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Bowedbranches Apr 26
If weakness is unveiled

Would a foe be a friend?

If your skin read like braille

Could that friend be a lover?
Karijinbba Dec 2023
His eyes blue green
His body Roddy
His hands distinctive
Arms strongest than pillars of marble
His hair reddish blonde
His manners unforgettable
His smile stunning
His private vessel redish too
His feet huge

His Adam leaf just right
His ancestry Irish
His heart pure gold
His soul my own
His twin soul twin flame
my very own
His voice strong masculine deep.
His passion wet a stallion perfectly shaped all rapture is  
My voice his soprano pride
My thighs his madness
His anger his silence I fall in love.
His true loving heart my own.
His physic athletic muscular HE- MAN type body
His hight 5'8
His wealth my own
His jewels my children
His diamonds my tears my tears his diamonds his Rubies his poems.

His sonnet 75 his treasures buried for me to know his love is true

His heartbreak my own
His goals my own
His first love is me
His love making supernovae

My smile his 20 million hurried loot worth fame and great fortune.
My Knight my all
My sheikh my king of hearts

My body his pleasure his desire
My hair dark ashy moon glow over cedar- brown
My eyes vitreous reflecting colors of nature, starry looking eyes

My voice his soprano pride
My thighs his madness
My DNA his own
My height 5'4
My feet 8-1/2-9
My heart of gold his own.
My talent his own
My joy and happiness
my own
My song his delight his lyric rights

My first love him patpat
My love.
Our marriage license sleeps.

Our book; We are the authors
of our own lives and destiny..

What Dreams may come
Gone with the wind
Message in a bottle.
E. T. Phone home.
Scarlett letter A
Countless written memories.
Favorite places stargazing under the stars.
Boat rides waves rocking our love away.
Lover is PatRk imaginary ancient
True love.My E T.

Knight yes one King of hearts RD-present here soon.
By: Karijinbba, all rights.
Toyo Douglas Nov 2023
Part I : Prologue.

You go left and I’ll go right
That isn’t right
Let’s go left and then right

Part II : Conflict.

You’re standing on my toes.

Wrong move.

Part III : Rising Action.

Take a step back.
Start again.

one, two, three four-

Why has the music stopped?

I changed the song
but I wasn’t ready ?

It’s over.

Part IV : Falling Action.

We just need a bit of practice
It’s never going to work
but i’m willing to learn

My feet are tired.

Part V : Denouement.

The two step tango of love dances within her sly steps of coordination.
The synchronisation of sensual steps
bringing closeness and intimacy
until the music stops,
by the hand of one
or the wavering string
of Fate.
It takes two
or one
to miss a step.
To break the flow and go
taking their routine, heart and radio
onto the next awaiting dance floor.
My Dear Poet Jun 2021
You were the best of me
I was the worst of you
we mixed together tints and tones
and shades of brilliant hue
you, a rose with the red
I, the violet with the blue
and that perfect purple Iris in between
inside ‘me’ and ‘you’
Lets paint us
Simon Aug 2020
You were always there to help me through things, even thou there were the obvious times when it looked too be me just helping you throughout...EVERYTHING! Except that's never been quite truthful, since our very "inception" towards one another! I could honestly say there is not a time that goes by, where you aren't there to brighten up my day when reaching out with your greeting that raises my hopes even further in life! Showing that my heart glows for the very "special" friendship that we have together! As yours leaks while softly weeping tears of joy at the very prospect of your own independent individuality becoming (all the more "tempting") when confronting yourself toward me more and more as we both "shake a leg" when our very progress seems too quicken with each step of confrontation! Which is only limited by the access that we claim within each other's very hearts! It is truly "limitless"! Only when the "there and after"... Becomes the full set at which is easier for us too pronounce in one another. Giving a raise in our compatibility together as if by a mere simulation sparks trade between our ever-increasingly lingering emotions! Where the thing that merely activated this very "simulation for compatibility"... Was a cueing announcements called "information"! Our information is both a "heart of gold", because it's made to be entirely there...afterwards! (Remaining forevermore...if not "indefinitely"!) Whatever happens afterwards, will truly test our defining features as whatever we shape our mere simulation for compatibility into the next inception toward one another!
PS... It doesn't matter whatever happens to each one of us (from here on out)! Since wherever we are within some type of "unreachable scenario"... Will know the title of this very passage towards one another.... The "there and after"... Is not something you can just claim. But for the desire between our two compatibilities too simulate a greater passage of information when our very identities become one within the desire to bear a stronger resemblance towards each other's "glowing and leaking" hearts!
Another poem about my "special friend"...kyle! She's been going through some hard times! So hope this lightens the load she's been having too carry (seemingly) alone!
PS... It's not an illusion (anymore) if she hasn't been alone...up until now (that is)! Because I'm here for her (no matter what happens)! Forever...if I haft too be!
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
to feel alone when in ones arms
should make you question
who it is thats’s holding you
torn to know if this person is the one you should be with
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2020
You have to be willing to except this individual in their entirety; without the possibility of change.
"Warts & all" A union without compromise; only civility, kindness & love.
Take your time choosing your partner
Jaede Bayala Apr 2019
i gaze over, &
see how
his veins stretching all the way through his
they wrap around her hand
their atoms never making
contact with each other
but i still feel as though the world has stopped turning.
the stars weren’t aligned,
there simply wasn’t enough cosmic energy. the
space between us an indefinite
black hole
the constellation of my heart wants
you to scoop me up &
hold me close,
but your heart isn’t the big dipper,
& you're just a pisces drifting in the wind.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Embrace the one
Who believes in forever
Your forever

Deeply rooted
Like an old connection

That feeling
That simple
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Soulmate
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