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Amaryllis Nov 22
Are you guys happy?
I’m asking questions every now and then. Feel free to answer in the comments, maybe answer for yourself or just skip them.. :)
Toast Ghost Nov 16
A lie,
A look,
That's all it took.
Moved on,
And what did you expect?
The rope
Lost hope
The scars on my neck.
Ouch! that hurts....*still* hurts
NotTheSame Nov 12
Remember the day we met?
And you said you'd be mu friend?
And we started to fall
In love, in love, in love

Remember the days we spent?
Talking about the end?
And how we were
In love, in love, in love

Remember the day you met?
And she said she'd be your friend?
And we were still
In love, in love, in love

Remember the day you took her to bed?
And said we could still be friends?
And how you two were
In love, in love, in love

Remember how much I hurt?
And how you had been my world?
And how i thought we were
In love, in love, in love
Josiah Bates Sep 29
I know it's late.
I'm sorry for keeping you up.
Do you still love me?

I know it's annoying,
that I ask that all the time
I just wanted to make sure...

Do you?
Evie Sep 25
i arrived just in time to watch you follow her into another room

i left just in time to watch the police turn into the neighborhood

i almost called you to warn you

but i realized that if you don't respect me

why should i do anything less for you
dont go to parties. dont to drugs. be smart. dont cheat on people.
BoringBoy Aug 21
Zoe Grace Aug 20
Let me get this STRAIGHT.
Hold on, I'm gonna run this BI you.
I wanna see how this PANs out, ok?
LES just see how this goes.
I need you to TRANSfer those papers.
Come on, I bet you ACEd the test!
It's late and I'm delusional and my sleep deprived brain thinks I'm funny. Shhhh, don't tell me I'm wrong.
I'm a proud panromantic potato btw.
Zoe Grace Jul 24
I am pathetic
I will fall for anyone
Who is nice to me.
My little heart can't take the stress anymore. It's just too hard.
Absolutely Pathetic
rei Jun 22
my spine crawls at the realization that
"i am back for the million of hours lost
when i wouldn't accept that i wanted,
or at least discovered, death's reason."

my back breaks when i finally drop
the load of toxicity that i used to have,
the toxicity that i now visibly contract at.
but others are the ones who have grudges seeping into them.
at least, i think

i am back
but i will be gone
because commitment gives me mr.anxiety as a counselor
Butterfly Jun 20
Two bags of little KitKat's.
You eat a lot when you feel depressed.
I will get diabetes.
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