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Vi Aug 6
I'm afraid that if I die

People wont know things only I know

Like how N likes their carrots

Or how L loves her dad

Only I know this, like this

Of course others know some of this too, some of the time

But no one

Not one single person knows that you

You two

Are perfect

I mean this literally

I was gifted this knowledge when you were born

I know this viscerally, like this.

Or that you're beautiful in ways that make me hate words

In ways that render language hollow, meaningless, obscene

I am not being dramatic.

And also that you are good

By which I mean loveable

Like very and always

Fundamentally, inherently

This is not something you can ever change even though you'll probably try

And you might convince other people

Maybe even your dad, or your therapist, or your lover, or yourself

But you'll never convince me

I don't know why

This isn't something I did, or discovered or worked towards

I just know this

And I need you to know this

In case I die

Which I will eventually.

I hope by then my living knowing will become yours

Because I believe you can know this too

In a way, I know you already do

Its the truth, and the truth is always knowable and always here. Although sometimes we misplace it

So I'm here to remind you, for as long as I'm here

And I'm leaving you this in case you, or I, or death, misplace it.
This is not exactly a will. More like "I cant bear going without you knowing".
Bansi Adroja Apr 19
I know all of your jokes
the stories you tell after a few beers
how your voice sounds at 4am
when you haven’t slept all night
because we had a fight
and you just want to make up

I know that you’re scared
of turning into your father
or coming anywhere close  
but I also know that you won’t

I know the day we met
I knew that I had to know you
but now that’s all gone
David Bojay Sep 2021
the realm of illusion
not much more illusory than in the physical world
extreme unreliability
impression by the unseen seer
changing forms
an object seen as it were from all sides at once
the inside as if the outside
inadequate language
frequent reversal
astral light
as 931 and so on
capable masters
great hurry and carelessness
all possible forms of illusion
how do i deal with phenomenons like this
few words are needed
death is easier to face than to try and wrap my head around (life)
it's not about seeing correctly, but translating what is being seen
trying to carry my consciousness without it breaking
from physical to astral... and back
possibility of recollections could partially be lost or distorted in the blank interval
experiencing between breaths
the root of this moment to the next
the inevitable now
spirits unfortunately dormant
we'll soon build up the courage
i do not know better than loving.
it is not something i choose to do, but simply
something i do.

loving is natural,
like a flower blossoming under the
or the rain falling from the
sky on a storm,

when you love strong enough, life
finds its course.
and with love the flowers blossom
and with love the rain falls

i do not know better than loving.
it is not something i can unlearn, but simply
something i was born knowing to do.

i do not know better than loving
because loving makes me better.

there is no better than loving.
Daisy Hemlock Jul 2021
I've learned to know without thinking
In fact, I barely even use my brain
I'm dumb.
But I know a few things
And at least I have a heart
Jay M Jul 2021
I am my mothers daughter
I speak with truest tongue
I feel deeper than the ocean
I know more than I share
I see the smallest things
And embrace them in my light

I am my mothers daughter
I smile with greatest joys
Or just to keep the peace

I am my mothers daughter
I will bear my burdens
Carry some to my grave
Others I will share
Save me from despair

I am my mothers daughter
I have her bright eyes
The curiosity of a cat
And the hearing of a bat

I am my mothers daughter
With her tender heart
And lively, wild soul

I am my mothers daughter
I hold my words with time
Patience is a virtue
With a cost worth more than gold

I am my mothers daughter
I seek love and peace
I hold my tongue and let it go
Oh some surely know

I am my mothers daughter
I will endure a bleeding heart
If all is well in the end
For I have not yet met my own

I am my mothers daughter
Dutiful indeed
Always to put others
Before our own need

I am my mothers daughter
I wish for nothing more
Than a life of happiness and adventures
All to call my own

I am my mothers daughter
The many things we share
We know more than we say
And take it to the grave

- Jay M
July 10th, 2021
My mom and I are quite similar.
Anais Vionet Jul 2021
Take my advice, I’m not using it.
thinking you know what but not knowing the how.
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