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I can no longer paint pictures
my hands are trembling and broken,
even though I arranged directions in the fixtures,
you know there’s much I’ve never truly spoken.
I created a simple scavenger hunt
and drew out a map to my only treasure,
my clues are obvious but clearly not blunt,
but what I have cannot be weighed nor can it be measured.

You should know me well enough
to know there’s nothing you can’t say,
go on and call my bluff,
I’ll remain feeling this way.
Kiss me gently or slap my face
give me breath or finish me,
stay connected or disappear without a trace,
I’ll still love you unconditionally.

I’ve never been one to give a speech;
words have weight and I hate my voice,
but with time and support it’s not impossible to teach
where there’s a will, there’s a way and a choice.
It feels like I’ve made it easy to see
I can’t help it, it’s plain as day,
‘cause even as I’m locked; you’ve got the key,
and your lips can read mine for what I don’t say.

I’ll never forget the smile on your face
when our lips slowly first met,
the skin that my fingers ache to trace,
a face that even death could not make me forget.
Burn my skin and scrub me raw,
or lovingly bathe me in the sea,
you can part the rules and break each law,
but I’ll still love you unconditionally.

I believe you can pull the stars
straight down from the skies,
cause I see past all your scars
and see them twinkle in your eyes.
I know everyone has their role
and everything is a two way street,
but Darling if I’m going to bare my soul,
it’s only fair that you show your feet.
Hours later I go back on my vow not to write a love poem on Valentines Day. I lose.
You feel

Like the rising sun

Your presence

Is one to behold

As it captivates

Me wholly

You become

My breath,

between breaths

As our lips touch

And I take in your kiss

With such fervent


I become intoxicated

From the fascination

That draws me in

So pure, so magnetic

One I accept

Humbly and gratefully

I feel the magic

In the pool

Of your eyes

The ones that enchant

And speak to me

Without saying a word

You are imprinted

In my soul

And undulate my

Heart in Heavenly Joy

You are my forever

Through time

ShowYouLove Jan 26
Big or small thick or thin
No matter the place you live in
Black, white, brown, red
I know every hair on your head
I know you, I know your name
And when you hurt I feel your pain
Do not listen or pay heed when the world calls you freak
Because, in you, there is something special and unique
And because I love you as you are
If it seems you don't fit in, can't find a place where you belong
When the world says they're right and all you are is wrong
There are people of compassion who look beneath the skin
To find the light that burns inside, the beauty that's within
And remember I love you as you are
Sometimes the world can be cold and cruel
They might mock your belief and call you a fool
Being different can make people uncomfortable
They'll try to define you and give you a label
But you already have a label more important than the rest
You are called my child and it is you that I will bless
And I love you just as you are
Be yourself, be honest, be gentle and kind
And, throughout your life you will come to find:
You don't need to change who you are to make me love you
For I love you as you are
eva-mae Jan 25
i don't want to eat today
do not force me.
i don't want to talk today
let me listen.
i don't want to leave my bed today.
lay with me.
stare at the ceiling and hold my hand.
Leah Jan 7
wandering soul,
how i adore thee.
Baylee Kaye Jan 6
I’ve more love for you than the galaxy has stars, the place where heaven must lie. a vast eternity of beauty so unfathomable, only a fraction of souls seem to accept that one cannot understand it.

likewise, you will never know just how much I love you. everything that makes you who you are makes me love you more. my love is as infinite as the universe, it goes as far as the east is from the west, forever.

the dust of the stars are in your eyes, reflecting worlds you yearn for and of places so unearthly, so unimaginable. the longer I contemplate on my soul’s adoration for you, the only result I receive is a plethora of renewed love. a commitment to love you beyond the stars, push beyond the boundaries of what one can comprehend and give unconditionally.

because my love for you is as timeless as infinity and it outnumbers the stars. and the universe is but a mere speck in comparison to all the love I have for you.

a promise
eva-mae Nov 2018
sweet darling,
i care not for your love,
if your love cares not for me.
sweet angel,
one never was so compliant
your eyes used to speak,
but they've always been silent
sweet darling
who suffered so deeply in guiding
sweet angel
I loved you,
though  your love was in hiding.
TheStartOfMyEnds Nov 2018
Once again
Twice too many
I'm ****** by that smile
That boyish grin
Probably just meant
But I better quit this awful dance
Adoring you from afar
I'm starting to hear the soft chime
Of wedding bells
We both know it ain't gonna happen
Here The Sun Goes Up
And There It Goes Down
There The Moon Is Dope
A Shadow On Your Town
While Raining Heavy Drops
On A ****** Sky Was Drawn
Slowly Dies The Whole Hope
Like A Sign On A Road Unknown
Leads To Hills Through The Tiptop
There Where I Lost My Soul & My Own

Remember When No More Days,
Remember What Caused This Crise
Remember When Love In Your Heart Fade,
Remember There's Nothing Still To Hide,

Time When I Go Far From Your Land
You Should Remember And Be Sad
Time When You Burried What We Had
Even After This Years, I Can't Understand
As An Owl Sending Whispers On The Wind
Straight Light To The Center Of Wonderland
A Hidden Haven Leads To Your Mind
Hides The Screts Of What We Planned
Too Blind To Be The Greatest Ever Told
And Harsh For People From My Kind

Remember When No More Days,
Remember What Caused the Crise
Remember When Love In Your Heart Fade,
Remember There's Nothing Still To Hide,

If I Was Given One Last Moment
Just A Single Shot From The Past
Will Be The Day When We Meet
To Save It For Me No Matter The Cost
The Only Memory That Would Always Last
Such A Treasured Mementos I Kept
The Moment Of Your Smiles Were The Best
The Silence From You As I Wept
Precious Gifts For A Grieving Heart
Then The Dark fall To Complete The Art

Remember When No More Days,
Remember What Caused the Crise
Remember When Love In Your Heart Fade,
Remember There's Nothing Still To Hide,

Very Cold Goes my Soul
As A Dusk In Wishing Hole
While The Body Was A Doll
In Mindless Way & Wonderful
As A Beautiful Kingdom By The Sea
Surrounded By Walls, While People Can't See

Author / Aladdin Aures H.
oh god!, how she drives me crazy
The Sublime Meaning Of The Beauty
To like The Sky, But Feels Dizzy
something very strange the most likely
A Coup Of Death You'll Take Wisly
like A sacrifice for forgiveness maybe

A killer armed with the beauty look on her eyes
The More Dark Falls, She's going bright
Walks Smoothly Between The starry Skies
And A Jealous Sun From Her Tinder Light
A Perfect Look, For Heavens Cries
While All Women, A Shadow In Bitter Night

Glow romance better than the sunrise
A Beautiful Shape Delights Butterflies
Walks elegantly while astonished eyes
She Did It Innocently, Without Any Try
very lovely personality reflected on her soul
And The Whole World Around Her Look Like fools
Such Frozen Time In A Silent Hall
Made By The Walk Of An Angel On The Perfect Moon

She Is Fresh And Soft, Very Eloquent
Such Rains For Earth In Goodness Spent
Too Calm For Our Souls, To Be Innocent
While Hearts Decide To Begin Their Haunt
Wild Goes The Beats, To Change Their Tint
Sinking In her world, they Don't Know Where They Went
Dreaming About A Pure Dwelling-Place

Author / Aladdin Aures HAMDI

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