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Zywa Apr 6
An imperfection

is a shadow in your life --

with thanks to the sun.
Novel "Midnight's Children" (1981, Salman Rushdie), chapter 3-7 "Abracadabra": We must live, I'm afraid, with the shadows of imperfection

Collection "Low gear"
Zywa Feb 4
Behind the curtain

of his music he dances:

the master flautist.
From Orpheus's lyre to the flutes of the *****

Composition for ***** (or harpsichord), SwWV 319, on the theme of "Ballo del granduca" ("The Grand Duke's Ball", 1590, Jan P. Sweelinck), performed on January 27th, 2024 by recorder ensemble The Royal Wind Music in the Organpark (arrangement Hester Groenleer)

Collection "org anp ark" #347
Zywa Jul 2023
The old actor has

been playing all grandfathers --

for twenty-five years.
Alan Arkin (New York City 1934-2023)

Collection "The Yellow House Museum"
Zywa Sep 2022
My most important deeds
were to stop the work
to talk with you

about the rules and your ideas
to ask time after time
What is it all about?

What are we doing?
To practice the skill
to be critical

to figure out the beaten tracks
to dare to check them and
to choose the best approach

I remember your names
How did you go?
Have you become giants?

Giantesses without the vanity
of the people, who do not dare
to abide when it comes to it?
Collection "Lilith's Powers" #21
Zywa Sep 2021
The crow builds a nest

in the axil of the tree --

very beak-handy.
Collection "Without reserve"
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you or worse create a war within or between you and your life- they come to help you realize your hidden potential, your abilities, your capacity for great things; they come to meet you as prompts to connect you with yourself and begin to move deeply into the growth phase you are inherently and subconsciously needing.
When your heart and mind are calling out for you to find the support and the truth you need to free yourself from manipulative or toxic behaviors and people themselves, and they feel stuck and do not know what to do to get there or to move into that space to do so, it might often feel like nobody hears you calling, like your mind does not hear what your inner thoughts are saying to you or your heart is so insistently yearning for on the inside. The surface of this true and honest desire that you want for yourself is being projected as if you have it, but it inwardly and quietly feels desensitized or at times even indifferent on the inside and you must wake it up. Nobody talks to it, but it speaks to you, in whispers to get your attention, musing you but you ignore the signs each time it tries to nudge you in another direction for your best, it urges you to make a new choice, but you choose not to listen to the words and just keep going keeping on with your self-projected ideals as if everything is perfect. Crying combined with frustration and unfavorable self-esteem inside knowing this is not the case.  
Well, I would like to share with you this learned wisdom, and this comes from my own journey of transformational and personal change.
Change can only occur once you turn inward and look into your own mirror, your own light, and appreciate it without listening to the voices of others who attempt to persuade you of what and who they are.

Let no one puppeteer you, you control your world.
You reach out to it and speak to it because you want to. And trust, it will respond.
You’ll never have to ever worry about the Universe giving you an answer in return.
That is what it there for and it always will.
This is the voice.

You’ll then begin to allow yourself to listen
and hear it’s thoughts like you hear your own, you may even visualize it and speak back, but do so calmly and appreciatively in a kind and confident manner when you’re ready and this image, this voice will listen to you too.
It always does.

For all the artists, the creators, the lovers, the shifters that need healing for themselves and others or for anyone who simply needs to hear this- I’ve been there and I’m here for you now.

There is always hope even without knowing it.

Why? Because there is always faith in who you are and the knowing that all the love you put into the wrong will work itself out by transforming  into right ministering as it should
in the end.
Zywa Feb 2021
I enjoy sitting in the sun
waiting, desirable
I think, I hope
to be for you
Around me, people are
going their way, as always
The sun moves on
and the shadow follows
Fish keep quiet
boats sail past
the smell of charcoal
Life is food, someone laughs
The sounds drift off
My waiting is over
blown away in eternal now
I enjoy sitting in the shade
Collection “Lilith's Powers” #23
biche Dec 2020
There is an simple little trick —
Simple, not easy —
That a person can employ
When joy
Eludes the soul.

Observe the person worrying,
Whatsoever the person is Doing.

Zoom out. See?
Now say “that is not me.”
Like a cell divided,
There is you,
And there is also
The Watcher.

The act of Watching
Creates a space
Just big enough for
The Grace the
Self needs
To fly in and perch like a little bird
Smiling into the chaos —
See? There is a we
Inside the I!
Watch me fly!
You are ok, no matter what.
Charlotte Ahern May 2020
Don't offer the fuel it needs
to set you on fire
it's true though don't you think?
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