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Jaede Bayala Apr 12
i gaze over, &
see how
his veins stretching all the way through his
they wrap around her hand
their atoms never making
contact with each other
but i still feel as though the world has stopped turning.
the stars weren’t aligned,
there simply wasn’t enough cosmic energy. the
space between us an indefinite
black hole
the constellation of my heart wants
you to scoop me up &
hold me close,
but your heart isn’t the big dipper,
& you're just a pisces drifting in the wind.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Embrace the one
Who believes in forever
Your forever

Deeply rooted
Like an old connection

That feeling
That simple
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Soulmate
hope Aug 2018
no more than days
never weeks apart
never will get together
no possible compatibility
but you're interesting
vastly different to me
you intrigue my mind
and late at night
I speak to you
maybe it's not even you
i'm speaking to the idea i'm preserving
my mind is drawn to your presence
but my heart isn't
Rex Verum Regem Aug 2018

Believe it or not, even the strong need support
even the strong need reassurance.

I need support
I need reassurance

It’s not enough to say you love me
How do you show it!?
It’s not enough to say you want me
How do you prove it!?

I will go to the moon and back for you!!
I’ve heard that before and in the same breath you spoke these words you refuse me a glass of water;
The moon is quite far away

I love you to the moon and back, I’ve also heard but the sourest touch of my hand sends you into unexplainable rage. Love as fickle as the wind

Support me so we may ascend and be reborn anew into something greater than we once had.
Reassure me so I have a reason to keep my eyes on you and you alone.

Feed me energy that berths success
Feed me.

Rex Verum Regem
To menu people get into relationships for themselves and themselves alone not understanding that the person they are with is not just part of that relationship but. A product of that relationship.

When you have a child, you want your child to grow up, be healthy and strong so:
you feed the child
You take care of the child
You nerture the child
Because it’s your child
Relationship are the same:
Feed your partner
Take care of your partner
Nerture your partner
Because he/she is your partner.

“Work towards success!!”
Äŧül Oct 2017
Your cuteness is my beauty,
Your prosperity is my lookout.

Your smile is my compatibility,
Your affection is my pout.

Your job is my duty,
Your happiness is my Karma.

Your satisfaction is my responsibility,
Your health is my Dharma.
Because you call me Sharma!
Ha ha ha!
You will love it when you read it.

Karma: Duty.
Dharma: Religion.

My HP Poem #1668
©Atul Kaushal
Jack Mandala Aug 2017
I know it's love at first sight
Her energy fills my desires with every word she speaks

The first five minutes spent with her felt like a vacation
The aroma of compatibility is a sweet scent

Even in the large crowd her voice is the only one I hear
I know she is the one.
fairyenby Jul 2017
I was not made to be a waitress. To carry plates and pull pints and count coins and be able to breathe at the same time. I should have given up. Four years in and my boss was still telling them that it was my first night, not to mention that time someone half-jokingly asked me, a completely sober seventeen year old with an anxiety disorder in a family owned bistro in white middle-class conservative Hexham, if I was drunk. I was not made for fake confidence and biting back tears, for toilet cubicle walls and breathe in, breathe out, all you had to do was carry the potatoes to table five. I was not made to be a waitress in the same way that I was not made to understand the art of mathematics. The times tables in their white linen shirts stained with my clumsiness laughing at me as I dropped plates and couldn’t subtract fifty four pence from five pounds seventy two at the till. I wasn’t made for sequence. For questions with definite answers, I was not made for having to be right. I was made for having to be wrong. Over and over, for ******* up a lime and soda, or was it lemon? Four years into a job. I was made for honesty. For answering you truthfully when you ask me what I am thinking. I was made for chocolate on the hob and strawberries tickled with sugar in hand, for the familiarity of the songs of a home friend’s band, I was made for softness. For your lips on my lips and my hands on your hips and the imprint of your freckles on my cheek. I was made for learning that this is not weak. For learning that I was made for me.  For dancing badly and laughing loudly and eating messily. We, on the other hand, were not made for each other the way people appear to be on film, the megabus trips without air-conditioning and the seven inches and 165 miles that fall between us the ever persistent proof. I was not made for you, designed so that our lives would perfectly intertwine but what does it matter when in this moment I think I was made for this. For half-lit, half-fit bliss. For reading poetry to you at three am until you fall asleep, when all that is left is the hum of your breath as my voice echoes milk and honey, making me feel like I could be made for anything, even though we’re apart.

Sidenote: June ’17- this time there was only one 'first night' at my new job.
20/2/17 /

a work in progress
Freewill426 Apr 2016
You grab me as a shrug to your body
The heat gets intense as the bread in the toaster
You lip smack me as an icing to the cake and i drool as a child who gulps it as her own
And rejoice cause it is just a start and imagining where it can lead to
You and I in this beautiful world
Unite as the sheets to the bed, Chime to the wind
And stay as the shadows to the tree and become two different individuals who compel that love isn't about being one, but understanding who that one is
K Balachandran Feb 2016
Every dainty dish of love
she rapturously serve him
has an unmistakable  distinct flavor!
He repeatedly wonder, often aloud,
that what would be the magic she applies,
in her smashing haute cuisine ensemble.
it's love, like butter, pure and dense
in large dollops,with it's flavor invariable,
is the one constant major ingredient,
in every which dish she  cooks;
for all his questions, persistent and curious,
her answer would be just a smile mysterious.
In their love life enviable,  this one thing
still remains the million dollar question!
Brent Kincaid Oct 2015
No matter just how many times I told her
She couldn’t seem to keep it in her head;
While everyone enjoys the circus,
I do not enjoy it in my bed.

I made it clear at the beginning
That I was a quiet kind of guy
Still she insisted on the drama
And I never found out why.

Roxie Moxie, Queen of my heart,
When did all this energy start?
Were you born in a hurricane
Never slowed down again?
You’re taking my Richter scale
Off of the charts.

Was she raised in a hippie commune or
Maybe some kind of traveling show?
Though I asked her many times
I will probably never know.

There had to be drinks and some food
By the bedside when we retired.
Though I begged not to drink coffee
It seemed she was always wired.

Roxie Moxie, Queen of my heart,
When did all this energy start?
Were you born in a hurricane
Never slowed down again?
You’re taking my Richter scale
Off of the charts.

She wanted to stay up late each evening
And then she’d sleep in way past noon.
Of course I was gone to work by then
So, we’d meet at the rise of the moon.

At first it was very exciting for me
To have this rigorous loving game.
So, I guess I brought it on myself
And I am the only one to blame.

Roxie Moxie, Queen of my heart,
When did all this energy start?
Were you born in a hurricane
Never slowed down again?
You’re taking my Richter scale
Off of the charts.
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