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8.3k · Jan 2016
Ishita Jan 2016
Wrote endless poems for someone who didn't even know I existed.
10w poem
5.6k · Feb 2016
Sarcasm Drips
Ishita Feb 2016
I've let myself uncover from the bitter truth and false promises.
I've let sarcasm drip.
Like a river full of diamonds,
Shiny,cut and pointed.
I've liberated from your nasty attitude.
Cigarette butts scattered everywhere.
I've rise like a phoenix,
Like a tall skyscraper.
As a tear tricks down my barren face,
My fingers struggle to coordinate.
Maybe because this heart has bore too much.
Too much of pointless high emotions,
Of love,life and jealousy.
I was a simpleton indeed.
And you were the  destructor
But no toxic people,
There ain't any room for you this time.
Coz am rising now.
Rising-above all your ****** crap.
I'm your worst dream this time.
I'm your  NIGHTMARE .
I wonder what I'd do without poetry.
5.2k · Mar 2015
Ishita Mar 2015
I can see the sun
Shining with a gleam on its face
Its wonderful brightness
Glowing on our faces
I say that its a sunny day
For me to have a funny day
And for a big scoop of icecream
I say that its a chilling day
The sun's rays can reach over me
Telling me always to glow and shine
He will never loose his shimmering beauty
And for will always
Be an infinite creativity.
3.8k · Jun 2015
Like Two Parallel Lines
Ishita Jun 2015
"The sky and the earth can never meet",quoth he
"But their love can create a miracle,isn't it?",said I.
He smiles and chuckles and asks me if I'm sure.
Yes,honey.The miracle's called a horizon
We too are like two parallel lines
Distance separates us.
But in our hearts,
Our love keeps us together like the horizon.
Just A Deep Thought.I wonder how I come up with all these romantic stuff.
Ishita Apr 2015
We all crave,
For  an unrealistic reality
"Dreams,they are"
3.0k · Mar 2015
Ishita Mar 2015
You are glancing out of the window
Taking a look at nature's creation
Wisps of your hair gently stroking your face
Feeling a cold wave against you
Walking slowly amidst the misty clouds
The endless curves of the mighty mountain
Spinning your head around
Deep down there lies deathly valleys
Defining life beyond explanation
All you can see is plush green colour
Ranging from warm to tender
While I travel,I try not to grasp at people
By their devotion towards work
An independent river flows curvily to reach its destination
Given much ore of its freedom
Captivating nature in just one go isn't enough
You have to soak in as much as possible
Sure one becomes perplexed at the first sight of the beautiful sunrise
And I bet the day couldn't get that better otherwise
The air had its own charm,its own charisma
While the chants and prayers of monks completed the atmosphere
I smile as I currently jot this poem down
Words fail to express my happiness crown
I say to myself-" This isn't imagination,This is reality"
Confused, are you reader?
My heart beats and  quenches for the aroma of green tea leaves
Hmm,I'll miss this heaven on earth,
This place,these people,their lives,their struggles
Their homeland.
Their Birthplace.
So this is my travelogue
And currently you were into my experience
My "Darjeeling Experience"
And not a dream,or a part of paper
Cause its far more than your mere imagination.
2.7k · Mar 2015
We,the women
Ishita Mar 2015
I am a soul,not a product
I am a dream,not a vision
I am a start,not an abort
Whether you understand it or not

She stepped out to change consequences
But instead,they changed and ripped her apart
How optimistic was she,
Being the one with a new hope
Struggling hard to find the unnamed answers
Still she bore a smile
But each day she died a while,
Far more than a horrible death

Questioning destiny she still had faith
A faith;that questioned the darkened sight of the human heart
Now the question arises,
Was it her mistake or the hunger of the rapists ?
Thousand similar stories are lying there
Unmentioned and no one to bother
Was it not a social issue?
Was it not a rotten side of a disheartened person?

