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On the front steps of my mighty mouth.
And with the opening of my Ancient Smile.
Armored in Forever LOVE.
I give to all creation.
To humanity's cause.
The comforting smile of the ages.
Now adorning this moment's keep.
The Cosmic Smile mirrored in the return
of this Cosmic Version of Me.

Copyrighted (c) 2015
The power of the smile, and its roots in divinity.
EmVidar Sep 25
It wasn't from
lack of love
or trying
just us pretending
for too long
to be
what the other

-em vidar
rachel Sep 20
Sometimes I forget if I've always been this way
Or if a beast has taken hold
Of expectations lost
Desires unsatisfied
That's dried me up
Van Xuan Sep 19
The only word I hate
Because it is always said
When a person leaves me behind
And never return.
EmVidar Sep 15
The colour of your skin
masked the marks
you had left
while mine bared it all
hidden only by the
I allowed myself to tell

-em vidar
EmVidar Sep 14
We made promises
but never with the intention
of keeping them

-em vidar
there's a haze over her eyes
smoke fills her lungs
but instead of suffocating
she breathes in deeply
from the kiss of another
one whom she promised not to love
one who will be gone in three months
perhaps the only one she couldn't stand and yet simultaneously couldn't stand without

when his lips touch hers
it tastes of honey
and home
she laps each one up
addicted to the feeling
of sugar pouring down her throat
a lifeline connected to the sweet nectar
that feeds her very being
it swirls with the smoke
leaving a bittersweet taste on her tongue
for she is addicted to a love
that has a pre-defined ending.
I know I won't be able to handle the dead end:
when I finally crash into it, pummelling at the pace of a thousand winning horses, with the verocity of mountainous waves smashing against the rock face,
without a doubt
I'll be left
completely unrecognisable.
Ben Meraki Sep 12
Everyone's got something to say.
But they don't listen,
'cause they don't care.

Just want to softly slip away.
As moonlight glistens on the ocean,
the Mother whispers in the air.

I tried to leave it all behind.
Lay the past to rest
and free myself from pain.

Don't know how I could be so blind!
They'd never let it be that easy.
So they destroyed the plans I'd lain.

It doesn't matter now.

All the bridges are ablaze.
There's nothing left of what I knew.

I guess it's funny how I told you

"I won't desert you."
I never meant to hurt you.


I want you

to know that I'd do anything
to hold you one more time.

Your beauty is the only thing

I need you

to understand that you don't have
to be the things I see

to hear those words from me.

I love you...


But everybody's got their games to play.
I stand on the sideline,
forever watching from afar.

Why would you believe the things they say?
Do you remember when I'd hold you
and we'd look up at the stars?

You told me that you longed to feel again.
But every time I brought that closer,
you just moved further away.

You used to say I take away your pain.
But now I just seem to burn you
with every word I say.


So I want you

to go and find your calling.

To spread your wings,
chase freedom without falling,

and I need you

to understand that I could live without you.

It's not about you.

but I love you

to smile the way you do
each time I'm with you,

and there's still so much more
that I would give you.

I'll relive the joy we've had
each time I close my eyes.

No future and no past.

I love you
Beautiful creature, there are no words...
Jenna Sep 3
Marry me. Let's make vows and promises and kiss with everything we have, while dancing the night away.

Marry me. We can have a daughter with your eyes and my smile, who laughs more than anything else.

Marry me. We can go travelling in our mini van, stressing over every turn before pulling over to the side, trying not to argue in front of her.

Marry me. Let's eat meals together and fight about the little things and never let a single thing go.

Marry me. So we can yell and scream in front of whoever we want until even the silence hurts.

Marry me. Let's break all our vows and promises and never kiss again.

Better yet divorce me.  We can pretend nothing happened and that marriage is overrated because love never lasts and I'll pretend if you will that I do not think about you every time I go to sleep alone.
Arke Aug 30
love, did you know
that every diamond
is made from death
compressed and contorted
transformed into something
just beautiful enough to wear
i was once carbon and oxygen
the weight of the earth on my chest
i'll never be as clear nor brilliant but still
you've worn me just the same
eliminated my multi-faceted edges
polished, a rock as any other
no one would believe i was a gem
i am made of dead things, worn out
eroded through the years
i can't sparkle the way you want me to
can't pretend to shine for only you
throw me back to the earth
i belong with the oceans and mosses
only through an end will i glow
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