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Eera Apr 2
Let me daydream in this cosmic abyss,
and lose myself in its magic and bliss.
For in the space between stars and dreams,
anything is possible, vivid as it seems.
I dream of planets with oceans of gold
and moons with mountains that are extremely cold;
of nebulas that paint the sky in hues,
and black holes that swallow entire views.
Beneath the stars, a deep vast ocean lies,
teeming with life that I can only surmise.
On a distant planet, so far from our own,
an ocean of mystery lies unknown,
with waves that crash upon alien shores,
and secrets that hide beneath the ocean floor.
I sit and gaze into the endless expanse,
and let my mind take an astral chance;
to travel to worlds beyond our own,
where the mysteries of space have yet to be known.
Brian Turner Sep 2022
Wonder if there is a parallel life?
Opportunity to be nice to my wife.....or partner
Maybe we should see life through a double lens
Time to make amends

Wonder if we could pause time
Stop and look for God's sign
Maybe we might change how we act
When torrid people start their attack

Wonder if I could spare a life
From death's door, that would be rife
Maybe you can join my stand
Time to join the parallel band
Is there another of you in a parallel life?
Glazel Salundro Aug 2022
"... and we were like parallel lines. We were not destined for each other and will never be."

"It depends on what type of geometry you're referring to. In hyperbolic geometry, parallel lines meet at an ideal point - a point at infinity. I don't mind living in hyperbolic space. Would you?"
Danielle Jul 2022
"Perhaps, we are the people who met each other at a time warp, that's why we are still existing in this millennium."

It's like my heartbeat has been cursed by twenty lifetimes; I would trade all my days, even if it turns from epoch to eon, I will always come back to you.
"we are the time travelers"
Limem Ali Jan 2022
My body and soul are just connected
to this world we called reality!
This can't be the truth!
To me it is still unclear!
Questions inside my head are ringing the bells and answers needed!
Like why i see hidden things
that i only can see?
Humans, buildings, ghosts, giants and dragons
Orks, trolls and elves or even the dwarves of khazad-dum
Angels and devils...
Wherever i go! i see what is real tied with what is supposed to be unreal!
Are they real?
I can't touch or sense it! But for sure my ears can hear, my eyes can see!
But it is nothing fearful!
I feel i belong to
I got used to
Man May 2021
ripples darted parallel
wading the stream, as she did
and like a revelation
you dawned on me
you said
"my eyes are open, i know. i just can't see."
*** ran from your sockets
"as far as i can opine, you see just fine"
and she coughed maroon tar
crumbling back to the riverbed
Blueberries blossom-trees,
Clouds made of soap-bubbles,
Creamy grass and foamy bushes
Of roses blue, purple and grey,
Grapes of red and Orange,
Wines of crystal clear greens,
Red-irises to tell of feelings
Too hot or too sad
Burning hues in a phtograph back home,
Where I don't want to go;
Chariots dragged by stallions
And spaceahips to take us to explore
Other natures...
No poverty, no suffering...
No twisted games,
Just peace...
Guns not allowed here.
Caleb A Johnson Dec 2020
You awoke in the blackness
A ghost in the kitchen
A weight pinning you to your bed
And here's the interesting thing
About ghosts and spirits and such
Not because I dislike them
Not because I wish them ill
Not because with reason and wit,
Should I weild my pen
and ****
But because
The subtle things are often missed
Things that are better
Than all of this
Are hard to see
With the pressing of the moment
When right and wrong
Are both their most strong
When true and not
Make all else to be forgot
But in the cracks the scientist stoops
Finding missed information
Little treasures and reminders
Of what was lost
In the gap
The smallest of oversights
The alternate worlds
Of pancake batter cooked
with the children
On a Saturday since forgot
Or the trace of *****
on the couch
From the love made last Christmas
The dna of a lover
Hiding under your nails
In our presence
But also separate existence
The shortcut of a conversation
Where words were said
But those heard were not
How is it different from that spectre?
A trick of the stimuli
A preset of the brain
Or remembering that place
Where I last put my keys
But they aren't there.
I find them in a space
But I know I didn't put them there
It must be a ghost!
But if a ghost it be
Does it want me to see
It's misty form
Or hear it's clamber in the next room?
Or is it a subtlety
Come to visit me
And show the moments
Of my life
Lost in the crevice
Never even noticed
What if our minds are calling for our attention? What if the things we call consciousness are only one part of reality?
Lowkie Nov 2020
Why don't parallel lines ever meet?
Is it because they are too similar
And if they ever could meet
The one will fit the other
And they would be complete
Maybe life never intended for them to meet
I mean look at Adam and Eve
Two half's of which made one whole
Made one mistake
That would spiraled the world out of control
God probably saw it wasn't good and he said no more
But it leaves me to question
People who found their other halfs
What secret do they know that we don't
Or do they get to happy and we don't
If so then where did we go wrong
When I look at you
I see the mirror image of me
When I think of it
Together we can set each other free
But maybe life never intended for us to be
And just like parallel lines
Maybe we're not supposed to meet
Lowkie ®
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