Sometimes it feels being a girl is a challenge
Fighting,facing tortures,balancing and finally protecting
Yet gaining confidence at each step of life
You can't predict whats' life up to
And no one will step forward to help you
Many people will come,and many people will go
Leaving behind a scar in your heart
But the power,the strength lies with you
Cause you have the utmost power to live your life
Cause you have the power to be fearless.
A burning social issue,harassment or molesting is increasing in today's world.Why are people so narrow-minded and selfish?
Why can't women step out freely without giving a second thought about "what if,that happens" Where does the security thing go?
2.5k · Oct 2015
High Heels
Ishita Oct 2015
She walks in her own charm
Aware of the world brewing past her
She fought,and is still fighting.
The clicking of her high heels,
Echoing with magnificient confidence
2.3k · Nov 2015
Rediscover Yourself (1)
Ishita Nov 2015
Have you wondered that the greatest satisfaction comes from one's own deed to help needy people in the gravest situations.
Ishita|Rediscover Yourself|Satisfaction
2.2k · Mar 2015
Too Ancient To Be New
Ishita Mar 2015
Where words fly
But carving exists
I am too ancient to be new
I am glued to the truth
Not to any falsehoods
I carry the same precision,the same hue
Dig out my birth and you'll see me same
Lying motionless,fighting the time change
My shadow hasn't changed
Nor it has tried to run away
To the mere fact of being new
Where only illusions exist
I display the glory,the mighty wins
While people try to absorb me during their blinks
And now the time plays havoc
Tyrannous is he
But I stand-motionless
Dead but alive,
Alive, for the truth I display
Scratched are my walls
By the new lovers
Broken are my idols
By the gruesome manipulators
But I stand-motionless
Steady but lively
Fighting all foes
I'll be me,the old me
Cause I'm mellow
While new is hollow
And by each passing day
People flock to see me
Full of brimming curiosity
"Ah,what a beauty" they say.
2.1k · Apr 2016
Ishita Apr 2016
I have a quest,a suppress urge,
To dance under the moonlit night.
To a song being played in our hearts.
Hand in hand,embracing and dancing.
I have my hair loose,swaying on your face.
As I dance to the tunes of emancipation.
I find myself in your arms,safe n secure.
For I've found the man who has set me free.
1.8k · Jan 2017
Ishita Jan 2017
She was a full bloomed flower
Poised,grateful and gentle
Brimming with love,selfless and secure
But you plucked her petals,one by one
Slipping by the hands of trust.
And now she's engulfed in a web of lies
Broken,bruised and burnt
She was your admirer,once and forever.
For you were the sun.
And she was the earth.
Just stop questioning her,
Over her self discovery.
For you've made a narcissist recovery.
Don't take anyone for granted.
1.8k · Dec 2015
Part Of My Life (10 words)
Ishita Dec 2015
Don't be a part of my life.
Be  my  life .
Sickened by love.
1.7k · Mar 2015
Ishita Mar 2015
How beautiful is the life
With all its vibrant colours
The colours which define its creativity
Life is colour,colour is life
Shades of translucent rainbow
Casting his grace on embellished life
The allured tints of the moring sun
Captivating the vivacity in people's life
How abhorent the nature be
Enchained,restricted without the colours
Blemishing the ornamentation garnished from heaven
But suddenly the grandness breathed for its life
As colours started to play an illusive vibe
Awakening the sluggishness in one's life
Unfolding the colours honesty with ecstasy.
My 2nd poem which was published in a magazine.
1.7k · Apr 2015
Mirror (10w)
Ishita Apr 2015
" You look like me ", says  he
I  kiss  the  mirror .
1.7k · Mar 2016
Dreaming All Black
Ishita Mar 2016
I'm being selfish.
Nasty enough,
To choose black over others
I've ignored the VIBGYOR,
Disqualified the barbie pink,
Resisted the purples n greys
Painted my dreams full of black.
Its sickening enough,
And charming too.
I've splashed this evil,
All over myself,
Engulfed into its secret.
Drowned in its depth-ness.
I dream black.
I think black.
I dread black.
I've discovered its power.
Unleashed its vigour,
Felt its character.
Surprisingly enough;
I've connected myself with the color black.
Favourite Color!
1.6k · May 2016
Brain Vs Heart
Ishita May 2016
My brain knew we weren't meant to be together,
but my heart couldn't stop making promises either.
Just a little try on lost love.
1.6k · Jan 2016
Myriad As The Blue Sea
Ishita Jan 2016
Salty air,sultry weather
A lone ship sails in blue waters.
Steadily,inch by inch in the suicidal sea
Making its way through the giant sea.
As the sky turns grey,
And the waters turn prey,
It balances n composes itself.
Against all odds,with all lords.
The voyage has begun.
And so has the competition.
Competition-against the mighty blue sea.
Bon Voyage!
1.5k · Mar 2015
Ishita Mar 2015
I watched him go away
An eerie silence engulfed me
No,not just like that
Words came but stopped midway

