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I feel like an unsolved rubiks cube;
Indecisive and confused,
Chaotic and muddled,
Vague and hazy.

Tongue twisted is what I feel
When someone asks;
for I can not say
anything for sure .

I am lost in the galaxy,
wandering through the forests -
I don’t know what path to take
to reach the destination set for me.

Oblivious to what I want
or what to do,
everything feels
unsure and unsteady
“It’s just a phase” is all I say .

For one day I will know,
the floor will not be unsteady
and it will be clear.

For I hold on to the hope
that one day
the rubiks cube will be solved
Somewhere in this world is the
Reason ..
I get mind ****** If I had no skills
He wouldn't still be with me
I'm sure of it ..
Selfish to think
I was really that important

Actualy quite the opposite
My tongue is just the Reason to
Pretends he cares

I'm just a waste if time
He says he doesn't deserve me

Maybe I am just a battle ship
Waiting to sink
Over speak and over. Think
Pitiful to think I was better then
Her .. He whorshiped the ground she walked on .. I will never stand a chance
She will always rule the shadows of my relationship
Taunting hiim

He could have her but got stuck with. Me
Im so bitter to say things
lashing out of anger
But I feel as if I'm just tge second choice cuz he couldn't have her
He dumped me for her December 22 2018
danna22081 May 17
It might be said:

And so I rest
Within the miniature, confined coup
Of nothing more than
What is considered a young,
Vulnerable girls’ room.

I welcome the waves of solitude
Ever acknowledged by the purest gratitude
I could have spared myself with
In the fullest life
I never lived…

For many are often dragged
Into the endless streams of treacherous, traitorous
Worlds of indecisively-protruding opportunities,
Offering all of which cannot,
And will never be encompassed within the arms of achievement.

And so I have given up
On the sheer light of innocence of various individuals.
Many are often masks
Of vibrant, varied visuals,
To colour my shaded vision which forever remains last.
Many individuals often turn to exaggerative modes of writing to express themselves.
Darryl M May 8
Out of the house at any time.
Yet any time seems to be when you also show up.
Your friends along.

I chose not, to be interested in you.
You chose not, for me to come after you.
Yet here we are,
You, I still want.

A tight grip, you hold on your friends.
A shield, they’ve become.
Can I unveil you in the dark of your hairs?

You act like nothing I’ve seen.
I guess that’s your hook.
I should’ve taken the hint and left you alone.
I can’t.
My mind’s still chasing after you.
My body is defeated with the hesitancy.

I’ve given up on the chase.
Yet my heart keeps believing.
There’s something more to explore.
There we go again,
My heart wants yours all to itself.

In relaxed times, thoughts of you are an upheaval.
To listen to a love song,
Why would I?
It doesn’t give me you.

Poetry, a tool to clear my mind.
Sharpened it is, at keeping you alive.
A contradiction to its existence.

A Man Love’s too,
But who can understand the riddles of a poet’s heart?
Completed: 06th May 2018 [14:00 PM]
Darryl M May 8
I knew I had to take you out the moment I saw you.
You told me, ‘in my dreams.’
What do you think I’ve been doing?
You’re the girl of my dreams.
Oops, I’m awake, I guess I prefer the real you.
I don’t have to say much, I just have to say enough.
But with you, what is enough?

You’re everything that shuts a guy down.
Everything that seethes glaciers.
Everything that turns me on.

I don’t want to have children.
But I see my heirs in your eyes.

I love you, and that scares you.
Maybe the real reason you’re scared, is because you want me too.
Amateur Sonnet
Darryl M May 6
A believer I can’t be,
A fan of love she’s not.
The connection between.
How do I quench my thirst away from you?

Don’t be rubbing your love on my scars.
For all spots on your body,
Your heart, I shy away from.

At our first encounter,
Views of my heart were not in the picture.
Commitment be at a distance,
Send me your location.

Is it love that is a feeling?
For I fall not.
Can there ever be a you and I?
It’s not about what I say,
It’s about what you want to feel,
And unto which source it comes from.

A Rock of Ages it is,
Throw it unto me if it doesn’t hurt back.

As vague a term as love,
Love crafted by her hands,
Shaped by the lovers’ hearts,
Steady as warm water,
Is what the alien craves to explore.

It requires the unmasking of a being.
Not all skeletons are in the closet,
Some are scaled drawings on our faces.
Intimacy is ready for any person,
But can the person dress my skeletons with flesh of love?

Take me for a swim,
So, I may know the depth of your love.
Shy Mar 24
I am never sure of anything
I am terrible at making choices
I second guess almost everything

But I never second guessed loving you
km Mar 19
is it right
to laugh at someone
who's pouring anger
towards someone
for hurting?

is it right
to tell everyone
that she's crazy
just because she's angry?

is it right
that I feel bad
because i was once in the same position
and being angry was my only way
only way of telling everyone
that i was hurting?

is it even right
to bring you back into my life
now that i'm witnessing you do this?

i can tell you've changed
but deep inside
are you still the same person i fell in love with
over a year ago?

here i am
always confused
my indecisiveness
just doesn't help me
move on or go forth with my life

so is it right
to have you back in my life?
is it right?
another oldie i found in my drafts
How do you know who to trust
When you have two friends
Who know you better than anyone
But can never agree on a single thing
inner discontent over love choices
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