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I dreamt of you last night

When I woke up the next day

The sky was ablaze

And for a moment I could see the future...

We were always destined to go down in flames.
After days of fighting again, of going round and round and circles... I woke up to the most beautiful, burning, sunrise... the orange clashing with the pinks in the most beautiful and chaotic way. Inspired by the sky, I accepted he was never going to change his ways... the friendship was never going to change and always end and restart the same way like it has... with damaging words and unforgiving flames from the fires he was always lighting.
We're all ****** when it comes to "love" or "like."
I've learned that by now right?
It starts with racing heartbeats and stars in the eyes.
It starts as a fun crush, but some move onto more while others are stuck with just crushes.
Wishing that he would like you instead of her...
Or wishing that you were special compared to his past girlfriends.
Or thinking that when he constantly looks at you that must mean something right?
Or it ends with heartbreak and wishing you could just have your best friend back.

So, here it goes...
This is for me and all my girl friends.

There's one who says she's over her ex and I believe her, but she still wants to hang out with her ex like that's normal.
There's another that looks at the guy she likes while he's talking about another girl.
There's another that knows she deserves better but settles for a guy that doesn't want to commit to commitment.
She's the catch here.
There's another, they would be so good together, but he's taking forever to make his intentions known. Should she dare to hope?
Then, there's me, who pines for a guy that is a shy one and he looks like he has some interest... But there's a big problem of distance.
We may never have a chance to start.

Why do we go for the complicated ones?
Why are we the cats in this game of "love"?
I'm writing this really in frustration for my friends in how hard they may be hurt in the process of their relationship or at the end of it. Every one of them has their reasons or irrational reasons for liking who they like or staying with them. Honestly, the same goes for me. I should just get over this guy... I don't even know if I have a chance. But don't we all get ****** because of someone?
Jai747 Dec 2018
Better a flawed diamond, than a perfect pebble.
Deny your own heart; you’re a rebel.
I cry for your happiness, you’ve laid it on a pile of bones.
This is why so many people lose diamonds in search of stones.

But diamonds are brilliant & bright,
And pressure only makes them shine with light.

One carat gone, a thousand more to find.
From the rough, new stars shall be mined.
I hope you are not left with only coal,
Because I’m about to discover the light of my soul.
A few lines stolen.. and a sappy metaphor.
Cicero Dec 2018
For while you grant me the strength to live, and the resolve to thrive,
While you grant me the loyalty of the most loving companion,
While your kindness draws the eyes of strangers and the hearts of the bitter,
And while you have pledged all of this to me, in an act of love I can never hope to see again, I must depart.

Because for all your virtues, you could never see that your flaw was me.
aka. The concluding remarks of a letter I never sent
Tamara Walker Dec 2018
The first creature to crawl
From the ocean sea
Was me

Longing for the earths crust
The law of gravity
The burst of flames
From the sun
To be tamed by wild woods
To run,
Through the grass like a fool
In my own reality

More came
Like me
They wanted life beyond
The shame
Of the cold-hearted waves

Beyond the edge
We gathered
Well fed and starry eyed
Under the pretense
A lie,
That our past
Made perfect sense

Mammals and hard stones
Gritty bits gathered
Between toes
Together we pushed

Creeping towards war
We fought
It was life and it was hard
Without intelligence thoughts
We died,
But what comes after
The end
Just a little poem about creations and endings.
Eleanor K Dec 2018
Have you found your way
To your Garden of Eden?
Walking on the gravel
Of your self-made path

The stars have emerged above you
As you enter your land of joy
The voices of your future
Begin to grow in laughs

You will soon laugh with them too

And yet, what have you
left behind?
The echo of your past
My voice
missing you,
longing for you,
Fading into black
The tears forming a stream
That you can go across

And I, what was I?
A pause in your journey?
A consideration of your story
That was eventually pushed away?

And so
As you get closer to your Garden
As the cross-hatched landscape
is fading into mist
The colors will get brighter
And more beautiful
And I
Will be already

Endings can be hard
Ray T Dec 2018
Yes you do
What does it help
Does it not bother you to think of what we had or what we wanted to be
It kills me
Then forget it
Don't do that to yourself
But that would only hurt so much worse
You're telling me
yah yeet
Eleanor K Dec 2018
and that
was the last time
I wished you
Happy birthday
Lady Ravenhill Nov 2018
A match burns so hot
In it's short, glorious life
Never lit again
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 63
If I am to die before you, I must
Tell you of where I will be.
I will be nowhere and everywhere you
see, beautifully simultaneously.

You don’t have to understand it; I don’t.
Just know that I don’t exist - but
in minds, fixed on family films,
And poetry; there, you’ll find me again.
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