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m h John Mar 22
being welcomed into a new heart
is like moving
into an unfurnished house
you don’t know
where you’re the most comfortable
or which rooms are
the darkest
and the lightest
but once you’ve lived there
for some time
you figure it out
and suddenly
home is a safe place
on a sunday morning
with coffee and a fire
don’t be afraid of new love
Peter Balkus Mar 1
They don't settle down,
their home is in the stars.
They quietly wait
for sweet homecoming.
mslu Feb 20
thanks to the basketful of maybe's
i collected
when we were one
it would seem
i'd be well equipped to deal
with the next one's indecisiveness

oh well.
Audra Jan 10
Am I being
        too picky—
Should I settle
       for what I know?

But I was taught
         to never settle,
For that will lead
        only to regret.
to settle for one’s affections: a decision unwise
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
Its never my intention to settle down.
Always a crook more than a clown.
I look into your eyes and find they are forever friendly.
Going down the road. Wherever you send me.

The real injustice is when justice wins and locks you up instead of settling sins.
Where to begin?
Even those who claim to be holy said we're born into sin.

Those who really know me would say
"Personality is a thing to weigh and then be pinned up"
when sin is not enough.
Forever grateful.
Then walk on along your way… smashing the grape bowl.
Into wine, I find we have a more pleasant conversation.

Imagine this while we kiss, a moment of blissful sensation.
You're on the planet of misfit toys.

Meanwhile this guy is happy with his new Rolls Royce.
So happy he might as well rejoice.
Well guess what?
Its not a choice. Not an option.
You must go about your day.
Til death pops in.
You see we're all just locked into fate and settling down is just a wait...

Instead you do something about it.
Rock your head… invest your wit.
Set fire to an entire island.
Have a fit.
Don't address the silence and the silence wins.
Basically a conversation with my girlfriend.
Diana Santiago Oct 2018
Mornings and I don't get along
We are like oil and water
There is no sweet connection
They don't ever get my attention

Conversations invade my mental fog
Please be quiet and don't speak
Give me just five minutes to clear out
Before closing me in with words from your mouth

Allow me to refuel with some caffeine
Marinate my senses through coffee beans
Let it break up the fogginess screen
For if you don't I will let out a piercing scream
Not a morning person whatsoever! When people who are too hyper start conversations with me early in the morning it irritates me to no end! Good morning to all anyway! :)
Gale L Mccoy Oct 2018
me: the embodiment of wind
in that it ceases to exist
at a standstill
as if forced to become a solid
refusing to keep form

[nothing of me settles
not even my stomach
and certainly not my mind
hounding me like ****
if **** had too many eyes
and a scent like sleepless]

in day: the oceans breath in
at night: the land breaths out
Is there a question?
"Have you settled?"

What the ****
you think?

Love is terrifying, like that.
It binds you from your judgment.

I have settled, yes.
Settled in, to the fact

That love just
like that.

Have I settled?
You really think there's more?

Capture excitement
while you can,


Kada Oct 2018
If you forget to realize your God's master, you'll settle for being someone's side piece.      
Why settle for something you don't deserve?
Glumbugged Sep 2018
Don't look at me!
I feel so hideous.
Begging on Death's cold porch.
A peasant to the poor.

Oh, woe is I!
Moi can't take this any longer.
I've been rejected by this world.
Life's grip has left me to wonder...

Why should I settle for life?
I didn't know my options.
Death's door is just right here!
I come to the ground as with all of my tears.

It's time I leave my Life.
Although he's so precious.
I'm cheating on him for Death.
So please, just let me in!

Although Death could take me...
And do it without effort...
No one has opened up.
And now I'm regretting my mistake...

I don't want to go back...
But I cannot stay here...
Death didn't take me In.
That's something I should fear.

I guess I'm stuck in pause.
Living with the Limbo.
Between Life, my ex and Death.
I have no one to settle with.

I will never wake up...
In a way, Death took me anyway.
Life still comes over too.
Fighting for me even though I said I was through.
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