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i do not know better than loving.
it is not something i choose to do, but simply
something i do.

loving is natural,
like a flower blossoming under the
or the rain falling from the
sky on a storm,

when you love strong enough, life
finds its course.
and with love the flowers blossom
and with love the rain falls

i do not know better than loving.
it is not something i can unlearn, but simply
something i was born knowing to do.

i do not know better than loving
because loving makes me better.

there is no better than loving.
I've learned to know without thinking
In fact, I barely even use my brain
I'm dumb.
But I know a few things
And at least I have a heart
Jay M Jul 11
I am my mothers daughter
I speak with truest tongue
I feel deeper than the ocean
I know more than I share
I see the smallest things
And embrace them in my light

I am my mothers daughter
I smile with greatest joys
Or just to keep the peace

I am my mothers daughter
I will bear my burdens
Carry some to my grave
Others I will share
Save me from despair

I am my mothers daughter
I have her bright eyes
The curiosity of a cat
And the hearing of a bat

I am my mothers daughter
With her tender heart
And lively, wild soul

I am my mothers daughter
I hold my words with time
Patience is a virtue
With a cost worth more than gold

I am my mothers daughter
I seek love and peace
I hold my tongue and let it go
Oh some surely know

I am my mothers daughter
I will endure a bleeding heart
If all is well in the end
For I have not yet met my own

I am my mothers daughter
Dutiful indeed
Always to put others
Before our own need

I am my mothers daughter
I wish for nothing more
Than a life of happiness and adventures
All to call my own

I am my mothers daughter
The many things we share
We know more than we say
And take it to the grave

- Jay M
July 10th, 2021
My mom and I are quite similar.
Anais Vionet Jul 4
Take my advice, I’m not using it.
thinking you know what but not knowing the how.
Man Jan 13
woefully lonesome
wholely without one

entirely loathsome
completely without them

i knew you were leaving soon
yet i didn't get a goodbye
JKirin Dec 2020
There’s comfort and calm,
in your house, in you –
Like a different realm,
After all we’ve been through.

Your small touch—gaze alone—
is a home. Have you known?
about loving someone through friendship and wondering if they have always known
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Try imagining what it's like to  imagine a happy future knowing it will never happen...
It *****
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Life's comical creations,
No lack of variation,
People destined to be ******,
Falling with no where to land,

People blessed with ignorance,
No pleas for indifference,
Only bliss and fantasy,
In a world of agony...
I wrote this because in my eyes, it seems the only way to be happy is to be ignorant and unknowing of the world around you
Henri Coetzee Sep 2020
There exists a special type of insanity,
Only known to poets
And those who adore poetry.
It is something that cannot be explained
Or described, only experienced.

And those who experience it
Are never the same. They know
The burning need to write and read
And the comfort of finding yourself
In someone else's words.

This madness holds a hidden truth:
No one chooses this insanity.
Instead, it reaches out to those
Broken, disillusioned, embittered
And held captive, by life itself.

I do not ask you to pity the poets,
Or those captivated by poetry,
But the next time you see one
Ask them: Why do you love poetry?
And watch as their eyes light up.
The other day, I started talking about poetry and my friends couldn't understand why I loved it so much. That conversation led to this poem
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