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There was much of you my
soul found it already knew.

The rest of you downloaded
into my bones and flesh.

My ancestors hugged yours
and our traumas wept.

▪︎ mica light ▪︎
Mark Wanless Sep 12
is there a thought in
mind or habituation
there is not knowing
You held me in grass,
In times of despair.
You my very last,
Dont worry, beware.
You told me its fine,
You’ll see me again.
All loves have a line,
Never wanting end.
To roam the woods more,
Was all I wanted.
What love away soar,
Ever known daunted?
All sweet passing through,
Carolina knew…
Thank you  Carolina…
The Kimbeaux May 30
Stars in your eyes.
Stars in my eyes.

What I experienced,
you do not know.

You cannot feel
what I felt.

You cannot see
what I saw.

Something more beautiful
than nature.

Something more beautiful
than law.
I know.
The Kimbeaux May 12
Hey, are we in love?
Is this love?
Is this that delusion-
That everybody feels?
I don’t want you
to say yes
or no.
I want the truth.
Is this my selfish delusion
or yours?

Where is something deeper?
Where is something more?
Is this it?
Is there logic?
Hmm, where? Where is it?
Can I stay here? Maybe?
Is it bad?
Please say yes.
Please say no.
Let me learn.

Is to love, to know?
I want to know. Is to know, to love?
I want to know more.
I want to know none.
Nothing more.
But I need something.
Nothing more.

I want to know you.
Are you my love?
Are you mine?
Written on March 9, 2011
Owen Cafe Mar 13
It's funny when you feel like you're holding hands but you know your arms would wrap the world to do so.

When your kissing without touching lips, you feel the warmth when the only thing next to you is a memory.

It’s funny how I melt in your eyes that I can't see and run my fingers through your hair if only the resemblance of the wind that surrounds you.

It's funny that it feels so ineffably together apart.

Sometimes the together aparts just to light flame so you know it's there. Not a lighthouse or a forest fire, not a comet or a firework.

Something close. Something you hold and nurture. Something that’s right next to you, even though you can't touch it… not fully.

Like a candle and wine.

Something I can’t pull my eyes from. Something that isn’t more than it needs to be and covers me in goosebumps like the first time we kissed.

It's funny how you can fall from such a distance that you never even left your home.
The ever always ended continue
Vi Aug 2022
I'm afraid that if I die

People wont know things only I know

Like how N likes their carrots

Or how L loves her dad

Only I know this, like this

Of course others know some of this too, some of the time

But no one

Not one single person knows that you

You two

Are perfect

I mean this literally

I was gifted this knowledge when you were born

I know this viscerally, like this.

Or that you're beautiful in ways that make me hate words

In ways that render language hollow, meaningless, obscene

I am not being dramatic.

And also that you are good

By which I mean loveable

Like very and always

Fundamentally, inherently

This is not something you can ever change even though you'll probably try

And you might convince other people

Maybe even your dad, or your therapist, or your lover, or yourself

But you'll never convince me

I don't know why

I just know this

And I need you to know this too
This is not exactly a will. More like "I cant bear going without you knowing".
Bansi Adroja Apr 2022
I know all of your jokes
the stories you tell after a few beers
how your voice sounds at 4am
when you haven’t slept all night
because we had a fight
and you just want to make up

I know that you’re scared
of turning into your father
or coming anywhere close  
but I also know that you won’t

I know the day we met
I knew that I had to know you
but now that’s all gone
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