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DancingEntWrites Jul 2019
I will love you,
And I will love you hard
And deep.
And pure.

I will smile at you
With all of my love
When you laugh,
When you sing,
When you dance,
When you're kind.

And especially when you smile and cover your mouth when you're being shy.
But I know I will just look back with fond memories. At some point we will part ways, and any love that is was or will be between the two of us will become those memories we cherish well into our greys.
R Amber May 2019
he is the moon that shines down on me when i'm lost in the labyrinth of a cornfield at one in the morning

and he is the sun that peeks behind the clouds after a misty afternoon spent studying at the local library

he is the sand that shifts under the sea in the wake of a creature rising up from a good afternoon slumber

and he is the sky that envelopes the world in a palette of colors that reminds us of the passage of time and time again

he is a house built on love and passion with pillars that shake but never break as the earth falters and cries

and he is the horizon that paints my perspective a burning flame the intensity of a wildfire nobody in the vicinity foretold

he is the breeze that greets me on the balcony as i laugh with strangers that assure me i am doing just fine

and he is the moment of being half-asleep when i mumble my words in response to my mother who kisses my cheek

he is the lexicon of forbidden words that i store behind the door at the back of my heart which beats once in a while

and he is the silence that infiltrates the damp mood but also gives me a draft on which i ink the first beats of a song
inspired by yuzuru hanyu
Charlotte Ahern Mar 2019
How do you know who to trust
When you have two friends
Who know you better than anyone
But can never agree on a single thing
inner discontent over love choices
allsmallletters Feb 2019
Everything I've had
Nothing to compare
You think you understand
Zero comprehension
One day
Or night
You'll realise
Too much pressure
Purity overload
Forever is an understatement
Once in an existence
Cogs that can only turn each other
None before
None after
Everything and nothingness
Speed of light
Heaviness beyond weight
Unable to find
Will never lose
Vows meaningless
Words exempt
Clarity withal
Ying v yang
Noun; very strong liking
The whole caboodle
Love. You.
SMS Feb 2019
I sat looking for a four leaf clover
Wishing for some sign of luck
You messaged me and changed everything
Who says three leaf clovers aren’t lucky?
Amoy Apr 2018
It’s like walking on air
Floating on sunshine

Sniffing rainbows
Dancing with unicorns

Twirling under sunsets
Always and forever my love
Ashley Thao Dam Sep 2018
I am standing in the doorway
And it is 2:37 in the morning

There are people smoking
And people talking
And all I see is you looking at me

Afraid to move
Afraid to make a connection
Afraid to potentially feel like
This isn't some passing moment

Where I'll hold your hand
Maybe kiss you
Discover all your favourite things
And see how the align with mine

A moment where
We'll lay in your bed
Barely touching
Because we already feel warmth

Each story and detail is like
A breath of
To love
To befriend
To remember

I am standing in the doorway
And I'm unsure of what to come
I am blind
I am deaf
I am disconnected

I see how the moonlight hits your face
I smell the moisture in the air
It is 2:38 in the morning
And I don't know why you are here

A superficial outline of my fantasies
An idea come to life
I've imagined an entire narrative where
Something happened
Something was there

As I stand in the doorway
I watch you whisper the lyrics
Of songs you love

Noting each melody
Each singular note
Each pause
I am besotted

I am standing in the doorway
It is 2:39 in the morning
I am pondering
And grieving  
What could've been
And will never be
Roseanna Aug 2018
I will not love for fear of losing,
And if a fondness should creep through,
Like ivy I’ll cut it back.
Ashley Thao Dam Jul 2018
I wonder when I'll hear from you
Will I hear from you?
I guess these things have their own rhythm
A course of actions
Unfolding at the precise moments
That they need to

A cadence
Sometimes so bold
So quick and fiery
It makes me melt
It makes me bend
It makes me feel conscious again

Then it fades
Goes cold and crumbling
It's as if
The landscapes of our fate
Were barren to begin with

In this time of fluidity
Of movement and transition
I want to feel grounded

I want to feel like I belong
Together with you
Do I?
Or am I just waiting?
For these moments that seem like they're fading

To conflate into a meaning
A purpose
A feeling
That I've been missing all along?

I wanted to grow
And just...
Move on
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