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In process of knowing who I am!
In process of recalling my memories!
I found an empty space!
A space I can’t remember!
A space I struggle to belong to!
A space I questioned my belongings in this world!
A space I realized I’m forgotten!

Anneli Feb 6
'What is worse' you say,
'is being left
without a choice
and the only thing you can do
is to adapt to the situation
of being alone'

And as I dry my eyes on my hand, I say 'no'

'What is worse is having to face the decision
over and over again
without coming closer to knowing
what is right
or wrong'.

'What is worse' I say,
'is to be next to someone
and still be alone,
and not knowing
if you're gonna crush their world
or ignoring your own.

So no, what is worse
is to never truly understand
what you should
or shouldn't
have done
and yet,
the choice is always at your hands'
B1uesx Feb 2
I remember the naivety
It was like swimming in an ocean

The waves prelapsing onto my skin
Freezing cold
But I stayed.

I stayed in the water allowing my nerves scream
Screaming for warmth.
Yet my body filled with **** told me to stay.
It began to become warmer
So I stayed in longer.
I had hoped it would fill the vulnerable space I had open.

I let it fill me with salty cold water.

The skin on my fingers and toes began to fold.
Whispering upon the folds worriedly
I resisted
'ENOUGH' the folds screamed.

My legs begin to move towards the oceans shore.
The water droplets trickle down slowly but surely
My face,
My lips,
My *******,
Now exposed to what used to be welcoming air.

The air now filled with angry wind, whips my body,
Harshly shouting 'Why, o why?'
'Why have you given your body to the ocean?'
My lips, unable to move shiver against the wind's whips.

'Guide me back' my hair says trembling with mercy, damp of water.

The wind's whips weaken.
'Follow the path',
'Follow the path of rightousness'

The wind forgivingly breathes into my lungs
Gasping, finally giving me the warmth and sweet taste of air
Emma Jan 17
I know you.
Sometimes you say things, expecting that I won’t understand, and I think it’s strange because
I know you.
That’s what this is. I know you,
And I want you,
And I care about you
Don’t want no one else.
You might not know me,
The stanchions you use to prop yourself up eating all that I have fed you,
In the darkness,
In the night,
But I know you.
And I want you anyway.
Johnny walker Jan 14
When I look upon my life and ask what It's all about
I look upon my childhood of abuse and ask the question
I look and see only a life of
struggle just to survive each every day I look upon
photos of my wife no longer with
She who gave me hope and
and a purpose In life I was so unsure of but, It was fate that bought us
And was fate that took her away a fate that gave with one hand an then took away with the
And left me to face this world alone still asking
the question why to were
I believe there Is no answer
Questions still I find myself asking but knowing there are no answers
Eleni Jan 8
How will I know-
When I am in love?
Do my tears fall with Icarus,
into the dark depths of the Ocean?

How will I know-
When I have done wrong?
Will I look into the mirror
and see fire searing my skin?

How will I know-
the truth of it all?
When will I be able to understand myself
without the mirages of my mind?

How will I know-
how to decipher my emotions?
Will they be forever trapped
in the matrix of my body?
Izzy Aghahowa Dec 2018
how am i to breathe?
without knowing every breath
and every second that comes with
the one after the next
for the absence of expectation
is nothing but fear
when every moment could be sacred
and could be known to the millisecond

i am precious with your time
i count the steps you take and the ones that will come with it
for i don't know when you will next step
with me there to count
and for me there to think about your every precious inhale
and exhale
Inspired by T.S Elliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2018
When your intentions are clear

the Universe will unfold before you

A bountiful table with more than you'll ever need.
The universe is so inclusive that you are invited, too.
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