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Amy Jan 31
Her eyes glistened with unshed tears
While the 3am darkness haunts her
Reminding her of her lost ones
A part of her forever gone

Pieces of her still remains
Only to be shattered and lost
By those that devour the innocence
With smiles so deceiving, plastered on their faces.

Arianna Jan 24
When the masquerade has run its course,
And the spirit disrobes from its garment of flesh,
Whither shall it wander?
What awaits?
Will it join in the dances of dreams
Oft admired, enthralling in slow moments of rest,
Eyelids growing heavier by the day
As the Goddess of the Shades
Encloses upon the heart,
Confounding equally in darkness?

I am led blind
From the Sanctuary of Veils,
Traversing flashes of light
Into the writhing touch of innumerable hands
Tossing violets in greeting at my passing-by:

          Soft as snow, they swoop from the air,
          Purple kisses raining welcome
          Over the nakedness of the Self

          Light as feathers, they hiss through the air,
          Purple arrows volleying death
          Into the remembrance of the "I"

          Led blind to the borders of Shadow,
          Subdued, shimmering away into darkness;
          Borne thither, immolated,  in the petals of innumerable hands,
          Thousand-armed graveyard of a lotus among ashes
          Carried in the swirling blood of a dream;

          Washed up in the still waters of Mnemosyne,
          No "known" sans "unknown"
          In the Garden of Tranquility,
          But for the charade of ghosts
          False-faced and false-hearted,

          The truly departed
          Under the curse
          Of perpetual Incohesiveness.
m Jan 21
melancholic skies
looks pretty from a distance
until it falls down
aren't we all?
larajill Jan 16
but the truth is nobody really cares
i could die today
nobody would shed tears
sadness goes on from day-to-day

the world is a scam
everything is so fake
nobody gives a ****
i just want a break
this is really bad i‘m sorry
Another poem leaks out of my eye,
Why tonight, I cry?
No matter how hard I fight,
It still rolls down my cheek tonight,
Forcing my ink to write,
Poetry disguised in the form of tears,
Now on paper as a charcoal's smear,
They travel from within my heart,
They gush out and up breaking it all apart,
Then they make it up to my eye,
From my lid's they drip,
Forming into ink from my finger's tip,
What happened to gravity?
Another night's catastrophe.
                                        ~ VenJencie (01/26/18)
So many night's unable to sleep. Then thoughts come alive so I write. I am brand new on this site. Any suggestions or tips appreciated. Thank you.
Alvira Perdita Jan 2017
i want to crawl out of my skin,
out of my body,
and leave it all behind.

farewell to the flaws,
to the walls,
that have kept me so confined.
3 a.m. thoughts.
Namrata Upadhyay Feb 2016
One little bird
On a sombre night said
What if I fly across the ocean
Leaving my humble nest by itself?

It'll be all dark and cold
You won't make it they said
With the winds swarming
And pulling you in the vortex of death.

But far away in the blue
I'll find myself
Tough sails won't maim me
What if I won't survive?
Somewhere I felt.

So I sat and waited
Waited for years to set off
To spread my wings and blaze off
Into the wild
I'll make it somehow.

I figured
That all the worldly words will say what they say
And the lads will discourage you in your way

Above all
It's only the WHAT IF'S and BUT'S
That'll stop and make you stay
So honey, you better take off now
Or else you'll never find your way.
Namrata Upadhyay Feb 2016
And the oblivion
Will shower us with it's grace
We'll find the rest afar
Calling out our name

Come closer and deeper
Dive into the worldly ways
Let the souls scramble
And **** the rage

Sooner or later you'll discover
We're all the same
Like dead stars
Abandoned with a hope
Of shining again.
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