Would that I were the moon’s rays
To shine on your body in sleep’s repose.

Would that I were the dancing wind
To caress you with a pleasant breeze.

Would that I were the queen of bees
To own the honey and lay it at your altar.

Would that I were the mighty seas
To ebb and flow at your very whim.

Would that I were the harbinger of souls
To announce you with ageless splendor.

Would that I were Aphrodite herself
To be yours, and to be enough.

a language ever unspoken
words that have no meanings until
they are printed on the pages of a perpetual knowing
a life lived in beginnings
a destiny of sunrises
a world ever in creation
a woman writing the birthsong of her dreams
she has collected like seashells on angelic shores
they were waiting to be discovered behind her green eyes

she pushes aside the layer of words
that capitulate to her wealth of lovely image
getting to the words spoken to her as the girl
getting to her written soul
where the implication of essence that becomes
the fragrance on which a heart may lay
sweet song to the listening soul
meaning of our lives...

I can see that smile in many ways
but I can only see you in your
expressions of your heartfelt wreathe
expressions of your art
true to who you are
in that creation you strive
who needs no other name than the song
that you cast onto the worlds waters
the very same song that upon which this poem thrives
that makes it live and breath in the summer breeze

I can see that smile many ways
but it is the listener who tells the tale
it is the lovers of images who purchase the wares
its the lovers of a world ever in the creation
who wear your words like a gift of sunshine

© 2017 mark john junor all rights reserved

Hannah 5d

When I laugh with you, it is so much louder than a laugh in other company.
It reminds me of before you loved me, when your laugh was loudest to my ear.
If I was the cause, oh dear!

When we talk of our interests, I listen because I actually do care about yours.
It's just like when we'd icebreak, what are your interests? I find only yours interesting.
How silly, I think.

I watch you closely, even closer when you don't notice. I look across the table at you working, and it pleases me so.
I used to do this constantly, hoping maybe you did notice, but also swearing I was sly.
How dare we catch each other's eye.

Now you see me, for all that I am. For all that I want to be, and I see you seeing me.
I remember when someone told me that you liked me, because of the way you looked at me.
I thought this over, so happily.
You're still looking at me.

the comparison between crushing and being in a relationship, not always so different
ShowYouLove Oct 7

United to Christ we adore
United to each other what are we waiting for
United in love together we stand
We can begin to heal our broken land
United we bring the kingdom come here
Together we may cast off hatred and fear
When we work together with our sisters and brothers
We can start to bring about a faith revival
We can begin to thrive and not focus only on survival
Uniting our hearts to Jesus we draw nearer
Drawing closer we reflect Jesus as a mirror
So much more unites us that which does divide
I want to make a change but I'll let you decide
If you want to join a revolution start a fire
Watch it burn brighter and hotter and higher
United we stand against the devil and his ways
United we stand for Christ and creation for all our days
United we are hope for a world that seems so lost
Standing up for what is right can come at a high cost
But you are worth it Lord and you thought we were as well
So much that, perfect, you died to save us from hell
United we come to pray and give glory
United we join ourselves as a part of His-story
United we lift our voices in worship and song
United we find a family a place where all can belong
We stand together in faith hope and love
In union with the perfect communion of the trinity above
With the Angels and Saints who praise your name
We your children strive to do the same
United as one body working to act as one
We care for Christ as we help everyone
From the greatest to the least from the powerful to the weak
From those who stand strong and tall to the ones down on their knees
We are all one people one children of one father
We live on one world as son and daughter
We do not stand alone or apart
When we are united not at hip but in heart


ShowYouLove Oct 6

Mary Mother of God, Mary Most Holy
Take me into yourself and in doing so draw me closer to Christ
It is through you that we find we are led to a deeper understanding of Christ
The more we understand who Christ is the better we are able to know who and what we are
Mary, take me as your son and love me as my mother
Comfort me when I am and stay with me when I feel sad
Grant me the ability to treat you with the love, care and respect you deserve as the mother of Jesus and as my mother
Mary you are pure and blameless with no stain of sin or death
By your grace, grant me some share in fellowship with our Lord
I know your son well enough Mary, but I want to know you better
This prayer is very much like a letter
Today we celebrate simplicity, humility and love for creation
With St. Francis of Assisi
Remind us of the sanctity and beauty of life in all its stages and forms
Look with favor upon your church and upon this earth
See all the destruction we have brought upon ourselves
In our ignorance and arrogance of Jesus
Look with mercy and love upon your children longing to make a change
Bless and strengthen us to act with love, peace, and wisdom
As we go about our lives strengthen our devotion
To you and your son and the Holy Spirit
Guide us along the one true road
As we pray to the angels and saints
May we learn and grow in sanctity and holiness
One day we stand before our maker in all his perfect glory
Did we enjoy the life we had, did we use the gifts we were given, how did we love
What will be my answer and will I be counted among the shepherd's flock
Mary be my shelter in the storms of life
Mary be my way to be closer to your son
Mary be my love that shines forever
Mary be my peace and the grace for everyday
Mary be with me always in every little way

