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Ziploc Bag Oct 2021
And yes, I am Someone.
By default, I have a few names,
Someone Is Knocking At The Door,
Someone will do that, or
Old People Need Someone To Talk To.  
But really I’m just Someone Else.
Who is Someone?
yama verita Oct 2020
there were no feelings to rid—
it wasn't love to begin with.
Sh Sep 2020
They say we are like beasts in the night;

Senseless and wild.
Menacing fangs, ready to devour the world.

In truth, we are like wolves;

Untamed with teeth to rip apart all who dares threaten our packs.

With furs to cuddle the biting cold away, sharp ears and eyes to pick up on the first signs of danger.

In truth, we are like cats;

Finding our home back from the streets,

Or simply knowing how to get away from the hand that feeds nothing but pain.

In truth, we are like rats;

Blamed for a disease we do not have,

Deemed filthy and wretched by all who refuse know us.

In truth, we are like crows;

Beloved by the outcasts,

Flock together into groups, loyal with a love that can bring gods down.

In truth, we are like mint;

Impossible to get rid of, no matter how many of us you pluck out of this earth.

Persistent and all the more lovely for it.

You say we are like seeds planted in pots;

Destined to settle down the way the gardeners dictated, all other possible futures disregarded.

In truth, we are like the moon;

the phases are nothing but your refusal to see as us a whole.
Kenedie May 2020
"It's ok, I feel sad too sometimes."

But not like this.

"You're faking it."

I'm only telling the truth.

"I know how you feel."

Not on my level

"Stop being so lazy!"

Lazy  ≠ exhausting

"Get over it, and stop feeling sorry for yourself."

I can't get over a mental illness.

"It's not that bad if you aren't cutting yourself"

Self harming isn't always cuts.

"Don't give your life away!"

Actually, good idea, what do I have to lose?
I have had depression for a long period of time. These things have been said to me. Even though I kept silent, this is what I would really like to tell them back.
Flynn Apr 2020
This ****** organism
Flowing with Lyricism
Endowed with Witticism
Maybe lacking in rhythm...
But not in favouritism
Look under the skin
Why the schism
What is the division
Needless criticism

Wait... did I just become the villain?
Is there ever any need for judgemental comparison?
Janelle Tanguin Oct 2019
You were wrong about me.
I am no halcyon,
no summer song,
but a wilted rose you picked
with its sharp thorns.

I wasn't a catch.
I am a fire hydrant's glass.
Something constantly left shattered
when it all goes up in smoke.
Inktober 2019
Day 29
Prompt: Catch
Charlotte Ahern Jul 2019
if i think of you
does it mean that you’re thinking of me
or is my innocence pure ignorance
and denial of the truth
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