Mistakes,some here some there
Stay,my heart echoed
He traced his steps
In thin air,and vanished

Someone like the bright sunshine
Came in my life with an unusual vibe
Picturesque was he,
Like a moonlit night

So we stood apart
A promise broken by an eye contact
Alone shall we live in this mystery land
A dream of us walking hand in hand

And very soon
You become a hallucination
Are you there or are you not?
Questions my empty heart

I am still living
Surviving unknowingly
Smiling only at our throwbacks
Rest is blur and unclear

My tears have dried
Still alarmingly fresh are my memories
They hit me,jolt me,tear me apart
Like a scary bolt of lightning

And by each passing day
My prayers for you widen
May your life brighten
Is all I murmur

Buzzing starts my day
Without you my songs play
My face is calm and at peace
But my heart still bleeds

Your one sole look
Can **** me apart
My mistakes again
Being reborn

What left's now
Is all grey and dark
A quenching tale
An eerie silence
Looking forward to my Hello Poetry journey!
1.5k · Mar 2015
The Pious Sight
Ishita Mar 2015
Through the tender leaves
You make way for the giant
The tiny silver drops pouring from heaven
I catch a glimpse of your pious sight
Your splatter echoing in my heart
Hard to believe you created this magic
Silky and shiny like worth ecstatic
Though you blur my vision somewhat
I sigh a breath of peacefulness
Upon seeing you disassociate from the sky
When your crystalline water falls on my way
Your marvellous sound takes my breath away
Slowly you scatter and shimmer your presence
The world,itself being born at this time
For the rest your sight must be flying
But regarding me its simply immortal.
Monsoon Special :)
1.4k · Nov 2015
Black and Red
Ishita Nov 2015
I met someone who made me fall in love with the two colors I hated the most.
1.3k · Apr 2015
17th Birthday
Ishita Apr 2015
A bit of sunshine
A bit of magic will do
Not a big banquet
Not too many people
Maybe a little privacy
Maybe a little "my time"
For midnight,
Be it your soft kisses
My family,Oh dear!
Not fancy cake surprises
And as I sleep in your arms
May I dream a paradise
Not money,nor hard cash
Mornings be like,
A slight nip in the air
Sunrise from my bedroom
Not zillion missed messages
I want the day,at peace
Like a poet's wish
Simple,chaste,crystal clear
Not fake "Happy Birthdays"
I want the day,
Maybe full of good vibes
Among true people,
Among trustworthy friends
Not mere acquaintances.
As I drove past,
The air,
I want to feel it,
Making my hair dance
I wanna face its coldness
The soft stiffness upon my cheeks
Not mere cigarrate puffs
I cherish a memorable picture
Over trillion pout-faced selfies
Well,all for my birthday,
I want to cut,
This citys' madness
Not just chocolate cakes
Take me far away as you can
To rugged mountains,to blue rivers
Fairytale isnt it,
I want it real
Just the scenario in front of my eyes
Searching for you,
I hope to see you by me,the next time
I wanna blow dandelions
Not just burning candles
I wanna run past the barren fields
Dressed up in florals
Not the dark glittery blacks'
Well,all for my birthday.
I wanna live these moments
Tyind to decode this one day
Not snazzy gifts,nor over-the-top clicks
I want my birthday to be like,
I am just  **17
My birthady has a tottaly different story.Well thats what I feel.
971 · Oct 2015
Chameleon (short poem)
Ishita Oct 2015
Some people are like those slimy chameleons,
Changing their colors way too fast.
sigh.Jealous people.
937 · Mar 2015
The Endless Sky
Ishita Mar 2015
Evenly blue is the sky as my dream
Its vibrant colour the indigo seem
Vividly spreading its divine beauty
I beam over to watch it soulfully

