Riot 5d

I'm broken. drunk
Entirely off of you.

Your breath,
mixed with Mine,

Against a world,
Who never wanted us here.

They wanted to destroy people like us
ShowYouLove Aug 10

I come before you now and I lay down at your feet
I come before you now with the weight of this day
I come before you now in Humble praise and joyful Adoration
I come before you now to show honor and thanksgiving

I praise you for your goodness and for another day of living
I praise you for your love and mercy brand new every sunrise
I praise you for your grace and peace that stills my restless soul
I praise you for the gifts you give and blessings from my life's role

I sit at your feet and listen to all you have to say
You walk by my side and give me the spirit to illuminate my way
I sit at the table and take in the great feast and try to go out and to share with the least

I lay down my burdens my stresses my troubles and tears
You raise me up with strength and peace give me rest and quiet my fears
I lay my heart before you bruised, broken and unclean
You lift my eyes towards Heaven and to yourself bruised and broken so I could be redeemed

I fight surrender even though surrendering is the only way to win the fight
I don't let go of the chains that bind me
When you don't let me go and I cling to the one who sets me free
I don't trust you enough to completely be open
But you can be trusted completely, trust me, I know

With all of my faults I try to run away and hide
But you love me the same and run to me to bring me by your side
How great this love that I don't deserve
It's painfully obvious how much you love us if we stop to observe!

Written at St. Patrick's Catholic Church at Adoration tonight
Carter Jul 31

You're gorgeous but it's so much more than that
You're angered by the injustices of the world
And you've stood up against them
We understand the world in similar ways
That allow us to connect with each other
While your beauty is there
It pale in comparison to your heart
Because although you've been broken
You still push forward and
Your courage and strength are mind blowing
You're heart and soul are so good
Even though I know you don't see it
I know you're not a perfect person
But your the best you there is

I don't understand what I feel
Electricity seizes my heart and
The current spreads down through my lungs
As I hear your breath catch as my hand squeezes yours
The butterflies become nearly unbearable
These feelings choke me and
Make me feel as though I've gone mad
Is it love?
Is it lust?
Does it matter?
It's forbidden
Do we simply want what we can't have?
Or has our old spark ignited
Setting fire to everything when we get too close
If we're not careful
we will get burned

ShowYouLove Aug 5

Lord, how good it is that we are here! How wonderful that we should have the chance to glimpse your power and majesty. Here we are at the summit on the mountain of God. Our souls soar free with the eagles so high above the earth. We are awestruck and fall to our knees so afraid and unworthy. Softly, you call us and bring us back to our feet. Whenever we see you up here, we can't help but be transformed by the encounter; by our mountaintop experience. How good it is that we are here Lord! We want to stay up here with you forever right now. You know that we can't, at least not right now. Soon enough, we have to come down from the heights. Sometimes you lead us to the depths to test us. Do we trust you? Will we turn to you? Do we find our anchor, hope, and strength in you? Sometimes you call us to go into the world and share with our neighbor what we have gained. We are called to show them love; show them your love and to testify to our transformation.

Lord, help us to remember that you are God of the Hills and Valleys, good times and bad, sickness and health. You are the Lord of Life. You are the Lord of our lives. We love you Lord. Help us please to remember that you are in control and that you have plans to prosper and help us. Help us remember how much you love us; both now and forever. How good it is that we are here Lord!


August 4th Adoration at St. Peter's!!

I'm constantly searching for something love with a purpose ;
I know you may think to disagree but in more ways you are worth it;
I've flown with the stars and took a peak of all that is earthly;
this one fact holds true and keeps rehearsing;
nothing compares to you and of that I am certain

ShowYouLove Jul 22

Thank you Lord for the gift of your love, and beauty, your power and your humility especially in the blessed sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist. It is here that you hide both in plain sight and reveal your divinity and humanity in a most profound and personal way. It is here that you meet us and here that you greet us as we fall on our knees to pray. You give us the sun to welcome us at dawn and send angels to guard at the end of the day. There is always something new and timely every time I am before you in this place. And every time I come away with a brand new look at your face. I look forward to the times we have together with such anticipation and afterwards am filled with jubilation! Help me cling to you, help me sing to you. In troubled seasons help me hold fast, and in stressful moments help me to relax. In sadness I ask for peace and the strength to rejoice, when I have a difficult decision help me to discern and make a good choice. We pray to you, we bring all we are to you. Our joys, sorrows, longings, praises and petitions. Give us eyes to see you, ears to hear you, a mind to seek you and a heart to love you. Help us also to see, hear, seek, and love others as you do for all of them and for each of us.

We ask this and all things in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Written at Adoration at St. Peter's on July 7, 2017
Setenance Jul 14

illustrious soul
you are
a breathe of life
in my stillness

i long to hear my name
upon your lips
as a whisper.
as a seance
as a summons:
my spirit from my soliloquy

you are a beacon
in the darkness
shaping ghosts
into silhouettes.  
thus I am:
and I fear you
being near
for your radiance
by its nature
would banish me

My version of love poem
Kate Gilleo Jul 12

The warmth of your embrace
Haunts my dreams to keep
I think of little else to case
Waking soundly or fast asleep

Your eyes are crystal clear
Glistening in the golden sun
My heart beats fast when you are near
For me you are the only one

Do not turn your face from me
Do not casteth me away
Your absence makes my heart flee
In your presence, my heart will stay

You make me feel so safe, so warm
Do you hear the words I say?
Before the utterance had been formed
My lips murmur a blissful bray

Hold me in your softened hands
Keep me close to your beating heart
Side by side, we shall forever stand
Never to let go, till death do we part

Riot Jul 5

Undressing slowly
Time close
to me,
hanging on
my side,
the side I kept
my tattoo.
                                    Buttoning quickly
                                       Tying my shoes,
                                              laced in fear
                                   A few hours
                                      away from thinking
                                         about who I love

              (My own personal bomb),

                                                                                    ...thinking of you.

Riot Jul 5

is afraid to fall in love,
because when you fall,
and the other just watches,
every feeling feels shattered,
  every dust of your world
   collapses at your feet,
    you swear you’re

Until  someone
reminds you, if
they ever do,
you’re alive.

Good luck
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