To look on love is to gaze at Jesus' face
To start to understand the depth of Amazing Grace
To look on love is to see past the faults to the good within
To still be loved and cherished even when we sin
To look on love we open ourselves to pain and heartache
But to keep pressing on when it's all that you can take
To look on love is to find someone who challenges us to grow
Attuned so well that, when something is amiss, they know
To look on love is to find a true friend; a treasure most precious of all
And when you are in need they come breaking down the wall
To look on love is to be at peace when there are no words
Someone to carry you when the cross you bear really hurts
To look on love is to see with eyes beyond the human mind
That searching the depths of our souls we find
To look on love is to take the joy with the pain
And find sunshine in the middle of the rain
To look on love is to find a place of inner peace
Where light and life are found, fears are stilled, and troubles cease
To look on love is to find that which does inspire
And will find your soul's one true desire
To look on love is a feeling so swell
For love takes all but a lifetime to tell

Started as one thing during Adoration this past Wednesday and turned into something for a friend of mine
Amber C 4d

if i were the sun,
i’d paint you the warmest dawn
in hopes that you will feel
my amber embrace
yesterday—nothing but a trace

if i were a song,
i’d wish to taste your lips
settle on your tongue
keep you humming, dancing
by my side, swaying

if i were the moon,
i’d guard you as you sleep
an angel for an angel
a goddess watching her god
the clouds—they watch, fond

if i were me,
and you were you,
i’d want nothing else
but your hand safe in mine
as the stars fall in line

anna Dec 6

our love was not made for movie screens.

our love was made for slow-burn tv dramas;
for the two schoolkids in the street's high school
barely grazing adolescence
who - fumbling - find a graceful love amidst
the corner shop and cobbled streets
and throw it all away for a second chance at a life
torn apart by carefully orchestrated constructs
of one lover's written word.

our love was not cultured by typicality.

our love was created through inside jokes;
nights of fireflies rocketing around in my chest - of you
warming me up from within
through all manner of crooked smiles and worries and
hands in my hair and
fingers linked with mine, lying on top
of my scrawled poetry i'll never admit is written
to you.

our love was made through careful planning;
through the nurturing of a friendship that turned into something more;
through a whispered confession followed by a laugh
followed by a written word saying just the same -

our love is yours.
please do not give it away.

dedicated to t.k

I love you:
In that park on that bench
On those steps
At the corner of every goddamn street
You are sweet nectar and everything feels
Like bitter aftertaste now
Under bright disco lights
To the tune of a melody
That blooms with longing
To be within reach
To be within earshot
To be without distance
Our love can withstand any measure
But my heart is heavy with missing you
And not just our sweaty tangled bodies
Desperate to please each other
Hungry kisses down to our cores
But all of you
The softness of our hands gently collapsing into each other
Like being elsewhere would damn us to an eternity apart
The softness of our bodies gently leaning into each other
Like support as if we where fragile vessels that would break
The softness of your love displaying in varying ways
Like each person received a unique part of you
Like everyone was special
Most of all I miss the gentle time we spent on the train in the city
An alliance of mutual love and adoration
I did my best to take it all in and stay present
But here we are a week later
And my memories are all I have
I miss you, I love you
Please come see me soon my love
I can’t bear to be apart so long.

I love it here
The dark pressing in on our car
Your smile in the driver’s side
Breakdowns never felt so lovely
I never thought I’d love the road so much
Even more than I did before
Crossed legs and holding hands
Opioid laughs and careless daydreams
Wind rushing like our bloodstream
Hazards on and headlights flicker
We’re free,
Just like we always wanted to be
No longer too young
We’re free

