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Charlotte Ahern Jul 2020
will you entertain
or will you observe
in the circus of life
which type of person are you?
Lunar Mar 2018
these cold white floors
are never enough
to mirror the purity of your heart
or to capture your hands' warmth

the intricacy weaved on your clothes
and patterns drawn by your feet
can never compare to
the dancing heart you wear on your sleeve

so don't look down
every time you fall
but hold on to their arms
and firm words and calls

to yourself, you're imperfect
to me, you're emboldened:
you don't need to win gold
when you're already golden
to hanyu yuzuru for defending his olympic title in the men's figure skating. and to wen junhui for dancing his heart out (and for enjoying himself while ice skating today). to both performers for never giving up.

Colm Mar 2017
How quickly the feeble minded forget
About the trials and struggles once offset
By those who have a servants heart

And in handling such people
Who slander you and tear your tedious work apart

The honest response to all of this
Is that this could indeed be considered an art

To kindly withhold with each remark
When you are parted from the comfort of their kind words
Which tend to play out on the stage

How quickly do the others forget
About everything, that is except for their own parts
Sally A Bayan Feb 2017
......plays a big part in our daily lives.

we hear the tune,
we sway, blend in...
we engage in the dance,
we enjoy...sometimes, we clash
with the dialogues, the tempo...we end up staggering,
.....and find ourselves, displaced......

still, we rise from the alien ground
where we surrendered our weight,
ponder on the hows and whys,
dance...sway...blend in, anew,
master the beat of the music
every step and turn of the dance,
we try to avoid to reel again...especially,
on the same part of the tune,
on the same spot where we once fell...

life is a large, brightly lighted stage,
we...are the dancers, the singers, the actors...
some of us opt to be dramatists, or merely listeners,
or obsevers........but, we....are all performers,
in this huge...circular stage...where,
all kinds of drama, and music play......


Copyright February 11, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Lunar Dec 2016
so young,
you've already taken
the world
by a storm
grabbing their gazes
enticing their ears

so old,
you're still taking
our hearts
by a gentle breeze
sweeping us off
of our feet

you are the element
from us carats, to you, seventeen!

for seventeen's first MAMA win! i will always be so happy and grateful for your hard work.
Brent Kincaid Jun 2015
Rap is crap
Can be written while napping
By simply slapping words like zapping
Up alongside trapping and wrapping
And suddenly you’re a rap star
Driving an expensive car
And before your coffee is cold
You are draped with gold
Maximum bling
But it doesn’t mean a thing
Other than money because honey
If your ‘song’ lyrics are still known.
When ten years are blown by
And you are no longer a famous guy
Whose words are forgotten
It is because they are misbegotten
And liked by the current batch of airheads
Who think this is music when instead
It’s a beat they can feel in their feet
And if they don’t read the words
Printed in the album, what is heard
Is a lot of screaming and percussion
Not worth discussion in Billboard.

Someone could cut the microphone cord
And all anyone could hear would be drums
And the audience spilling their beer,
And nothing worth humming;
Lyrics for the dumbing down of the race,
A major entertainment disgrace
That destroys the ears and means nothing
That will ever be revered like Sinatra
Elvis or The Beatles have done.
It may be number one today
But when time passes away
It will be nothing but the shouts
Of a bunch of untalented louts
To an audience one has to fear
Was born with a tin ear.

Brent Kincaid
Issa Jul 2014
Crowd begins to rustle    
Lights begin to dim
Performers begin to sweat

The curtain fades
The noise of the audience fade    
The first act music-student's courage fades

He focuses on the notation sheet  
Stage lights focus on him    
Spectators focus on the teenager  

                 He plays the first downbow note                  
                 The crowd listens to him                    
        Lights shine, never faltering            


Multitude begins to grow impatient
Lasers begin to blink on
Pop stars begin to nod at each other

The darkness on the stage fades
Distraction fades from the crowd
Sweat on the band's hands fade

She focuses on the expanse of people
Yellow lights focus on all of them
The sea of people focus on the song

Bassist plays the intro
Die-hard fans listen to the heartthrob
Strobe lights shine, excitement escalates      

                                      -                                                                                                                            ­           

Big finale performed by the orchestra      
                   People shiver in their seats                        
                 Wood stage vibrates                      

         The curtains are drawn        
Listeners sated, their scores are a draw
      Philharmonic members draw smiles      

    Assembly gives a standing ovation        
Each student gives a triumphant bow    
Curtains give way          
             Backstage, the people laugh                      
Stage director laughs from relief  
Congregation laughs from witty student's last remark


Last verse of fulfilling song performed by band
Top section shivers from air conditioner
Big speakers vibrate on last note

Projector screens are drawn
Crowds draw their phones for selfies
Drummer draws his experience on notebook

Spectators give shouts of, "Encore!"
Band members give their farewell
Coliseum gives back lights

Pianist laughs recalling his slip
Volunteers laugh from crowd's reaction  
Fans laugh at guitarist signing for them
our ends are all beginnings

— The End —