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TL Chesterton Sep 29
Smile, brightly, and make the world ***
In every way, the world is okay.
Uncertainty, the dread of existence,
Fills in the heart for more than an instance,
But softened my dread, did I do today
In realizing that I'll be okay
And that you can smile in so many ways
TL Chesterton Sep 29
I gaze into the midnight eve
And in my heart, I am relieved.
I held you tight, never to let go,
For I truly adore you so.
My dearest friend, until the end,
And I will forever commend
The fact you did all that today,
And still cared if I'm okay.
I am okay, I promise this,
May I never let the chance miss
To kiss your darling lips
And impart on us both bliss.
TL Chesterton Sep 27
I love you more than you'll ever know
More than youll ever believe
I'd dedicate every second to you
If you'd just say the word
TL Chesterton Sep 27
Forgive me, Oh Sun,
May your rays scorch my flesh
Bede Sep 27
Oh my dear, sweet Honeybee,
Attention I have owed to thee
Every day I'll sure to be
Everything you wish of me!
i want to write love poetry
about you; you make me feel
ethereal things
like safety and happiness,
and warmth that sparks smiles
in split seconds at random times
no care that others wonder
‘what’s on his mind?’

and i don’t care that i can’t have you,
that there can never be an us.
i’m so content with our current content,
the bits and pieces
that make us who we are
to each other; i am happy
just accepting whatever you give
and never asking for more
Bede Sep 26
God looked upon the glory he made,
And, Lord, did he get jealous.
He formed every being in heaven,
And yet He made you the most stunning.

He's watched you grow, evolve, and change,
And He's jealous of the happiness you give me
That He couldn't.

You make the Heavens envious!
For they know their beauty
Is nothing compared
To you, oh Muse.
Oh bright shining, radiant being,
The Tears of God are shed for thee!
God weeps at what he missed, I praise the glorious beauty made mightier than every angel of heaven, and sweeter than every kiss of the devil.
Bede Sep 25
I'll gladly give you
every mite I can
Just to prove
You are my center
And my world
Bede Sep 25
You drive me crazy
Like a child seeing
Stars for the first time
Bede Sep 24
Oh beautiful, my risen Sun,
My glorious radiant divinity.
You, the enlightener of the skies,
Warmer of hearts, thrill of the mind.

Sing praises, I, to thy wondrous name!
Who shall thy be in my world?
The brightest star, brighten the moon,
And make the night lessened so.

So, sing I the praises of you, my Sun!
My honey-worded Muse,
May my praises shine greatly,
As thy beams of warmth and love!
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