Praise him for his greatness
For the wondrous things he has done
Praise him all you peoples
In the sight of everyone

Praise him for all creation
For it’s beauty and it’s wonder
Praise him every nation
With voices loud as thunder

Praise him all you children
Pure of heart and full of joy
Praise him for he lives in
Every little girl and boy

Praise him for his mighty hand
Praise him for his loving heart
Praise him for the good he has planned
Praise him for his works of art

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow
Breathe deeply and live life well
Praise him for the rain which makes us grow
And for his presence even when we can’t tell

Praise the Lord for he is good
Worthy of our love for he gave us
His life when no one else could
Unworthy, still he forgave us
Millions of thoughts dedicated to you.
Applausing I am of your every move.
X-ray my heart and you'll reveal.
It'll skip beats leave room for you.

Little I must seem up close.
Open I am for your embrace.
Vows I'll make only for your sake.
Easy just trust me, I'm your rose.

Yes sun sets in the horizon.
Only death could make me run
Understand flowers may die with day.

We don't have to be this way.
This girl I know
She is just ... like a book.

Her cover is so beautiful
And yet ... forever changing looks.

But this girl's beauty
Is unlike any that you've seen.

It really comes from all those pages
Those pages in between.

Each page tells a story
Some of sorrow oh so sad.

But for every one of those that you read
You'll find one of better time's she's had.

This girl I know
She rules a realm that no one ever see's.

This girl will never show it to you
And she will never show it to me.

This girl is tough
And dauntless and strong.

This girl she sings
The most beautiful songs.

This girl will never let you see her cry.

This girl will never answer you why.

This girl she doesn't need wings to fly.

Because this girl ... She is the sky.

You will find her overhead
Every day and every night.

Her sun will warm the hardest heart
And her stars they shine so bright.

If you should ever catch her and open that book
You'd better read as fast as you can.

Standing still in any one place
Is never in her plans.

This girl I know isn't running from something
And it's not that she's some bird on a wire.

She isn't blindly running through time, you see
This girl I know ... She has a world to set on fire.
Written in the Fall of 2012 about a friend of mine that just means the world to me. I'm too shy, or whatever, to show it to her. With my chronic case of Charlie Brown Syndrome, I am forever in fear that I will be somehow misunderstood. I hope one day, if she ever see's it, that she realizes it is about her.

PLEASE, with all due respect, do NOT tell me to give it to her. If I haven't in 5 years ... I am never going to. That's just me. I PROMISE you that I am THEE most stubborn Aries that you will EVER encounter. My stubbornness has made my family and friends, quite often, call me "The Immovable Object".
And the advancement of Women's Rights
Seemed to have
Throughout the World,
It is the most TOXIC Male figures
Who have risen
To the highest level of power.
What can account
For this discrepancy?
The Earth is our Master.
Humanity has exceeded the Ecological Carrying Capacity
Of the Earth.
Men who glamourize and idealize VIOLENCE
Like President Donald Trump
Have become quite popular,
Even among certain women,
Who worship these Thugs
As Authoritarian Groupies.
TeeCrush Mar 8
Sometimes I do wonder
if there's days you don’t feel pretty
or if there’s times you that you do ponder
“am I gorgeous, really?”
Believe me darling,
I don’t care what you think yourself to be
you’re beyond perfect to me
It’s easy to get lost in your dark eyes,
like I’m looking up at starry night skies.
There’s nobody with a smile as gorgeous as yours
and it’s a big one, this world of ours.
Always remember you are something amazing and grand -
I can feel it when I hold your hand.
And like a work of art,
You’ve charmed my heart.
This is where I want to stay,
So believe me when I say,
Not once in my life did I ever expect
To meet a girl like you,
You are perfect.
Riot Mar 6
And when her eyes turned,
brown to blue,
I drowned in them
navigating too far into the oceans

She blamed herself
took matters into her very own

And before they could arrest her,
She buried herself
into the the eyes of her lover,
smudged in soil,

Maybe that's why I loved her.
i did not know how she would make me feel,
the way she would intrude upon my heart.
i wish that i could make a simple deal
and make sure we are never torn apart.
i could not really figure out what part
this woman would be playing in my world,
the basic machinations of her art
making me fall before my plan unfurled.
i could not guess how i would want her curled
against me, falling into peaceful sleep,
thoughts drifting far as quickly as she hurled
herself into my dreams, so far, so deep.
she helps me deal with what has come before
and i will stay with her forevermore
here's some sonnet practice
i hope you enjoy
especially you, you know who you are
Trevor Dowe Feb 26
Her dark curls keep falling in her face. The expression she makes is adorable a flash of an exasperated semi-sarcastic smile. She makes some of the most adorable faces. I can’t help but smile back. Her eyes are perpetually bright and full of life, a pale moss green. I am constantly enchanted by them. Her skin looks like it was poured from a jug of milk, creamy and white. I love her attitude and confidence. She always has something going on, always hustling. I’ve seen a peek of her struggles and wish I could help her, but I know she wants to beat it on her own. These are pale reflections of the wonder that is her.
If I could find the perfect words to express my feelings for her. Or, if I could overcome my anxiety and tell her. I am too scared of losing her respect, of being viewed as another guy chasing after her. I want to be seen as an equal, and I feel that I’m not. I am afraid that I am not, and I don’t want to risk finding out. Friendship with her is enjoyable
ShowYouLove Feb 10
Holy is Your name, exalted above all
On every ear and heart may the Good News fall.
Glory to you God, Name above all Names
For, your greatness, the earth and angels proclaim.
Every fiber sings to your majesty Lord;
Words of love and truth, from every tongue, are poured.
The rocks cry out in wonder: the very air is alive,
The very ground upon which we walk is sanctified.
We sing out your praises as they saturate the sky,
A sacrifice most pleasing to you: The Most High!
ShowYouLove Feb 10
He made the sun to shine for you
The grass, green and the sky so blue
He made you the stars to point the way home;
There for you wherever you roam.
He made the wind to dance in your hair
He gave us a love that we could share
He gave you the sea to ebb and flow
He gave you the rain to make life grow
He gave you the trees to heaven reaching
He gave you the wisdom for little ones' teaching
He gave you a heart made of pure gold
He gave you a Spirit strong and bold
He gave you this gift so we could adore
He gave you His life and so much more
He gave you all this from a love so divine
Let us give to him our heart, soul, and mind
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