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marga May 14
maybe in a parallel world
our feelings are not whirled,

fate is on our side
and our horizons are wide,

dreams together got no boundaries
we'd endlessly make memories,

our time together isn't interfered
and unlimited chances for us appeared.

but seeing today our love in famine
all of those things i can only imagine.
wholly hoping that maybe somewhere else
we could love each other without any less.

in an alternate universe,
may we never disperse.
Angela Rose Apr 21
Some lines aren’t meant to be crossed
I know that
I’ve always known that
But you’re a line I want to cross 100 times over and over again

Some lines aren’t even meant cross paths  
I know that
I learned that when I was very young
But you and I were never meant to be parallel lines, we were born to intersect
And I think that’s called fate.
Ksh Dec 2019
There is a name calling out
in the silence of the mind.

There is a space
where clutter occupies.

There is a creation
at the end of destruction.

There is pain,
and love,
and pain again.

A wheel of self-abuse,
the likes of which gets us high
in each and every revolution.
annh Oct 2019
Papa always said, ‘Parallel lives meet when love travels sideways.’
‘She didn't look at me and I didn't look at her. Some questions are so direct the only way to ask them is sideways.’
- Deanna Raybourn, A Spear of Summer Grass
Francis Sycamore Jun 2019
Sometimes, I slip into a parallel universe.
I'm walking a route I have before,
But it is
In a way I cannot put my finger on.

It dawns on me quickly.
The realisation is unpleasant,
And it's like
Slithering on the back of my brain.

The feeling is brief.
I'm lost for a while,
And then I'm
Like I was never gone.

Sometimes, my face is parallel too.
I look at my reflection,
But it is
Not the face I thought it was.

The worms are back on my brain.
But this time they speak,
And they are
I cannot make them quiet.

But just like always, they go.
They never stay for long,
And I can
I realise that there is no parallel universe.

The street is the same.
My face is the same.
Everything is
A Catalan
liaison where
with his
jazz guitar
as Gioconda
in Hoboken
really left
for Athens
and green
pasture of
Ulster that
pokes a
fable with
lure of
capes in
New York
and Saint-Tropez
Abercrombie , John ;noted jazz guitarist
Kanishka May 2019
There's always more to it than meets the eye.
Two flowers behind the fence house a million stories,
Insurmountable for all to tell by.
For some it's just two unnoticible flowers,
For some it's the cradle of spring,
For some it's imagery of prison,
For some it's lovers in their haven,
For some it's forbidden opportunities,
For some it's consequence of a strife,
For some it's an offering to a loved one,
For some it's just the cycle of life.
raphæl Mar 2019
if our souls were lines
mine is parallel to hers
close but never meet
Akhiz Munawar Feb 2019
Let’s pretend
Let’s pretend to be alive
Hearts blooming with the sounds of spring
Let’s pretend to see the stars
Holding hands
Staring up, making shapes, counting
Let’s pretend to fill it all in
That moment
When planets align
Questioning its very own existence
Time executes a treachery on itself
And stops
Let’s pretend
So … in a universe parallel to our’s
You and me
Don’t .
* In Quantum Physics there is a theory of Parallel Universes which states that there exist multiple universes which are exact copies of our own and there are multiple versions of us doing the exact opposite of what we do on ours.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2019
You need

Who doesn't lead you
Who doesn't follow you

You need
The one
Who holds you, parallel
All the way
Be sure about it

You are enough
To travel the time
Regard, how far
You have come
Genre: Observational
Theme: People crossing the way
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