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Brandon Aug 2021
Walking home, I told you I've been down this road before
Broken communication, insecure intimacy; what a toll
Emotionally vacant, there was no saving our chemistry
This version of the ending's nothing new to me
We met one day and in my eyes, I foresaw a flourishing life
The heartache burned my silky strings
The pain was sharper than a yellow jacket's sting
The confirmation in your eyes was colder than a winter's eye
My fingertips caressed your face once, it melted my cloudy sky
Our political and social morals disrupted our beautiful contortion
Like bi-polar seasons, the effort was that of feedback distortion
You drowned in your insecurities and blocked any trust in me
As the bed we slept in had no portion for me to lie in
I smelt smoke from inside; my strings were crying for waves of blue
breakups are unfortunate because for the most part, you don't see them coming to an end. we're so caught up in our rose-colored glasses that the red flags glide right past us until the relationship status changes. communication is so important in keeping a relationship thriving. if you don't have that, then it'll wither away like your favorite flower.
Martina Jul 2021
They met on the equinox like spirits out of an ancient myth,
To paint the leaves gold and kiss the summer goodbye.
For a brief moment, everything did turn shiny and new, solid.

But Frost came, reminding that Nothing Gold Can Stay
And they grew brown and dry.
Winter went by,
Silent and haunting like a ghost:
White sheets thrown on a body made of fire to suffocate the flame.

They met again for a pink and a red moon,
In some mystical manner once more,
To break and wreak havoc
And divide.

The storm drowned Percy on the coasts of Italy, 'heart of hearts' written on the stone.
They sent his to Mary in England,
Its resting place a dusty drawer for years.

At least he didn't turn around to see her,
She didn't disappear.
Haadiya Sunasara Aug 2020
Your Smile was a drug,
Intoxicating me into wanting more
Your eyes held the oceans,
Drowning me in their never ending motions
Your touch was fire,
Leaving a trail of burnt skin
Your voice was a song
Captivating me in its melody
Misty Eyed Aug 2020
My heart
Has moved on
Once already.

My heart
Must move on
Once more.

My heart
Aches for you,
But cannot go back
To what it moved on from.

I will never forget us.
Charlotte Ahern May 2020
Don't long for the wilted flower
To stand tall again
It's time is spent
Turn your attentions to another bloom
stay in the present
JD Apr 2020
Put your hand upon your heart ,
and I'll be there when we are apart

Close your eyes and think of me,
to let your troubled mind be free

And think about the love we share,
to remind you that I really care

Your eyes can take me far away,
to a special place I'd love to stay

Your beauty I will always know,
Oh, Princess I do love you so.
This poem was not written by me, it was written for me...a very long time ago by someone special.
grey May 2019
I am both a sadist and a *******
When it comes to myself

The brown-eyed boy, a beauty
A distraction
It develops and flourishes
I knock it down

The girl who sings, a star
A nuisance
The roots intertwine
I set the fire

At last
The red-haired girl, my past
My love
The seed begins to bloom
I salt the earth
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