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will you entertain
or will you observe
in the circus of life
which type of person are you?
there are
on earth
as in places unknown

two types of people:
one stands before the camera

and the other
stands behind;

but it is on record
that they both
Perhaps this poem is about understanding that there is no need to **** ourselves over and about divisions. Or maybe the poem itself is about divisions.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
There are two types of people in this world

Those who
want to live in the now and

Those who
wish to live in the past
SelinaSharday May 2018
Sweet Men are Like... Rare flowers..those like Jade Vine,

Gibraltar Campion, Franklin Tree, Kokai cookei,  and the

Chocolate Cosmos rare and unique hard to find kind

that will not adapt to the principles and

culture of a insensitive rough society. Equipped with

good values that often seem extinct.

  Decent and unique men are like..cotton candy, strong visual yet rugged look,
sweet sugar treats melts in your mouth., lightly

won't leave you over filled with heaviness and drama.

Some men are like first class planes...takes you flying high and the ride is exquisite,

stimulating personal, makes you dream big..are

accomodating comfortable, treats you with class.

A wanted man is like.. soothing running waters,, able to quench your heated passions,  fulfil

your hungered needs, satisfy your mental thirst, and ruffle your straightened sheets, tackle your

energy and substain a stable environment.

A Good made from the best of fabrics, has quality material,  has stamina, drive and

strength sewn in, wears his smile day and night, because contentment with just one and only one

suits him wisely and justly.

  A good man has been modified to fit his specific woman all her imperfections, and shortcomings

fit his model and he is equipped to handle them.

In a good man the perfect mixers have been stired blended and folded into his batter.

That when baked to right temperatures brings out the best in his Lady,

hides her sour, and covers her blemishes.

making what was less more better, and completing her short commings and she comes out smelling divine.

  A awesome man..In the mist of battles  with his woman is like a  scattered rain storm.

Can come loud hard or soft and lightly..

but afterward washes in sweet healing cleanses they both can

benefit from and still grow.

Career bachelor Types of men

Some men are like..Hoarders.. they  collect all kinds of women

never letting go of more than they know what to do with..

Many screaming for their time and attention.

Investigators...Some men like to spy and see what this one and that one is doing..

Gamblers..They take big risks, put lots at stake and take foolish chances..Leeches...

They hang on you like your all they have and **** you dry of most of your

resources, clingy, jealous, needy, greedy...selfish inconsiderate leechers.

  Con artist..They give you a great speech about want they want..

how they will give their all and your all they need.

It sounds sweet and genuine but he's lying. Like Flies... buzzing in your ears..

humming annoying, bothersome, pitiful.. pesty, nosey, going

from place to place spreading nasty germs..reading posting,

bragging think they the stuff when they are just a bug a boo fly and a lie.
Some men are like..Toads big stuffed and lazy..just want to hop on you ***** you.

Do you get all they can from you..Big lazy and have lots of

time of his hands to rib bit rib bit get all you have.

And are crap seekers. Always ready  to swollow the energy from you.
Some are Huge liers.. about their past, relationships, friendships, and hardships..

telling lies for sympathy..In the end you'll hate you allowed him to waste your time..

Just my saying by me and my sayings..


All rights reserved 2013 S.A.M COPYRIGHTS
Men in their varying degrees
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
He's just a vapor appearing on the horizon..
offering me some.
He's just a musical tune,
a story that I zoomed in on ta listen ta its toon.
And I don't wanna feel a thing.
Feeling is costing me somethings.
I don't want that vapor of smoke..
I have wings to keep me afloat.
Baby your wanting that private moment.
I'ma wonder where it went.
I need ta feel    what your flying on.. what keeps ya strong.
Has you holding on..Makes ya wanna bring me along.

I'm tired of wondering.
Tired of witholding.
Maybe I just need scolding.
Cuz I knew all along
yah was just a vapor of smoke on the horizon.
Wanting and needing yah some...One!
Maybe meh.
what ever it is your experiencing.
imagining... and playing within your mindful melodies
be at ease ALLOW ROOM for my perplexities.
and excuse my exits when I need em.
Cuz you are like Mr. give me some relax have fun.
And I must be mindful of meh.
And not feel a see.
by selinasharday Rose 2017 S.A.M
That kinda thing!
Bella Nov 2017
Am I the,
Artistic type?
The one who sees the world through a different lens
who turns sounds into colors
and sites in to Smells
into feeling
and two children running are not children running
they’re Happiness
their giggles turn into Yellow and Pastel Pink
turn to Sunshine
turn to Waking
turn to Serenity
Relaxing on the beach
where you can hear the baby blue and white waves
and see the soft calming sand slipping through your fingers and toes
turning to…

Maybe-- I am the,
Partying type.
Dance Grinding
music Pounding
the same beat of our heads
of our bodies
flashing lights
the dark and the heat
Drinking Screaming
loving one another with our bodies
not caring who it is
our bodies don't care
if we are in sync
what is the difference
the same…

What if I'm the,
Frantic type?
the Busy type
Scrambling, Rushing
time is something I don't have Time for
running is my Past
if only I had Passed Time
noise flies by
not looking anywhere but straight
car horns, buildings, wind blowing
the sound of friction across my own skin and the skin of those like me.
that is my Familiarity
Air I do not Breathe
it flows through me.
it hits me and I consume it
I do not Break for it
I cannot Break for it

How about,
the Silent One?
nose in a book,
hearing the voices in the background.
looking up occasionally, to see the others.
see their confusion.
their Hindsight is my Foresight,
I understand what will happen before it does.
I've seen it before,
I can look ahead,
see the outcome,
slow down the world like it's a video in an editing software that I can stop.
Slow down.
that I can…

I am all of them.
it doesn't matter.
I can turn the sounds rushing by me hitting my skin into color
I can separate time into partying and people watching
Both are possible.
life doesn't have to pass in one form,
it can be Technicolor
and Beautiful at the same time.
sound can pass into colors
and life can either Fly
or Pause-- and drag on.
Either way, it's okay--
because it's me.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
L i g H t - h e a r t e d
    W h o l E - h e a r t e d
            W e A k - h e a r t e d
T e n d e R - h e a r t e d
        S o f T - h e a r t e d
                               B r o k e n - h e a r t e d
                L a R g e - h e a r t e d
                  P r O u d - h e a r t e d
                          K i n d - h e a r t e d
              F r E e - h e a r t e d
         S t o N y - h e a r t e d
We feel various sorts of 'hearted' through life...
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