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You’re orange to me
When we met at the beach
The passenger door light
Lit your face a warm peach

So orange we’ll be
As the sun goes down
A ripe mandarin
That never goes brown
mark john junor Jul 2022
beauty is a terrible force of nature,
terrible in its wrath for the heart that loves it,  
terrible in its burden to the heart that carries it,
terrible to the heart that beholds it and cannot embrace it...

beauty is adoration of all lovely thoughts and hopes,
beauty is adoration of all that is found and lost again in the heart,
beauty is adoration of the sweetest dreams that we wish we could never wake from...

Beauty speaks to you in a silent lust for what cannot ever be yours alone,
Beauty speaks of all the lives one could live in such a sweet natural place,
beauty speaks of how it can never be happy because so many fear it

#C9fm ~~
1 Make holy his glorious name and adore His powerful word.

2 Sing praises unto thee. And let every breathing creatures tremble at His footstool.

3 The Earth and everythang found therein. Lift on high His glorification and sing adoration unto the supreme Spirit of thy Lord.

4 Hallelujah! Thy Lord reingth  till eternal.

5 From all entities through entities.

6 For He has magnified Himself and manifested Himself through every wondrous works of His hands.

7 Ruler of the universe, His glorious crafts exists even beyond the miltiverse.

8 Underneath Earth and above the skies may thy Almighty God be adored.

∆¶∆9 His right hand through seas His breathe roared the waters.

10 His voice quake the Earth and the foundation of the universe wary.

He looked and lightening from His eyes revealed the secret place of the wicked.

12 Let thy Lord be praised. He has smitten the jaws of His enemies.

13 Even Lucifer and his angels.

14 Thy Lord  reignth till eternal.

15 Blessed be thy Lord our Gad; with psalms and doxologies thy Lord be worshipped. Selah!
When I think of all His awesome doings all  around, my heart does praise . And may it be count worthy before the Almighty
Cambrie May 2022
she would be fluid
completely refreshing

she would be resilient
unable to give in

she would be so unique
one of a kind

she would speak so elegantly
gentle whispers fill the air

her word would be knives
yet so sincere

she would hold you close
yet keep you at a distance

all she wants is to love
make every soul feel adored

she would be bold
but slick in her appearance

she is the most controversial opinion
yet the only thing in this life that makes sense


If A Poem Could Be A Person
She is divine, He is divine, They are divine. We should love the sweetest most broken poetry all around us.
Damon Robinson Mar 2022
I want to hug
my son's son
60 years from now.

With beauty,
and pain,
and wonder,
and heartbreak
written into the lines
across my face.

Telling him
he is enough.
He'll always be enough.
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