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Kelly Mistry Oct 2020

Filling in the fissures that have opened up
Between us
Within us

Fissures can become canyons
Sometimes suddenly
With a great roar of sound and cloud of dust
Sometimes gradually
Worn away by a river of neglect and dismissal

Both sides carry these fissures within
Wounds that can fester

How do we close these gaps?
Between us
Within us

First both must see
Desire to heal

But there are no guarantees

Rebuilding relationships
Righting wrongs
Seeking and offering forgiveness

None of this can be done alone
Without community
In a vacuum

Sometimes the fissures become scars
Calcified and brittle
Painful when poked but otherwise unnoticed

The wound may heal over
But the fissure may never
Patterson Jun 2020
There is broken stone under my feet,
toppled pillars, their carved surfaces
reduced to dust now filtering through
the stray rays of light.
The windows now wide open
like wounds, like the skies and seas.
This fallen cathedral is a signal,
this is holy ground
you may never tread on.

These ruins are my birthplace,
the dying light, my mother.
These stones are my bones,
the fractured columns witness
my recreation.
I am new,

And as I open my eyes for the first time,
the wind fills my lungs and kisses my lips.
And I am in love once more.
I am in love with the light
breaking through the clouds,
in love with a warmth
that I've never felt before.
In love with the seas beyond my walls
and the ivy beneath my feet.
I am in love with life
and what I am slowly becoming

Fiercely in love with the breaking
and the tearing: the shedding of old skin.
And I am happy
I am wild
I am free

I am home
May 30 - and now I began to come to terms with who I am and the power I have within me to recreate my life.  The ruins I once believed myself to be can be made into something lovely
Charlotte Ahern May 2020
You pierced and devoured me like a delicacy
Silly boy didn't realise you can't digest a soul
I'll be coming back up
And it's inevitable that you're going to get sick
Serene May 2020
It’s quite the contrary
For the things that nearly broke me
To end up as the very foundation of my rebuilding
The same things that caused my crumble
That left me in wreckage
Buried in debris
Questioning if I could ever again stand on my feet
Became the cornerstone of my very being
That which didn’t **** me, though it nearly
Truly did make me stronger
I once stood with shaky knees and trembling hands
Legs threatening to buckle beneath me
It was the hell of it all
Collapsing into myself
The final straw that caused my longest darkest fall
That forced me to pick up the pieces
And build myself into an indestructible wall
Because it was either build or wallow and die amongst the wreckage
Either craft myself a lifeboat
Or drown in the sea
But I chose to stay afloat
And now all the bad things
They’re what make me, me
Of course I don’t think
I deserved what happened to me
But these were the seeds that were planted
That which nourished my growth
These are the cornerstone
They tried to break me
But all they did was make my structure unwavering
Betty Apr 2020
If the sky should fall

And leave the brittle bones of our living


Like teeth in the blackened angry mouth

Of a hag

What then?

Do we weep salt tears

For that which is lost and cannot be found

Raise a fist in anger to a savage God

Who will not hear our cries

As we wander through our ruined lives

Looking for salvation.

Do we bend our backs?

Put stone on stone on stone and build a wall

Make it strong

To foil the ravening wolves

Of fear and cruel self doubt

A solid moat to keep them out

And us within

While we begin

Amanda Pringle Mar 2020
Learn to love
the lies from your mother.
An illusion childhood is better than  reality.

Learn to love
the distance between you and your father,
irreconcilable differences
do not define a lack in your worth.

Learn to love
that child as your own,
she may live to destroy in the moment,
but that girl will grow.

Learn to love
the house you grew up in.
Walls are just walls
and you will escape the trauma between them.

Learn to love.
It will be better for you,
through thickness and through thin and all that crap.

Learn to love,
yourself and everything you create.
Learn to love.
slr Apr 2020
i'm surprising you in 4 days, 21 hours, and 2,938 seconds.
you have 4 days 21 hours, and 2,938 seconds to finally realize i am not who you want
or who you deserve
i have 4 days, 21 hours, and 2,938 seconds to prepare myself
for you to leave

i have 4 days, 21 hours, and 2,938 seconds to stop overthinking

you're gone and i'm done counting
you left and i rebuilt myself into someone so much better
Andrew Mancini Apr 2020
Found without a face,
entranced by one another through fate,
bound by eternity,
and space,
rebuilt from crumbled dust,
fighting through crumpled trust.
Tony Tweedy Mar 2020
I have long since come to accept that you chose a different way.
I can even say it out loud to myself and my tears will stay away.

Sometimes I am convinced that I am well and everything is fine.
Yet still come days of soft shadow, remembering how you were mine.
Iz Jan 2020
I am undoing myself again
The string once held now yanked from its place
Uprooting more then it’s existence
Unraveling each thing
I thought saved me

The remnants
Not even balled up on the floor
But sprawled across each crevice
The light invasively seeping in with authority
Subtly forcing each fiber into compliancy

But not permanently
****** writing but real emotions
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