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This elastic band has stretched as far as it possibly can
Now is the time to cut the cord
Over enough is more than enough
It's time for the narcissist to be unveiled
Oh bride of Satan
For the wolves in sheep's clothing to be called out
Your time is up!
We've had enough!
People are not as stupid as you'd like them to be
That spoiled little brat of a child inside is to be silenced for good
Singlehandedly you have destroyed your relationships
Systematically you have ruined your friendships
Over enough is more than enough
The true meaning of loneliness you will now encounter
Your fragile mask has shattered into pieces
The protective cover has blown away  
Exposed you will stand
Finally everyone will see you for the serpent you truly are
No one is buying the lies you have so generously been selling
No matter how great a bargain
Your mind games and tactics have become stale
Over enough is more than enough
The reality which awaits you is harsh and bleak
From your put on laugh to the fake compliments
Both come from the same dark and empty space
A bottomless pit of deception in which you lurk  
Hollow vase you are
Collage of fabricated personalities
You model yourself on others
But can never hold down one character for too long  
Over enough is more than enough
Like a blank canvas you are vacant to take on any shape or form
You wear a fake smile and your eyes are dead
You destroy like a bull, but hurt like a baby
Your brain is corroded and your spirit is ill  
Your own medicine you will drink
It will consume you from the inside out
Implode you will
Troublemaker and schemer
Over enough is more than enough
You are driven by your severe deep-rooted insecurity and shame
You prey on the empathetic
Virtual vampire, always looking for someone to drain
You do unto others as you would NOT have done unto yourself
A conscience you were born without  
Quick to quote a scripture or two
But slow in applying it to yourself
And even the devil knows the score
Over enough is more than enough
Your condescending eyes will be plucked out by a ruthless crow
You will burn in your own defeat and your perfume will be sulphur
Down you will tumble from your pedestal
You no longer have a place in my life
You no longer have a place in my heart
But more importantly
You no longer have a place in my mind
sean achilleos

This poem was written for anyone who has ever suffered emotional abuse from a true narcissist.
It may be a partner, colleague, family member, or a "friend" (note, I've put the word "friend" in inverted commas, because a narcissist could pose as your "friend", but never truly be one).
The term narcissist has been used very loosely in recent times, but few people know what the term really means.
Growing up I used to think that it refers to someone who is very full of themselves. However, we now know that it's a personality disorder. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but I do know what it feels like to be at the receiving end of such a person or people.
The key is to educate yourself on the matter. Where there is knowledge, fear must go!

First comes the discovery
Followed by great anger, anxiety, depression
Then comes healing
Finally resume your joy and sanity
Then move forward

Sean Achilleos
His flawless facade veiled his private malignity, your sultry devil in sheep’s clothing.
Nathalie Hill Jan 20
I find myself hiding
under my bed sheets,
every corner of my room haunts me.
The alcohol on my breath worries my mother.
The aroma of your cologne
remains impregnated on the sweater
I wore the last time I saw you .
I hate you even though I miss you through my teeth
and even though this feeling consumes me,
I would not choose you again.
I hate the way I left but what I hate even more
is the fact that you were gone way before me.
My favorite part after a long and exhausting day
was to walk by that one street corner,
that **** corner where you first told me you loved me,
Now simply viewing it from afar hurts, burns.
I expressed out the fear that loving you caused me,
due the damage I had already lived through
and even so you continued to do me the same damage
I drown seeking answers for the endless doubts that you left me.
I drown in wine because it somehow brings me back to our first kiss.
Did you ever thought of me? Or did your narcissism get the better of you once again?
probably my most personal poem yet.
Filomena Aug 2022
Can you not hear yourself?
Do you see no issue with your personality?
If someone else talked that way about themself,
I highly doubt they'd receive your pity.
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 48.
Filomena Aug 2022
I'm a ******* genius.
I'm gifted to an insane degree.
How come you guys can't see this?
Why is everyone so mean to me?

I'm beautiful. I'm incredible.
I'm a hero. You're a spectator.
I'm important and you're negligible.
I'm the president, but I'm no dictator.
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 49.
Inspired by a fellow patient.
Chris Aug 2022
Looking through notifs
******* my own ****

Re-read my 'hits'
I love rolling in ****

Proclaiming my works 'art'
Mmm I sure love my farts

If you're not me then don't try
I'm the only one that can move me to cry
Everyone has to deal with narcissism to some degree and when I enter this website I feel like such a ******* *****
SiouxF Dec 2021
Conversation inhibited,
Yet also free of constraint,
Small talk a challenge,
In depth conversation my forte
And interrogation my ally
Bombarding others with quick fire questions,
‘You’re too deep’ it has been said more than once
As I reveal too much once again.

Misunderstanding social cues,
Eye contact a no no,
****** expressions a blur,
Tone of voice a trigger,
Hence emotions a minefield.

Literal listening,
Literal speaking,
Leading to sense of humour bypass,
Don’t waste your innuendos, irony and sarcasm on me,
Direct speaking is what wins the day.

Overwhelming sensory overload,
Tendency towards negativity,
A war of words
Inside my head
Pouring out my mouth,
Tearing me apart
And those whom I love.

Now working hard to change the script,
To be aware of the impact of deficiencies, defensiveness and quirkiness,
To remain level headed and mindful
As I alternate between tiptoeing and running roughshod
Through the labyrinth of life.
The implications of probably having Aspergers, and a world view shaped by a narcissistic father
SiouxF Dec 2021
All my life
Living under a cloud of doom and fear and negativity,
Believing I was deficient in some way,
I’d done something really bad,
But knowing not what.

Guilt now in tatters,
Shame no longer around,
Worry retreating,
As I finally discover
All I’m guilty of
Is being

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