Silly boy didn't realise you can't digest a soul
I'll be coming back up
And it's inevitable that you're going to get sick
Apr 2020 · 849
A Silver Lining
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2020
Loving and losing is not unfortunate,
for one who has truly loved
can never lose entirely.
Love can be whimsical
Apr 2020 · 419
Road Of Ruin
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2020
the most painful experiences in life
hurt because the universe
is using all it’s power to redirect you
on to the right path
Apr 2020 · 451
Paid Love
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2020
they can put their hands on me
but they know i will never look them in the eyes
with anything other than empty lies and validation
if the price is right
Apr 2020 · 474
Is it true?
Apr 2020 · 1.3k
The Last Single Girl
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2020
They never tell you when you're young
That you lose your friends to life
Apr 2020 · 496
Life & Love
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2020
Love seldom comes once
It comes and goes
The way the stars kiss the ocean
Times without number
Feb 2020 · 428
An eye for an eye
Charlotte Ahern Feb 2020
Is it tenacious  
to take mine
because i took yours,
or perhaps only foolish  
to both end up blind
a method I don't agree works well in the long term
Jul 2019 · 331
Delusion Intact
Charlotte Ahern Jul 2019
if i think of you
does it mean that you’re thinking of me
or is my innocence pure ignorance
and denial of the truth
Jul 2019 · 295
Ivory Tower
Charlotte Ahern Jul 2019
I want to go to Venice and watch the sun set between the buildings

I want to see Paris in the rain and watch the stars light the river at midnight

But most of all,

I want to look into your eyes and see something other than emptiness when you look at me
Apr 2019 · 319
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2019
I try to keep my face in the sun,
but the darkness claws at the back of my head,
it whispers sweet lies of how you will change,
my roots are new like tiny veins they cling to the ground,
but like whisps of hair there is not enough strength to anchor me to the path of freedom,
freedom from thoughts of you
Apr 2019 · 289
1 Reason
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2019
We fight a lot & have a messed up relationship
Mistreat each other
But stick it out anyway
Accepting that we don't want to live without each other
So this way,
We'll spend our lives together, miserable
But happy not to be apart
Apr 2019 · 455
Green Light
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2019
Men are like taxi cabs
If their light isn't on
You can still get in
But they'll never take you home
Mar 2019 · 505
The Heart And The Mind
Charlotte Ahern Mar 2019
How do you know who to trust
When you have two friends
Who know you better than anyone
But can never agree on a single thing
inner discontent over love choices
Mar 2019 · 362
Charlotte Ahern Mar 2019
I possess a gel that sticks me so strongly to you
Some times i want to wash you from my body, mind and soul
Be clean of you forever  
But it’s inside all of my atoms, impossible to remove
A gift or an addiction
In those moments you are mine
the lust type of love
Feb 2019 · 123
Broken Hearts Break Hearts
Charlotte Ahern Feb 2019
Every morning I open my eyes and my heart cracks into a thousand more pieces
Fragile like fine china
I worry now the shattered pieces cannot be put back together

Maybe i should have kept my heart in a cabinet and threw away the key
People could look from afar but never touch or break it

But it was me who passed around my fine china
To hands who could not hold it and eyes who could not see it
Because they themselves were busy on the floor gathering up their shattered pieces
Feb 2019 · 279
Charlotte Ahern Feb 2019
I try to write the words
that explain why I love you so
but I clutch at straws to find them
maybe it was your smile, your laugh
or the way you flicked your hair out of your eyes
or was it what I feared the most
that my heart loves you for no reason
other than you are my one
Feb 2019 · 803
Dark Monday
Charlotte Ahern Feb 2019
As I bloom into the most beautiful flower
You slowly poison my roots
Hoping I'll wilt
So you stand taller in the garden

— The End —