When I look at the sky
Glancing birds flying faraway
I smile with the thought how beautiful life is
Freedom has reached its new horizon

To the heavenly gods I pray
For creating such a masterpiece
When the soft soothing colours
Are so hard to depict delicately

The more and more it hypnotises me
The proximity increases so unsteadily
For once I can't drift my eyes over
While my heart says to adore it forever

It gives me hope
My dreams,my thoughts
My desires and everything
And that's why I love
To admire the endless sky.
904 · Mar 2016
Rediscover Yourself (2)
Ishita Mar 2016
As you move in your higher stage of life,you realize that there's no other teacher better than  time .
Ishita|Rediscover Yourself|Teacher|Time Heals
889 · Apr 2015
Rains and Cries (10 words)
Ishita Apr 2015
Amidst*  the  rains ,
Came  my  teardrops
Unstoppable , camouflaged  and  hidden .
My first 10 Words poem!
Hope you like it :)
865 · May 2015
The Wish
Ishita May 2015
My heartcarries a wish
Buried deep,it enlightens me
I peek within for an answer
But alas,I can't break free
I stay up at night
Tuning with the bat's squeak
My eyes trying to register the light
I can hear my heartbeat
Infinite are they-my wishlist
A lifetime would be short,
To fulfill it.
863 · Jan 2016
Ishita Jan 2016
Personality overshadows beauty.
And with that I kickstart my 2016.
596 · Mar 2015
Ishita Mar 2015
Life is a special gift
To live it happily
To struggle it strongly
To manage it boldly

Each and every moment a  miracle
Was explained as easily as possible
To see its beauty,Its purity
To suffer,fail,gain at the same stage

A phase to cherish,a path to realize
A way to cry,a wish to dream
A surprise to reveal

A silent tear,a beautiful smile
A long way to go
Tasting failures,success with equal zeal
Its surely a big deal!
Wrote on-9/1/13
Old poem.
578 · Mar 2015
The other side of you
Ishita Mar 2015
I pick out a picture
A captured moment of us
There ain't a picture showing that smile
Displaying the ****** wickedness
I loved the other side of you
The other 'rotten' side of you
For it disclosed you
Far more than lust
Far away from good u were
My deep conscience spoke
Yet not at first
But slowly
You hid a split
Cracking my wit
The jeopardy increased
Your subtleness unleashed
Into more lies
White lies placed in our lives
Blank goes my face
When first saw you
Not on beauty,nor on those eyes
But on a mystery that binds
Rather I came to end you
You being a demon
A heart like gold
People say you have
Are they blind
I seldom sneered
Now,the broken breeze fears me
No one questioned those ***** eyes
Coz it hid under a mask
U masked man,I screeched
Open up you monster
Show your truth,you traitor
And now the storm showcased terror
I look at him,straight in his eye
A glint of venom reflected by
Mercy didn't exist in his heart
Which held a murderous view.
542 · Nov 2015
My Poetry (10 words)
Ishita Nov 2015
"Your undying love is the basic content of my poetry"

— The End —