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E Aug 22
E Jul 28
You just got roasted
Asominate May 16
I hear strings snapping
And I'm laughing
At the pain

It has finally happened
I am at this
Point again

The last strands breaking
I am shaking
Under bane

Madness is calling
And I'm falling
To the flames.
No matter how many times it happens, psychosis always hit different, yo.
Love seldom comes once
It comes and goes
The way the stars kiss the ocean
Times without number
Lynnia Mar 18
Maybe that’s the
Point of all these
Stars as they fall
Louder than me
Even in death
Together they bleed
We all die the same
But they’re better than me.
I break everything I touch
Whether I like it or not
The pain is a bit much

I steal hearts like a siren
and leave them out to dry
Men flock to me like pigeons
Yet I don't understand why

My features are average and I'm a grade-A *****
I don't offer apologies for broken hearts, not even a stitch

I have infinite suitors yet I want none of them
I want my Swan, he's my gem

******, the word is a sadistic place
The one man I want, would just laugh in my face
My heart breaks a thousand and one times
I lose myself in my thoughts
And can't come up with rhymes
I used to think life was worthy of living
Until I was hurt so much
There was more taking than giving

I lost my best friend by a misunderstanding
We haven't spoken in months
It was all a crash landing
The blur, I forget, was it me who did wrong?
It's hard to remember the details...
Still the radio plays our song
Miss you, "Orleena"
Vespa Woman Jan 6
So naive, so whole
She smiles as fireworks burst in her eyes soon to sizzle out surely to die, because her smile will then turn to a cry.
Eternally happy
Eternally in love
She's lost in the moment
This poem is stupid but I've got nothing else rn, sorry
Vespa Woman Nov 2019
A lie,
A look,
That's all it took.
Moved on,
And what did you expect?
The rope
Lost hope
The scars on my neck.
Ouch! that hurts....*still* hurts
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