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Kofi ye Oct 2020
through my gallery
to find the epitome of throwbacks
to be posted on social media
the struggle
i’m tired
thinking out loud
on what’s really important
the memories gone
the present ?
dear reader please enlighten me
mark soltero Sep 2020
it’ll subside
you think that you you’ll be fine
you’ll be happy
as long as you can see the sunrise

you won’t enjoy the view
you’ll even act surprised
like you didn’t know
you won’t be back for more

no one sees the inside of you
the only things inside me
are empty thoughts, anger and wet dreams
every time it’ll be different
but it’s not
all is the same
leechyna Sep 2020
'''Am home
Year 2002 😳
Sounds like long time;of course it should be
John demathew songs hits my eardrums😔
Mom's voice echoing after every chorus
Wish I knew she didn't know the song😂😂😂
My everyday tight hug and daddy you home gone with demathew song
Once questioned her love to me with the song of the skinny guy; demathew😂😂'''
din le lo May 2020
It was the end
Until you showed again
Memories combine with suppressed feelings

I was supposed to keep away
But I got lost in your grace
I lied...I can’t pretend
I’m just trying to understand what I can’t comprehend—what I can’t contain

The fall came too quick
My landing wasn’t soft enough
Now I’m blind running through a dark, rough path

She sighs slowly, I breath heavily
Shaken up on my knees confused and weak

I wish I could take back this wish and turn back time
What happened was never supposed to be
Maybe it should’ve...but not to me
I need to stop questioning myself and find some new excuses

Time to start life over
And find something new
In my next lifetime
Charlotte Ahern Apr 2020
Loving and losing is not unfortunate,
for one who has truly loved
can never lose entirely.
Love can be whimsical
mystery of that single red bud
reminds me of the madness in behind
my winter of love never ends
it depends
sometimes it covers the asphalt of hearts
or words of the grave sands,
perhaps to dig the "should've"s blind!
morseismyjam Jun 2019
the asphalt is smooth
the tires of my bike glide
over hot pavement

the sky: inky black
a bright beam cuts through darkness
the cars will see me

a bottle broken
a car window that shattered
either can deflate

shall we keep going
or shall we stop for coffee
giving pedals rest?
Some haiku I wrote for a high school English class. I just thought these would be a fun throwback.
Disclaimer: I wrote these when I was 15.
Sophie Aug 2019
In this moment
I am happy
In this moment
I am satisfied
I stare at the sun rolling in green pasture
A sip from the still water I've been walking beside
I could ask for more
I will ask for more
In this moment
This quiet, carefree moment
This insignificant moment
I am happy
Joyful I believe
I could spend my whole day listing all the things I don't have; the list would be endless. But today I feel joyful for no reason. This is the moment I am free
Andrii Panfilov Jan 2019
Roses are red, Violets are blue the monkey just escaped from the zoo, and so did you.
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