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Giovanna Jan 27
People are static.
Dynamic are their faces to you
and your position to them.
People never change, their priorities do!
Andrew Rueter Apr 2018
To kiss someone's lips
Or grab them by the hips
One must enlist
In the power dynamic
Inside every relationship
There are surprises
Of different disguises
I must ignore the lies of
Reachers and settlers
Stalkers and meddlers
Those who are aloof
And those who are goofs
The process never foolproof
When animals hide their hooves

I took that dubious bet
I thought it'd be fun
A game of Russian roulette
With a fully loaded gun
There were unfair rules set
That's how you won
A one hundred percent threat
I'd be hurt a ton

It started effecting my health
When I couldn't be myself
Because my self emulation
Amounted to self immolation
So I sought your consultation
For the vacation
Of placation
But you took advantage
At least from my vantage
I could see your rampage
Straight from the Stone Age
Like a time traveling mage
That summoned a cage

There was a pattern
We kept going around
Like the rings of Saturn
Until I hit the ground
You made me foolishly wait to test me
And then hated when things got messy
Now you claim that you're a blessing
For what you do after *******
You must be jesting
Confidence cresting
Never confessing
Or addressing
The emotional underbelly
You just like to undersell me
Saying that I'm underwhelming
I'm talking to a tundra telling me
That it makes me a better me

Apologizing not part of your plan
You tell me you don't understand
You must think I'm stupid
To treat me so putrid
My patience you've used it
So the dead weight loosened
Once I let go of your noose hand

You come back begging
You incorrectly pegged me
As forgiving not petty
I guess you never met me
Or at least said goodbye to the best me
After never acting on the behest of me
And making me think less of me
You've become a pest to me
Not part of my destiny
Just part of the generic sea
Of those I let be
XyL0S May 2018

I never wanted you,

WAY... it's deepened, and it's lost somewhere...Beyond my sight.
Buried somewhere only you could find...
Benji James Apr 2018
Way up in the stratosphere
You’ll find me floating here
Trying to find clarity
Through these brown eyes
Finally, see the sun
lighting up these crystal skies
For deep down in the depths
Of this subconscious mind
Lies dormant lines
Waiting to be brought to life
Like a newborn child
I feed and breathe in new life
they are tended to
Fragile and with care
I watch them grow
as they mature into a complexity
So neatly and gently
These thoughts spill upon the page
Welcome to my dynamic wordplay.

©2018 Written By Benji James
Heeranshi Mishra Oct 2017
A soul wandering, on unknown path,
Got myself under the piled wrath.

Unknown I was of my own destruction skills,
Finding bliss was my aim, so I took no. Of pills.

All I wanted to accomplish my dreams,
So I covered up my mouth and ate up my anxiety screams.

Wanted to fly high, so I started to crawl,
I didnt knew I was crawling against the squall.

Threw away hard, I picked up my shards,
In dilemma I was, what to do next now ? I dont want my dreams, my wishes to be in graveyard.

Craving for yet another magical happening, moving forward on unknown path,
Unknown of my needs, dynamic was my nature ;
So I kept burdening with loaths.

Now when I look back, I know what I needed,
I allure the way I bridged and struggled.

The things I kept within me,
Searched like a wanderer.

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