KM Hanslik Apr 7
I'm going to grow my hair long, so I
don't have to look you in the eye when I speak;
I'm going to take a rough surface to my skin until
it's too calloused to bleed
(or maybe I'll bleed anyway).

I'm going to tell you that I can't do this anymore, I'm going
to tell you that I need to quiet down, that this
is no place to build a home, but that the timing
was perfect and I can't quite bring myself
to say no.

I'm going to lay my fears down at your feet, but don't
crush them;
bring them into your home and make it ours,
soften the lighting and ask me, what happens after
the sparks settle?

And I'll lay my skin on yours -
softly, because everything after the flames must be gentle -
and I'll quiet your heartbeats
and show you.
mk Mar 29
he tells me he'll buy me a white house
with a picket fence and i laugh because
it sounds so absurd to me
why would anyone want to live in
this plastic world of despair
i mean, maybe i'm judging it too hard
but i just can't see myself
driving a mini-van with two kids
crying in the backseat complaining
and calling me "mom" as if they their
mother-tongue was not Urdu
i can't do soccer games and ballet lessons
or wait every night at 8PM to have a
family dinner
i am not anyone's wife in an apron
and there is nothing wrong with choosing
the american dream
just that its a nightmare for me
i want to finger paint the house a
million shades of rainbow
i want to tie a braid in my hair
and lie under the sun
let it kiss me until i'm brown
and free.
i want my children to blast
bollywood and dance with me
no choreography, just love
i want a husband who falls in love
with my henna covered hands and
the way i smell of the sea
i can't see myself settling to a world
where everything looks just the same
or a man who loves me in a clean,
innocent way
i know this sounds stupid and i'm not
one for crazy romance but
laughing during sex and screaming during fights
is something that feels more than alright
i like the edge and the stability in knowing
that you're not going anywhere, we're going
i want my children to climb on their father's back
and tickle him until he cries
i want them to paint his nails
and tie his hair in little ponytails
i want them to go to the beach and not worry
about getting sand in between their toes
i want them to wake up in the morning
with their messy hair and lopsided smiles
i want them to run around the house
the way their parents did
chasing each other only to fall
into each other's arms.
he makes a seven figure salary and i said goodbye.
ivy Mar 16
I settle for less
Because less is more
Love yourself before you love someone else. You may find you are stuck when you are in love. If you need love, don't crawl and scratch your way to find it. It's in yourself.
Xaha Feb 23
Doom myself to mediocrity,
Doom myself for good.
Raise myself to excellence,
Sacrifice my good.
Try to make a difference,
Gladly - if I could.
Is all that’s left to settle?
I won’t accept it though I should.
Breanna Stockham Dec 2017
Some like to live by following lists
To decide what's good enough,
Trusting the rules, the "shoulds" and ideals,
Not heart, intuition or gut.

Rulebooks and list have a time and place,
A purpose, a reason, a use,
But if unhappy we aren't let down
We just list another excuse.

"He's so nice, I must be wrong,
This job should be my dream."
Following lists can lead to smiles  
But they won't make you beam.

To find your own fulfillment,
Don't follow a recipe,
Or assume it is one size fits all,
Don't take your happiness lightly.

So yes, you can follow a guide
Of where you think you should go,
You can settle for things that make you content
Or wait for what makes you glow.
Josh Overson Dec 2017
If there's one thing that I've believed in most.
It's you.
Never settle.
There is no one.
More gifted; more determined, or more designed.
Then you.
Never settle.
Not for me
Not for what you're given.
But for what you want.
And with everything in me, I wish I could give it to you.
I've always known your calling to change the world. You'll get there. You are going to do great things. I've always felt it... oddly I mean like almost literally felt it. You're strong.
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2017
Girl, boy,full moon,
Candle light dinner,romance,
Boy says,"Pay the bill."
After so much courting and romance my boyfriend told me to settle funny the bill
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
Ashen barren lands,
Sprawling across desiccated settlements,
Dissected and viscerally displayed,
For all the world to see,
Even if there are no observers,
Left upon the wastes.

Temporal Fugue Nov 2017
What the hell happened too the ethics
morals be damned
Slimy and ethical?
Or unethical, and righteous?
It's a no win ;|
Angela Rose Nov 2017
Getting married at 22 sound a lot like leaving the party at 9:30
Like leaving the party when there are only three people there
Like leaving the party although you have not uttered a word to another soul
Like leaving the party before anybody new arrives
Like leaving the party when only the beer has showed up and no liquor
Like leaving the party before the cool kids even show their faces
Like committing the rest of your life to vanilla ice cream and you’ve only ever tasted vanilla ice cream
Like sticking with what you know and not venturing away
Getting married at 22 sounds a lot like settling down
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