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What we have become is
'easier than'

Easier than fighting,
easier than being alone,
easier than starting fresh with someone new.

What if the only reason we're seeing this through
is some twisted form of convenience?
Some roundabout portrayal of what's easier than
staying home alone in our rooms.
Months and Years of preparation, dashed in an instant
through a letter, one Form or another.

We keep trying to pick up the pieces
because it's easier than looking into each others' eyes
and admitting we just don't work anymore,
if we ever worked in the first place.
The longer I stay in this dark place
the less likely the latter seems, if I'm honest.
I want this to happen.
It'd be easier than being without you.
Would it?
Would it really?
Or would it just be easier than starting over?
i am very indecisive
i cannot decide anything
this or that
i don't know
but i know one thing for sure
and that is
i want to be with you for the rest of my life
i am very indecisive
but this
i'm 100 percent sure of

Keller Oct 23
You can be full of life
Bursting with it
Growing hope inside you
Nauseous with happiness
Heart beating with uncertainty

It takes 5 minutes to ***** it away
One choice
One decision
To throw you into a lifetime of
Pain and over thinking
Little sacrifices cause big waves
Michael Sep 19
I should have listened to my mother,
She told me to think before I act.
After all the struggles in life I wish I could take my thoughtless actions back,
But I can’t so that’s that.

Running this race of life,
Leaves you feeling like you just might,
Get up and disappear into the night.
I don’t want to do that, I know it’s not right.
But here I am thinking I just might.

A life of bad decisions,
Thrown in with indecision,
Mixed up with a total lack of precision,
Has left my soul feeling like I’m missing.

It’s too late to change the past,
But I need to move fast to make the future last,
And indeed to watch the present pass.
Life could have been easier, it could have been a blast.
Looking back and missing now
May Aug 12
i remeber when i first started writing
how my anger was fueled by these people

who i can now laugh with and it’s genuine
who would just be there even after the bump
but now the people who took that place
are making me feel that way

the urge to write those nasty and cruel words
and then feel nothing at all afterwards

i’ve been feeling like a broken record
having to repeat myself over and over

and no it doesn’t get easier after the second time
in fact it’s even harder the other go arounds

it makes me feel like you aren’t listening
that you don’t care about my feelings

but that’s okay because i’m fine with having
one friend who understands me completely

if you don’t prevent the record from playing
i’ll just have to do that myself
i’ve been feeling very weird about some stuff lately and i address situations but it doesn’t help because i still feel the same.
L Jul 31
I'm excited
and anxious
and indecisive

I can't wait
but wish it would
take some more time

more time
to figure things out
more time
to learn
about myself
and life

but I can't wait
to start over
can't wait
to explore the world
can't wait
to find out
what future
has planned for me
thoughts of a teenage girls who can’t decide if she’s happy or not that time flies by so fast
I don’t want to be okay
And live my life another way
Not right now
Not today

I don’t want to get better
or get worse
But I keep complaining that it hurts
Where I am
I think I like the pain
I think I wanna stay

I’ll just be here sinking
I remembered this better
Is it really any better?

You say you want me healed
But I think you like me this way
Or maybe you just want to run away
And leave my carcass in the rain
Hope I wash away
But I’ll just end up on the bay

Like i’m stalking you
Following you
‘Cause you said you want me better
But I think I’d rather jump
it has more meaning than it sounds, interpret as you like
Gray Jun 14
What do i like to eat for dinner?
Well, I certainly don’t eat concrete,
Or a old moldy beet,
Or a comfortable seat,
I would never eat any of those, which would make me thinner.

What do i like to eat for supper?
Well, you would never see me consuming cuddly teddy bears,
Or long wooden stairs,
Or that strange green carpet i once found upstairs,
Eating any of those would surely cause me to suffer.

Oh? You’re actually curious of things i would eat?
Maybe i’d eat a big plate of cooked meat,
Or even a big bowl of something made from wheat,
Perhaps something that’s extremely sweet,
Eating any of those would undeniably make any meal complete.
all for you May 17
all for you
is just that
all for you
but maybe not you
and maybe a you far off in the future
but it's you
you i don't know yet
or maybe i do know you
but it's for you
because it's all for you
all of this
all of us
all of these
lead to you
everything i have ever done
everything i do
everything i will do
will lead me to you
so here it is

it's all for you
maybe i'll find you some day soon // love always
I listen to the words of tv hosts
trying – or maybe just pretending – to analyze
topical issues of the day in depth
on their panels with certified expert on the issue

yet in the end mostly remains a host of possibilities
rarely a clear decision
more seldom even a provocative conclusion
one could at least start arguing about

what happened to well-structured arguments
that did not lend themselves to fuzzy readings
but had a recognizable opinion at their core
challenging viewers to discuss some more?
Griping about the lack of good TV panels seriously discussing topical isses
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