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Yes,  I was born a helper, the Elf,
Though thanks were left on the shelf,
Buddy the Elf is no fighter,
Smiling in peace makes us lighter,
Helpers find solutions, you see,
I am nice to people so nasty,
All I can say is, "Good for me!"
Feedback welcome.
This poem is about my old best friend
Who was right next to me until the very end
He was a black and white dog we found astray
Even though you passed away
In my heart you will always be around to stay
I love you like a brother, I miss you everyday
Lady and omega were the best duo around
I can’t seem to forget that awful day I found
You paralyzed in my backyard unable to move
It didn’t occur to me what I was about to lose
My buddy, my pal, and my sweet little dude
The way you were taken from me was so rude
I still remember running home from school
Get back home and mess around with my fool
You had energy for weeks and I love you
I just wish I could’ve heard you say it too
Your fur was so soft and your heart was softer
I remember the day when you became a father
You became more aware and a lot more gentle
You still came over and gave my face a tickle
You knew how to cheer me up if I was down
And you never ever left me with a frown
I could hug you when I was scared and I would
I wish I had more time, I’d go back if I could
Feel like everything was fine, fall asleep
I would pray to god for our souls he’d keep
But you’re gone now and all I have is azure
So with her through all this pain we will endure
Promise that I never let anything happen to her
You would’ve loved her she’s like her mother
You’re gone but never forgotten
As long as I have azure my heart wont rotten
Every time I look at her I think about omega
I love you buddy always and forever <3
my mind is a simultaneous contradictions
never a clear black and white
wrong and right
passed the daylight my mental agony is back
vicious cycle of fight
who will win
unnecessary anxiety or liberation of heart
back and forth
filled with guilt, doubt, confussion
motive: platonic intimacy restoring my balance

is it though?
is it platonic?
feels downright impossible to argue if I do not feel anything
these rush of joy everytime you're near
how I don't want anyone else to ever touch you

tonight when the moon is up
we'd escape with eachother again
310519 | 23:01 AM coffee shop Samakami, "ya terserah kamu kalau kamu ga percaya, kamu yang milih buat ga percaya."
Steve Page May 10
I need a strong yin
to rein me in
to be by my side
kicking my shin
when I need to restrain
my under their skin
to pull me out of my dive
and control my fast spin

it's then that my watson,
my bucky, my tonto
comes into their own
and suppresses my ego
So don't go when I strut
when I trigger disgust
just stand by my yang
and balance me up
Thank you radio 4 for a short about side kicks
Arisa Apr 4
"i can't do anything right"
she says to me

"You can do plenty."
I say to her.

"not really"
she says to me

"Well, you can be here with me."
I say to her.

"anyone can do that"
she says to me

"No. Only you."
I say to her.
A conversation.
Men are like taxi cabs
If their light isn't on
You can still get in
But they'll never take you home
Indiana Mar 14
It's gonna stay between us
So let's be honest
Do you regret giving up on us?
Or you think it was for the best?

You say, it doesn't matter now
But my side of story is left unseen
Although it can't be same as before
But again, it is not what it could have been

If not best, dear! you and me
Could have been friends
With no scene of break up
A story that never ends

What happened exactly
I can't put a finger on
But I was... I am... I'll be sorry forever
This fact needs to be known

They say, it's broken
Girl! Please move on
Our love has just faded;
Not completely gone

One day I'll set things straight
The ball is in your court, crossing the crease
If you can't take a step forward, don't back off
In no time, I'll built us back piece by piece.
For you INDI
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
I can spend all day
zigzagging through the trees
dodging roots and stomping clay
Sun's hug so nourishing  
this is how I play

Do not forget how to play
or else you will regret every day
doing the same **** for little pay
trapped while you become gray
amorphous blobs that weigh
friendships left to decay
souls that fade away
what can I say
invite those castaways
to join you while you play

While we spend all day
zigzagging through the trees
dodging roots and stomping clay
Sun's hug so nourishing  
This is how we play
Thank you for joining
Jacob Ray Schalk Jun 2018
Windows down through east Texas.
Feeling the dry, cool desert air.
Thinking how I miss her
As the wind blows through my hair.

Too many miles between us now,
Too many things gone wrong.
You know it’s funny how things just happen,
Like they did in some old song.

Stopping off in Lubbock,
To watch the sun go down.
Listening to “Peggy Sue”
Driving through Buddy’s home town.

Back on the road for Austin,
Trying to make that city limits sign.
Too many people around here though,
For a man who feels like cryin.

But there’s too many miles between us now,
Too many things gone wrong.
There’s nothing I can do about it now,
Except write it in a song.
when on a lark, this primate shut his eyes
   until sight formed slits doubling up as a wink
this earthling stared hard and scrunched brow
   unintentionally mimicking,

   the familiar Auguste Rodin statue
   likened to a pose when one doth think
perhaps said captive pose pondering
   (similar to me) about life on other planets

   while I stared at lunar surface
   akin to a disc or dime sized skating rink
awash with luminescence
   and imaging himself whisked away

   by an alien, synonymous
   to the peculiar millions miles distant pastische
   manifested entity than didst slink
a non hue man feline looking cat in the hat

   comical creatures decked out entirely in pink
soft halos conjured up saintly mink
or...a far fetched thought suddenly
   came to form in my mind,

   that this har creature a found missing link
whose nocturnal glowing facade exploding charade
   possibly a message
   or motion nothing more

   than routine smoothing out an anatomical kink
on front and back oh head resembling
   a Doctor Zeus characterization,
   viz a harmless rat fink

hm...maybe a vestigial progenitor
   of former birth by Gaia now extinct
though from afar, the b52 shaped being
   aye espied as fur ball affixed

   with a long elephant like snout to drink
and appeared to lack occipital orbs,
page number two:  

   yet evinced possible mode to see via a *****
impossible to restrain me noggin
   appearing to nod and blink,
hence entranced my attention fixed
   from faint (perhaps a feint)
   flickr ring meant as playful faux
   role playing lunatic humorous acting wry

impossible to decode explicit antics
   (of spacial cosmic guest),
   no matter eyes nearly shut tight visual
   wondering if non verbal communication

   of mine correctly interpreted
   meant to kibitz and vie
despite impossibility to validate,
   a continuous effort yours truly did try

fixing thy gaze nee straining
   with alm aye might to esse spy
if cheap trick concocted entire visage,
   which might not constitute life form

   (admitting this chap to prevaricate,
   and be full of baloney),
   himself prone to confabulate
   (dropped one to many times on the head)
   when this rocky lunar image,
   a moon scape comprising nothing
   boot ham and cheese on rye.
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