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Charlotte Ahern Nov 2020
friends and lovers
have the power to surprise you
with an unexpected blow,
but enemies
are predictable
& sometimes more trustworthy
than our bedmates
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Charlotte Ahern Nov 2020
In the art of eye contact,
I wrote you letters
filled with all the words
I wish I’d said
sometimes it's too hard to say it with your tongue
Charlotte Ahern Oct 2020
if i see myself in you
do you have that same streak
that leads me astray
or is my paranoia only punishment
for my back door deeds
hmm which is it?
Charlotte Ahern Oct 2020
Good and bad are always housed
Under the same roof
It all depends
On who you make your bedmate
Charlotte Ahern Oct 2020
the mystery of you and I

haunts me,

on city nights

when the mist shrouds

the towers
do you ever get that sinister wondering when the clouds are eerie?
Charlotte Ahern Sep 2020
those who choose to lay in the river
eventually drift
into someone they know
and call it fate
Can you tell I prefer to make things happen than leave things to fate? lol
Charlotte Ahern Sep 2020
every man looks bigger than they are in the shadows
it takes courage to step in the light
and really be seen
Do you agree?
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