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ShininGale Oct 2020
How can I miss someone I never met?
How can I love someone I never knew?
How can someone looks so good even without looking?
How can I say I like you when we're miles apart?

I am not brave enough to say 'I like you'.
I fear not just my feelings but to hurt someone I cherish.
The one that has been with me for almost forever and you that I met for-never, how can I choose when I never met you?
We all have that feeling when we are in-denial of what we are feeling and ended up really feeling nothing, like convincing that you don't like someone and ended up not really liking him for a reason...and that my friend is my thought alone. I really don't know if that's normal or is it just me?  UGH, I AM REALLY COMPLICATED AND CONFUSE A LOT LIKE YEAH...
"no worries guys I'm just
Pizacas23 May 2020
Is it really all right for me to trust you?
I was curious and doubtful

If you trust me first,
my dear I will not change first.
CB Apr 2020
“You devour my senseless hope in the air as I gobble down the recklessness of the wind, for just a tinge of courage to straighten my wrecked spine.
Drown my worries with your reassuring tears, and dabble in the art of dyeing the truth with bright lively colors to hide the livid and the blackening of your heart.
See me down by the creek with cold feet and ghastly grey eyes. I'll forever abide by the whisper of my lovers alluring empty words and broken promises."
Broken Pieces Mar 2020
There are too many feelings for me,
Too many feelings to really see.
I want so badly to just understand them all,
But I can never seem to break down the wall.
Feeling are such fragile things,
They are held upon many strings.
You can easily cut them out,
But then all you're left with is doubt.
I want just want to get rid of these feelings,
I don't want to hear about the healings.
Please just let me give in to the dark,
Because it's very clear that I'll miss my mark.
Mitch Prax Oct 2019
The problem isn't you,
in fact, there's nothing
wrong with you.
Stop blaming yourself
for things that others did
or things you could not control.
Do not question your worth
by the way others treat you
or making comparisons.
Do not second guess yourself
just because others choose to leave
or because they choose to lie.
You are doing well,
do not doubt yourself.
an0nym0us Jun 2019
I saved you form his claws.
I helped you with your flaws.
Provided you assistance,
Gave you resistance...
I catch you when you fall...
I hoped you would answer my call...
You left me down the pit,
Refused to give me a hand,
Nor to stay for a bit...
Instead, you went to the higher land.
Time has passed,
You come back to just look at me
Then leave again for each day that pass
I chose to do something for me...
I saved myself even my hands bleed.
Because you didn't hear my bid.
Now you come back to me and plead for my aid...
But I insisted for I am not your maid.
Charlotte Ahern Mar 2019
How do you know who to trust
When you have two friends
Who know you better than anyone
But can never agree on a single thing
inner discontent over love choices
TD Jan 2019
If I was a little skinnier,
If I was a little shorter,
If I was taller,
If I was stronger,
If I was curvier,
But what if I was less doubtful?

What if I was less criticizing,
Less negative,
What if I was more positive,
If I was happy with myself?

Would I rise above,
Would I learn to love myself and others,
Could I spread more positivity?

How hard could it be?

What if we were was less doubtful within ourselves?
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