ShowYouLove Oct 1

From life's first cry to final breath
In my living daily until my hour of death
You chose me and formed me with love and affection
Wonderfully and marvelously made with no exception
From my head to my hands to my little happy feet
I am the only one of me. I am perfectly unique.
You gave me eyes to seek and a heart to hear
You gave me a burning love to drive out fear
You gave me parents to love me and to teach
They taught me to pray and challenged me to reach
They raised and cared for me the best that they knew how
How lucky I am I'm starting to realize now
You gave me a home to laugh, play, and learn
How love and affection I never had to earn
There were times I was lost and couldn't see the light
I'd cry myself to sleep sometimes but I never left your sight
You were always there for me if I only looked around
I could run and I could hide, but I was always found
You gave me hope and a future; you gave me a chance
To live, to make this world better, maybe find romance
To share my love with another: the biggest thing from one so small
You gave me the gift of Life. The greatest gift of all!

Jace Kassem Sep 27

when my lips are spoiling your skin
don't think i'm detached.
my chest would hammer
driving the nails even deeper
(is that what the hollow in heart is?)
as my breath crawls onto your collarbone
and my fingers draw figures onto your breasts
my hair would brush across your chin
my hair would coil around your fingers
and my life would coil around your bones

moonstruck Sep 18

i can recall these regular tendencies,
all the way until my seventies.
i adore your little habits,
like smiling—with teeth sticking out like a rabbit’s.

daily recollections of your actions,
pop up in my mind like a distraction.
like moments when you cover your mouth as you laugh,
i perfectly capture them like a photograph.

like when your eyes turn into crescents,
no matter the time; past or present.
the way the corners of your mouth are curled,
it makes my heart swirl and twirl,
for it is as precious as a pearl.

the faint laugh you produce,
echoing around the room to diffuse—
a sound so sweet, so pure;
to my unhappiness, it's a cure
as it puts a smile back onto my face for sure!

from your clasped hands in your regular stance,
to your endless showcase of your “pin drop” dance,
i cant seem to pick a favourite one!
but i believe it’s when you make a pun.

for hjs
ShowYouLove Sep 17

Bread of Life seed that dies to be reborn
You shine so bright like the sun in the morn
You blanket the heavens at night with the stars
Divine Physician come heal our scars
We are your people called by your name
By your word I let go of my guilt and shame
Your love reaches the depths of my inmost being
I lay my burdens down at your feet and it is freeing
I place my trust in you and walk across the water
I am but clay in the hands of the master potter
Keeping my eyes fixed on you I will not be afraid and sink
You are the living well from which I drink
In your Spirit my soul is alive and I am living well
You are the healing rain when I am in a dry spell
Come to me and hear me now, meet me here this day
Bless me and look kindly upon me listen while I pray
I cannot feel you near where are you hide not your face
Come now and bathe me in your love and grace
You are my breath my strength and my hope
You are my lifeline a safety rope
I look to you Oh Lord my God I need to see some sign
That you are still there and your hand is still holding mine
Renew me Lord my heart is burdened and heavy
I'm tired of running and fighting and maybe I'm ready
To start coming back so run to me as I come home still far
He'll take you back and hold you close and meet you where you are
Be at peace and come start to heal
Know that I am God and that I am real


ShowYouLove Sep 16

There in the stillness, the whisper of angel's wings
There in the stillness a place for beggars and kings
There in the stillness a fluttering of the soul
There in the stillness someone broken is being made whole

There in the stillness and silence of this room
Like standing there in Easter's empty tomb
There in the stillness and silence of this place
I open my eyes and find myself standing face to face

There in the silence I think I feel you say
There in the silence that all will be okay
There in the silence I hear my heartbeat still
There in the silence you hold me and you always will

There in the quiet a word of blessing and peace
There in the quiet there is freedom and release
There in the quiet I sing and praise and dance
There in the quiet a part of the sacred romance

There in the rest a river of life overflows
There in the rest a fruitful garden grows
There in the rest I am anchored and secure
There in the rest is a joy so real and pure

There in my life a battle day and night
There in my life a war between darkness and light
There in my life the Lord is always by my side
There in my life my God be glorified

Praise and glory to God on high
Prayer and song fill the sky
Lift your heart and raise your eyes
Please dry our tears and hear our cries


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