Eppie Nov 27

i want to rest where your pupil meets the iris
i want to sleep in the corners of your smile
curling up for a long while
let the scars on your skin be the story i read
every imperfection a footprint in your journey
i want to see heaven beam through your teeth
i'll hear the sunlight in your voice when you sing
sweet nectar coating your timbre

with you around me
i'm content just existing

ShowYouLove Nov 23

Tonight I wait with joyful expectation
And join my voice with all creation
Now is the time to prepare and be bold
That we may not be left out in the cold
Prepare our hearts and minds for your coming soon
In our hearts let us make you room
A child was born on a cold dark winter night
To take us out of our darkness and into the light
A little baby so helpless and small
Would one day be the savior of us all
I wait with hope and joy so pure
And pray that this glow would have some allure
I wait for the star that guides me to your birth
And I pray you look with favor on this earth
We have turned from you; your truth, life and ways
We have let sin and death into our days
Help us do what is right and just
Give us the strength to do what we must
By the prayers of your people Lord
Come to our aid and let your mercy be out poured
Give us your great love for our fellow man
Let love take over our streets and land
Grant us peace of heart and mind
And that the good we seek, we may find
Fill us up as we empty ourselves for the King
And with the Heavenly Host now let us acclaim
The one was and is and will forever reign

Written tonight during Adoration at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
ShowYouLove Nov 23

Gathered at table we pray and join hands
Giving thanks for another year of blessing
It took a while but I think I’m beginning to understand
That we share our bounty with needs far more pressing
We join as one family children one and all
To partake of the feast laid before
Lifting our voices, hear us as we call
Let us be in awe of what you have in store
Bread from Heaven, living sacrifice
Broken and shared for all mankind
Pleasing you is my soul’s delight
Year after year you continue to remind
Us the reason for our joy, and where our hope lies
That if we would only seek your face
And keep our sight fixed on the prize
We would be with you in the holy place
We give thanks with happy hearts for your goodness flows
We turn to you with much rejoicing
We offer up our gifts and joys and our struggles and woes
We lift them all up with our petitions voicing
Hear our pleas and bless the child
Grant strength, peace and gentle spirit
May the desires of our mind and heart be reconciled
May wisdom be upon all who hear it
Protect and guard and bless and keep
Throughout their life and every waking hour
Watch over them when they rise and go to sleep
Look with favor on this baby a precious little flower
If they should wander bring them back
If they should stumble guide their feet
Bless them, that in you, they will never lack
That in your abundance they would be replete
Once again we give you thanks and praise
Oh Lord, giver of all good things
Help us cherish and make the most of all our days
Let love abound as kindness sings

ShowYouLove Nov 23

There is a battle raging as we sit right now
An interior war with forces unseen
Heaven and Hell fight for control somehow
And by the blood of the Lamb I am redeemed
In this war for the heart of man
I am to fight, but I grow weary and I don’t think I can
But my commander believes and he gives me his strength
To press on and move forward to great lengths
He loves me and he has a plan a vision that I don’t see
That the war will be won and I will be free
In the war for the heart there is no greater goal
Than the very direction and life of my soul
The battlefield is everywhere and bodies lie all around
There is crying and mourning but it is without sound
I look out and see all the damage it has done
And on a fateful Friday the commander sent his only son
To turn the tide of this Holy war
A sacrifice so overwhelming it could not be ignored
When darkness seems so close
And I’m so heavy I cannot stand
A ray of light comes shining through
And he reaches out to take my hand
He bids me to get up and rise once more
I am given peace and rest and life is restored
I am not alone in this battle but surrounded by
A host of saints and angels and comrades sound the battle cry
I do not fight this war alone
But with strength beyond mere flesh and bone
Arm myself with the truth of Christ the rosary a shield
Wrapped in love and holy prayer I march onto the field
My mother watches over me leading me home
I cling to her for help I can’t do it on my own
Michael and the angels lead the charge and fight with holy fire
Endlessly they fight every day and through each night
And still by the commander’s hand they they never tire
In the battle for the heart we all must do our part
To live a life of purity and grace
And one day enter in to a perfect peaceful place
Still every morning the battle begins anew
In the war for the heart my hope and trust is in You

Written during Adoration at the Great Lakes Catholic Men’s Conference at NIU last Saturday
mslu Nov 20

We were never them
their glass would shatter and scatter
when hard times came
but you and i
we may have cracked
but our shortcomings became masterpieces
of what we used to be,
celebrations of what we weren't:

then we fell
through the same cracks we celebrated
and nothing broke our fall
so we floated,
in disbelief, we gazed at each other
where a thrashing ocean of emotions
pierced our stare,
a draining era
that left us like them,
and scattered.

. . .when we happened to us.
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