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Everyone has a dream
Very few have the guts to chase them
Even fewer are those who reach them

And I'm one of the many who settled
Charlotte Ahern Sep 2020
those who choose to lay in the river
eventually drift
into someone they know
and call it fate
Can you tell I prefer to make things happen than leave things to fate? lol
J J Jul 2020
I had blood in my eyes but was lost

For years before, drifting like a pupeteered

White shadow being sprung along the pavement.

Remember when I first met you

Your cheeks were like bitten roses

And I could see the hinges of your glasses

As your hair was clipped so short. Broken-hearted Delia

Gambling with someone who'd have done less damage

Left alone. We keep getting ourselves stranded but how far

We've gotten still. I lived long enough to send you the ashes
Of my fallen body double.

You managed to paint the image in the mirror as a butterfly
Without altering a thing. We'll get there.

Remember when I first met you when all we wanted to do was die? Remember when

You first held my hand and I said that that Beatles song didn't sound so cheesy anymore?

No. Because I didn't say that; it would have ruined the moment surely. I might've thought it

Although I'm sorry if I did. When I'm worried I think of the oddest escape clauses; but I'm sure

That moment went by in a peaceful silence. Dead of night.

I ensure your saftey with my life, I think we'll make this worth

every bit of energy we have. Soles slapping the salty concrete

  and capturing frost. The stars are out again. I wonder if they're the same stars. I wonder why they look so different tonight

Than when we look up at them together x
Owen J Henahan May 2020
I trace your name in air. Your feet follow
my up-down circle rhythms, steps unsteady,
bearing you fruitlessly into the sky. Like settling,
I bring you back down to earth. You bury yourself
in the crease of my collarbone and neck, joyous
smile sidelong, caught and carved in bas-relief.
Like settling, I bring you back down to earth.
Let you go. I lift you again, and again, tired arms
straining higher, desperate to guard this sculpted ecstasy
from the blunted hammerstrikes of reality. You
ought to see by now that sculptors exist to create
the very moment they strive to preserve.
To shield you and history from what follows:
your feet crashing down, relief cracking to sorrow.
John McCafferty May 2020
Afternoon sun
soaked in skin
Rays replenish
mind then at ease
Sounds are settling
softened by breeze
End of the week
surrounded by green
Two days to please
Reciprocating energy
from the power of flowers
and leaves
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
A Apr 2020
People talk about near-death experiences
and I feel like me almost staying with you was one.

Like me settling, saying 'fine, this is fine'
whilst my heart cried for more,
that was definitely one.

And it feels like I've just made it out alive,
my heart bleeding, my mind a mess
and my arms so tired from carrying you
but still, I made it.
Usama Firdous Feb 2020
If only it is meant to happen

No persuasion will bring a hindrance.

Pain is subjective, sorrows are possessed

Light aches my eyes, in the dark I am depressed

Insomnia bothers me, maybe I should curse it.

I should not swallow the bitter, maybe just spit.

It wasn’t a matter of months, but my wishes took so long

Thoughts beyond west of the west but emotions don’t go so long

In spite of respite, desolate notions are still popping

Worst is to happen, nothing is for stopping.
see me here as well.
Willow Branche Jan 2020
Cat-calls and glances meant to sting
**** her heart - what a tired thing.
“Too big a heart” she spoke before.
Now her heart, it pleads “No more!”
She caresses my bones, fluid, moaning
This empathy leaves me open, groaning
Confusion settles in like a sickness.
What can she possibly do to fix this?
So she settles for the knife like
She settles for the pipe
She settles, she settles,
she settles, she settles.
She settles, she settles,
she settles, she settles.
Nothing anymore. Sweating. Broken.
She swears her heart will never reopen.
The pain in her eyes, left unspoken
She swears at God hoping someone will hear her choking.
What can she do to fix this?
So she settles for the knife
Like she settles for the pipe.
She’d rather take her life
Than be bound to this strife so
She settles, she settles,
she settles, she settles.
She settles, she settles,
she settles, she settles.
Desolate and barren,
The canyons call to me
Like the coyote calling the moon.
It feels so familiar,
Feels just like home.

Lugubrious and dwelling,
This weight cannot leave my
Chest until I relieve it;
And I can’t succeed,
Not this time.

Swallowed up into a sea,
I forfeit to a controlled fate.
Yes, I feel the downward spiral.
Yes, I sense the impending disaster.
No, I cannot bring myself to change it.

Here, I fall so short.
I never claimed to be an angel;
In fact, the Devil loves me.
I take his demons and allow
Them shelter within me.

Yes, I know the damage done.
Yes, I will never stop the spiral.
No, I cannot bring myself to change,
And that is where I continue
J J Jan 2020
Like a stem floundering through muck
Just to blossom in the sun,
I will do my everything
to make you feel at home.

When December ends and the sea
Reconnects to its frosty coat
And we stroll over pavements
Icey as opioded eyes

I will try to fix myself
Into your fantasy

For I know you could never
Be mine and I know

I have nothing left to lose

Apart from your physical presence.
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